Jerseylicious - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • The Final Showdown
    Episode 20
  • 1/23/11
  • 1/16/11
  • Here Comes Trouble
    Episode 17
  • Gigi Gets Sexed-Up
    Episode 16
  • Date Night
    Episode 15
    Just when Gayle thought she was rid of Alexa and her Glam Fairy drama, the Gatsby's intern Filippo brings in a potential client (his mother!) who's recommitting to her husband--and she wants Gayle and Alexa to do her hair and makeup! Can these two learn to put aside their differences to make Filippo's mom happy? Meanwhile, Olivia volunteers to baby-sit for Christy who hasn't had a night out on the town since becoming a mom. Can both of them deal with the hand-off? Plus, Frankie's ready to propose to Gigi--but will the timing finally be right?moreless
  • Gaga for Glam
    Episode 14
    Now that she's officially the Gatsby's lead makeup artist, Olivia wants to prove to Gayle she made the right decision. Inspired by Anthony's "Blow-Out Boot Camp," Olivia holds her own fantasy-themed "Gaga for Glam" makeup class in order to bring in new and edgier clientele. Alexa is ready to spread the word about her new Glam Factory and decides to shoot a viral video of a bridal flash mob. But when a roadblock stops the shoot before it begins, will the idea blow up in her face? Also, Frankie eyes another proposal for Gigi, and Olivia and Briella have another fight and decide to part ways.moreless
  • 12/5/10
    After weeks of construction, Alexa finally opens her new Glam Factory headquarters for business. Knowing she can't stand working another day at the Gatsby, Alexa storms into the salon to announce her departure and unleashes all of her pent up anger on Gayle, initiating a face-off in front of the staff. When Alexa demands that Olivia come with her, Olivia reveals that she is leaving Glam Fairy to take over as Gatsby's lead makeup artist. All the stylists stick with the Gatsby, except for Tracy who secretly negotiates with Alexa to continue moonlighting for Glam Fairy. Meanwhile, Frankie plans the perfect proposal for Gigi, and Olivia and Briella's friendship is tested.moreless
  • She'll Cut You
    Episode 12
    With Gayle embracing her new role as a grandma, Anthony decides to take charge as salon manager and drum up more business. He holds a sales drive to motivate the staff to bring in new clients and raise profits. Tracy is determined to come out on top, but Olivia is ready to give her some stiff competition. Alexa wants no part of it and is more invested in remodeling her new Glam Fairy headquarters so she can get out of the Gatsby as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Anthony celebrates his fifth wedding anniversary and struggles to find the perfect gift for his wife, and Olivia realizes she is better off at the Gatsby and makes a move for Alexa's position as lead makeup artist.moreless
  • Glam Fairy Fallout
    Episode 11
    Business continues to thrive for the Glam Fairies as Alexa books a job doing hair and makeup for an up-and-coming Bollywood pop star's music video. Alexa hires Tracy as a coordinator--much to Olivia's dismay. Meanwhile, Gayle plans to end her partnership with Alexa and get her out of the Gatsby. Anthony recommends Olivia get the promotion, but Gayle isn't too impressed with her interview. Knowing her days are numbered at the Gatsby, Alexa begins to hunt for the new Glam Fairy headquarters. Plus, Gigi and Frankie learn they're lacking in the communication department and work at mending their relationship, and Christy throws a "welcome to the world" party for her newborn daughter Daniella.moreless
  • 11/7/10
    When an elderly Gatsby client suggests a day of beauty at her assisted living home, Alexa and Gayle offer up their makeup and hair services--but their rocky partnership is put to the test when Alexa takes charge and pushes Gayle to her breaking point. After working two jobs and raising enough money, Olivia finally schedules her breast augmentation surgery, but starts to have second thoughts as everyone tries to talk her out of her decision. Christy's pregnancy comes to a crossroads when she encounters serious complications during labor.moreless
  • Frankie Loves Gigi
    Frankie Loves Gigi
    Episode 9
    Frankie realizes that Gigi is "the one" and is determined to win her back. But Gigi still isn't convinced Frankie's changed for good, so he must prove to her that he won't go back to his old ways. He decides to make a dramatic play to win her heart, showering her with sweet gestures and gifts--and even uses a giant electronic billboard to ask her to meet him at St. Ann's Italian Feast, an annual event they used to attend together. Will Gigi finally take Frankie back? Or will she realize that they're better off apart? Meanwhile, Anthony starts his reign as interim manager, but immediately tests Gayle's patience when he throws a "Gatsby Guy's Night" without consulting her first.moreless
  • Texcessive
    Episode 8
    When Alexa books a Glam Fairy wedding in Texas, she needs several of the girls at the Gatsby to help out with the large bridal party. Olivia is on board to help with makeup, but Alexa wants Tracy and Gigi to come along and work on hair. Tracy seizes the opportunity to advance her career, but can Olivia put aside her differences with Tracy to focus on business? Meanwhile, Gayle is short-staffed at the salon when Alexa takes three of her girls, leaving her to rethink the partnership with the Glam Fairy business.moreless
  • Oh No She Didn't!
