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    Gigi you can be a nice person but you take your friends for granted and you always creat drama and sometimes very childies;two faced and always blameing others for something you did its time to grow up and you need to let frankie go its starting to get obsessive

    Olivia you are a very sweet and quiet person and the most mature and kind hearted person and you a very good friend to them all and why do they give you trouble just for being friends with frankie it seems they always pull you into the middle of theyre drama you such a good friend they take you for granted I love your style and if I were your friend I wouldnt take you for granted

    frankie you a different carriecter in a good way you smart you always stay away from the drama and you a very loyal friend
  • Reunion Show Part 1

    Really Tracy? You are such trash, and ignorant, your supposed to be a mature woman planning to get married and start a family, but you are still screaming and hitting people, I am surprised no one has pressed charges on you yet. There are other ways to deal with situations than yelling and hitting. When you have kids is that how you are going to raise them by yelling and hitting them all time? Grow up already.

    When you had that altercation with Gigi at the book party and Anthony spoke to you about the upcoming Sandy fundraiser he put you right in your place watch that episode again and listen to how childlish you where talking to him "I said to corey" yada yada yada, Anthony was right he pays your salary to work not to see or hear your childlish drama.
  • Gigi revealed

    Gigi is such a snake she's always been on both sides of the fence and backstabbing friends to others just to be cool with them, Olivia made the right move to cut her from her life she is not trustworthy. Tracey may be a bitch but at least she's upfront about how she feels and whoever is her friend she is loyal to, same goes for Olivia. Gigi just felt like crawling up Olivia's ass cos she was ignoring her so she threw Tracey under the bus to get her approval. She is a fake bitch with her witchy face and when she argues she's so psychotic those are her true colours not "sweet" Gigi what bs. No wonder Frankie left her! Lol when she thought she had a chance with him, he has a beautiful new gf and is stress free without her whiny ass.
  • New stylist Allison

    Absolutely love the stylist Allison! She looked Gorgeous was absolutely hysterical and by far best on the show. If she stays I am definitely watching every week
  • LOVE & hate :) but totally LOOOOOVEE :)


    omg iabsolutely lovethis show bar tracy i absolutelyhate her she is the most drama bringing up her own ass bitch i ever seen.. she goes around drawing trouble for olivia and always trys to make her look bad when shes not! Tracy should grow up and leave olivia alone its not fair on her. tracy is always thinking thatolivia wants to be better than her and olivia dosent.. olivia is such a sweetie :P. i wish tracy was kicked out of the show shes just a fucking retard i absolutelyhate her... she thinks shes all it when she clearly aint... im not 1 to hate i always treat every1 the same but i wish tracy would become nicer and treat olivia with respect instead of shit!! i guess its not tracys fault the way she was brought up but she should know how to treat people right and to stop always trying to look like the victim when she clearly is nearly always the fault :/still love the show(bar tracy sorry)!!!! :D

  • This show is very entertaining and real.

    Who thought I would be so captivated by it, but I am. From the styles they wear, to how they style their hair is really interesting. The one who really brings the show to light has got to be Olivia and Gigi. They are positive, fun loving, and kind people. Everytime Olivia is on, an immediate smile comes to my face. It's because she's a positive person with really great ideas. If she could just get the business aspects of time management, and such down- Wow! What a dynamo! She needs to get a business loan and open her own place as she's just going to give others great business ideas.... I hope she can capitalize of some of this! Tracey needs to get over what's ever bothering her. If she cannot, she needs to go as it's only going to hurt the show. You Rock Olivia, I wish you all the very best!!! Gail, take a leap of faith and stop acting your age! Have fun, life is too short.
  • jerseylicious

    Why did they put Tracy in the commercial with Olivia talking about the new fashion shows? She has nothing to do with Olivia's new job so keep Tracy out of Olivia's life, PLEASE !!!!!!!
  • Absolutely love this show!! Perfect balance of drama vs. what you cal relate to...and so entertaining!

    I really dislike Tracey and adore Olivia..I actually get personally upset how Olivia seems to be consistently screwed over by those close to her because of Tracey..I wish that would come across more but love the show regardless because I know Olivia is strong enough to handle it. Her friend is the dumbest and most inconsiderate person ever - she is such a moron and fell right into Tracey's trap. It is odd that Tracey is so obsessed with ruining Olivia's life. It is a very entertaining show that is kid appropriate but cutting edge enough to excite adults. I would recommend this show to anyone, especially those who like reality tv or salons shows.
  • YouTube season 6

    I just saw that season 6 is uploaded on YouTube as it airs.

