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Gigi and her big mouth boy can't trust her with a secrete poor Olivia

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    [1]Oct 17, 2010
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    I was shocked how Gigi told Tracy Olivia was going out with her old boy boy friend from High School. Gigi saying i'm sworn to not tell. Then she spills the beans.I thought Gigi was a nice girl but now I don't care for her put her in the same boat as MS TRACY. the Wack Job.Tracy is nuts to go and beat up on beautiful Olivia when Tracy was dating Olivias old boyfriend first. wow tracy forgot about that one. then when she's talking about him trying to explain how bad he was to her she's unstableyou can tell Tracy has a problem she's not right. plus every other word out of her mouth was like like like. She must grow up. Really Tracy. Then she lies to the staff about him and to Olivia I just don't want you to get hurt. Ya right. can't wait till your co-workers see the show. Then they will know how you really are Tracy!! Why is she so mean to Olivia. Olivia is beautiful and very sweet and I think she is so cute and funny. As you can tell I like her very much. What did Olivia ever do to Tracy?? really. I missed the episode of Olivia losing her Hummer. can someone tell me what happend. was she renting it? thank you all.

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    [2]Oct 17, 2010
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    Yeah, that wasn't cool of Gigi at all. But tonight's episode seemed overly scripted, starting with Gigi asking Olivia to skip out on babysitting and come speed dating with them. That was the "setup" scene.Then the scene between Olivia and Mikey in the gym felt totally fake. He came across as a really bad actor!

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    [3]Oct 19, 2010
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    You are right...Tracy is a total nut job!!!! Really, no jokes, I think she needs meds. She has a narcisitic personality. She had no right to even be mad at Olivia. It's almost like a scary obsession. She is soooo jealous of her, it's obvious. Tracy should have been fired from the Gatsby and Olivia would have had every right to press charges against her crazy a$$!

    I too, do not understand the severe hatred for Olivia coming from Tracy. It's totally abnormal! Tracy is a pretty girl on the outside but inside, not so much!

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    [4]Apr 1, 2013
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    And again Gigi comes roaring back with her attitude that if you are a friend that you would conceal Gigi's conniving, critical, nasty comments about everyone else. Really Gi, check yourself and what you are saying. No one should have to muzzle their conversations to other friends to protect the critical commentary that you are running.
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