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  • Until recently, the show was a reality series. Now all the shows I've been catching no longer have storylines, but have a narrator commenting on clips from the show.

    I used to watch Jerseylicious every time I could. I enjoy all the "characters." None of it really seems scripted to me. However, if this narration of clips keeps up, I'm going to stop watching! What's up with this narrator crap? Even more so, why one with a "down under" accent?!? That is so stupid! That's like wearing plaid with stripes, or putting chocolate sauce on prime rib!! I want to watch the continuing drama of the girls, Anthony, The Gatsby: all of them! I want to know if Frankie and Gigi's relationship ever gets to the next level, whether Tracey finds true love, if Olivia is successful at Anthony's salon, whether arrogant Alexis ever falls on her face, etc. I hope the show returns to it's former format.