    Name for episodes;

    Jerseylicious S06E01

    Jerseylicious S06E02

    Jerseylicious S06E03

    Jerseylicious S06E04
  • nasty tracy

    i cant stand tracy she always has to start drama with olivia because tracy knows olivias so much prettier than her and has a better figure than she does and is a nicer person she obviously needs to get a life i dont think she has anything better to do than to bash olivia go olivia you are so much better than tracy will ever be her and her crappt weeve and her skanky self so trifling.

  • dying for s06 jerseylicious

    from Australia I cannot find any episodes of season 6, can anyone help missing my favourite show
  • Love Jerseylicious!!!!!!!!!

    I love the whole team. I think bringing on Doria was a big mistake. She is rude and even worse than Tracey. I think Tracey has her problems and is mean but you can see she has a passed and does have some heart somewhere. But Doria need to be removed from the show. Olivia deserves more than this... I hope Gayle realizes Doria needs to go and Olivia is needed for this show. Doria might want to try and go on the biggest losers that would be a great show for her. Maybe she can bring her bunny. How stupid. I am from the south and we are all loud... But Doria is awful. Why would Gayle want someone that loud in her beauty shop. Good Grief.
  • omg JACKIE

    Is Jackie really that unintelligent?! She says the dumbest things & is clueless to the meaning of any "adult words" - she puts the dumb in blonde... & she has a child she's responsible for?
  • Until recently, the show was a reality series. Now all the shows I've been catching no longer have storylines, but have a narrator commenting on clips from the show.

    I used to watch Jerseylicious every time I could. I enjoy all the "characters." None of it really seems scripted to me. However, if this narration of clips keeps up, I'm going to stop watching! What's up with this narrator crap? Even more so, why one with a "down under" accent?!? That is so stupid! That's like wearing plaid with stripes, or putting chocolate sauce on prime rib!! I want to watch the continuing drama of the girls, Anthony, The Gatsby: all of them! I want to know if Frankie and Gigi's relationship ever gets to the next level, whether Tracey finds true love, if Olivia is successful at Anthony's salon, whether arrogant Alexis ever falls on her face, etc. I hope the show returns to it's former format.
  • My thoughts

    Tracey is obviously jealous of Olivia. Olivia has a better body, a sweet personality, and is just a beauty. Get over it Tracey, Olivia is always going to out rank you!!!!! Not to mention Corey acts gay. I think he's in love with her style and not her. Oops, I say it how I see it!!!!
  • Uqh Tracy.

    Tracy has gotten bigger in size and more over the top each season. She looked way better the first season and im sick of her. She swears shes alwasy right and acts completley cruel then tries to play the victim. I love olivia shes small and adorable and shes alaways nice except when shes around tracy. Everytime olivia progresses tracy tries to bring her down! Keep doin you olivia!
  • Tracy

    I'm so tired of watching Tracy. She's a hate ball in heels. I have noticed her outfits the last couple of shows and does she look in a mirror? The dresses are so tight and it looks like her girdle is cutting into every part of her body. By any chance is she pregnant? Tracy should be more concerned about her own life and stop being the drama queen and shut up once in a while. Does she have a nice bone in her body? It's always me, me , me with Tracy. I think the show would be better off with her.
  • two sides to every coin

    Olivia you were all over gigi about what she said about Jackie........ but what about Jackie she is always making snide remarks about gigi and you say with michelle you do realize she is paying gigi back from when she first came to work at the Gatsby and gigi didn't like her. michelle knew that gigi was only venting after Jackie started that crap at the book photos. Olivia you mentioned in the show that you were on the road to adulthood, well if that is true you are gonna have to tell Jackie to stop making comments about gigi. besides why can Jackie vent about gigi but gigi can't vent about Jackie does that seem fair to you
  • Tracey is such a prema dona!! remove her from the salon and it would be a nicer place to work. I think she is just horrible. The other women can carry this show. They make it fun, give some drama and still keep it respectable.

    Remove Tracey!!!She only cares for herself and not the well being of this show. It will be more entertaining with her off. the other girls have great drama without the evil and ugly under tones Tracey presents. She is the devil incarnate!Tracey is such a prema dona!! remove her from the salon and it would be a nicer place to work. I think she is just horrible. The other women can carry this show. They make it fun, give some drama and still keep it respectable. Tracey is such a prema dona!! remove her from the salon and it would be a nicer place to work. I think she is just horrible. The other women can carry this show. They make it fun, give some drama and still keep it respectable.