    Episode 7
    Has Olivia found a new love? Olivia finally ends her dating drought and starts seeing a new guy she met at a club--only to find out he's one of Tracy's exes! Olivia confides her secret to Gigi and makes her promise not to tell Tracy, but Gigi accidentally lets it slip during a night out with the girls. Furious and devastated, Tracy confronts Olivia the next day, but things quickly spiral out of control when the girls get into an explosive brawl in the middle of a parking lot! Meanwhile, Frankie is still heartbroken over his split with Gigi and tells her he wants her back.moreless
  • Party Psycho
    Episode 6
    In order to build more business, Gayle and Christy decide to hold a special mother-daughter event at the salon, where moms and daughters can get their hair and makeup done together. Since pregnant Christy can't be on her feet all day, Gayle hires an event planner to help pull together the event. But the planner's bossy behavior immediately annoys the staff, especially Olivia who is ordered to assist her. Meanwhile, Anthony becomes upset when he finds out the event coincides with his own salon's grand opening, and Gigi sees a psychic to get advice on her love life.moreless
  • Boobs Are the New Black
    When Olivia's best friend Brielle gets a boob job, she becomes envious of her pal's bigger bust and goes to extreme lengths to enlarge her own cleavage without actually going under the knife. Frankie has a hard time coping with his breakup with Gigi and opens up to his parents for some advice and support. Also, when the Gatsby Salon staff's fashion sense gets out of control, Gayle enforces a strict "all black" dress code which ends up dividing the salon. The lack of color forces unlikely allies like Olivia and Tracy to team up to persuade Gayle to change her ways. Can they convince Gayle to ditch the boring black and bring color back into the Gatsby?moreless
  • Shore 'Nuff
    Episode 4
    To help take Gigi's mind off her break with Frankie, Tracy offers up the perfect solution for her friend: a girls' weekend getaway to Atlantic City! Alexa and Olivia invite themselves along for some female bonding, but it doesn't take long before the girls go at each other. The ladies blow off some steam by going to a sexy male caberet show where Alexa catches the eye of one of the dancers. Meanwhile, Filippo invites Anthony, Frankie and Lorenzo to his family's Jersey Shore house for a guys' weekend. Frankie gets heated when he sees what Gigi is up to in Atlantic City and heads down there to get her back--but when he ends up instigating a big blowout with her, will she make their breakup final?moreless
  • Baby Mama, Baby Drama
    Baby fever has taken over The Gatsby! As Christy nears the end of her pregnancy, her mom Gayle struggles with the idea of becoming a grandmother and starts dressing too sexy at the salon. She even goes out to a club with Tracy to try and prove she can still party like she did when she was younger. Christy is embarrassed by her mom's actions and wants her to embrace her new role as a grandma instead of rebel against it. Meanwhile, Gigi goes baby crazy and plans a surprise shower for Christy, but her endless chatter about babies pushes her boyfriend Frankie to his breaking point.moreless
  • Jersey Boss
    Episode 2
    Christy is just six weeks away from starting her maternity leave, and she has to decide who will fill-in as manager at The Gatsby while she's away. So she holds manager trials to see if anyone in the salon can handle the job. Although Anthony is the top choice, he's too busy juggling The Gatsby and his own salon to take on any more responsibility. Olivia and the others jump at the chance--but do any of them have what it takes to run a salon? Meanwhile, Alexa hosts a dinner party for her co-workers to introduce her new boyfriend.moreless
  • 9/5/10
    Business is booming at The Gatsby and the salon is overflowing with customers for a "Bronzed and Beautiful" event, but Gayle is feeling the absence of Alexa and Olivia as they cater to their own Glam Fairy clients. Old wounds are reopened as Gayle and Alexa question their partnership versus running their own separate businesses. Alexa tries to smooth things over by offering to glam up Gayle's pregnant daughter Christy for a sexy maternity photo shoot, but will her plan backfire when Christy breaks into tears? Meanwhile, tensions between rivals Tracy and Olivia are reignited, and Tracy dumps her boyfriend Lorenzo in order to focus on her career.moreless