Jerseylicious - Season 3

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  • 11/6/11
    After three seasons of hair-raising drama, vicious fighting and relationship woes, we count down the top ten "Jerseylicious" moments as voted by the show's most hardcore fans, including Olivia and Tracy's biggest blowups, Christy's maternity shoot meltdown, Gigi and Frankie's rocky romance and more. Plus, fans weigh in with their own commentary, and check out our favorite fan viral videos.moreless
  • 10/30/11
    Join the cast of "Jerseylicious" as they continue to unleash their feelings about the explosive third season. In part two of the reunion special, Gigi and Frankie get candid about their breakup and the future of their relationship, the Gatsby staff weigh in on newbie Michelle, and tensions reach a boiling point when Olivia and Tracy talk about Olivia's infamous kick to Tracy's head. Plus, the war of the salons turns nasty when Gayle makes a shocking decision regarding the Gatsby's current staff.moreless
  • 10/23/11
    In part one of the season three reunion special, the Gatsby crew joins together to dish on all the drama over the past year. Hosted by actress Vivica A. Fox, find out the real motives behind explosive events including Gayle's decision to possibly sell the Gatsby, Anthony teaming up with Filippo's parents to run a second salon, Christy verbally attacking Alexa, and Tracy's response to Olivia and Mikey's renewed relationship. Plus, don't miss the moment when all the girls are drawn to tears.moreless
  • 10/16/11
    Gayle continues to meet with salon owners Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi about their potential buyout of the Gatsby. However, she starts to worry that her decision will not only affect her retirement--but will negatively impact her staff's careers. When the stylists find out their jobs are in jeopardy, the entire salon becomes invested in Gayle's decision to sell. Meanwhile, Filippo's parents hear that Anthony is looking for an investor for a new salon--so they jump on board in hopes of becoming partners in the beauty business and securing Filippo's future. Then, Gigi's heart breaks again when she plans a romantic date with Frankie, and he's nowhere to be found.moreless
  • The Gatsby Takeover
    Episode 21
    Gayle decides to take The Gatsby to the next level--by franchising! The salon staff puts their heads together to plan a huge industry party where they can invite potential investors and convince them to open up more Gatsby salon locations. However, a pair of hair styling professionals unexpectedly show up to the event and drop a huge bombshell on Gayle. Plus, Gigi begins to stalk Frankie in hopes of rekindling their friendship, and Olivia and Alexa convince Anthony to let them decorate Olivia's makeup station at his salon.moreless
  • Cheers, I Hate You
    Episode 20
    When Olivia's favorite intern Miguel books a new gig for Gatsby-To-Go, Gayle is thrilled to have an employee bringing in more cash for her business--but Tracy gets upset when she learns their other intern isn't needed for the job. Plus, Gayle decides to take all of the Gatsby gang to a winery for a staff appreciation day, and Gigi gets into it with the new girl Michelle after she butts into her and Frankie's on-again off-again relationship.moreless
  • 9/18/11
    Just as they start getting used to thinking of each other as friends, Gigi invites Frankie over to fix her garbage disposal. Their casual hangout turns into a full-blown makeout session--but Gigi's not quite prepared for what that means for their future. Plus, Olivia reunites with Alexa to produce a viral makeup tutorial, and Gayle and Christy hire a new stylist to help with the salon's busy workload.moreless
  • Just Shoot Me
    Episode 18
    Gayle is adamant about growing the Gatsby's on-site services so she and Christy decide to make a promotional mailer to send out to potential clients. Gayle wants Olivia and Tracy to be in the picture as the faces of Gatsby-To-Go, but the day of the photo shoot already conflicts with a photo shoot Tracy is supposed to assist for her magazine apprenticeship. Meanwhile, Gigi and Frankie's new friendship forces Gigi to visit places she's not used to.moreless
  • 8/28/11
    Tracy's obsession with "Live With Regis and Kelly" pays off when she's able to convince Kelly Ripa to feature the Gatsby Salon on the morning talk show. But when she delivers the great news to Gayle, Tracy loses all the credit for her hard work because Gayle insists everyone at the salon should be involved. Plus, Mikey and Filippo train for a bodybuilding competition, and Gigi and Frankie try to just be friends.moreless
  • Who's Jealous Now?
    Episode 16
    Determined to make her dream of doing runway hair and makeup a reality, Tracy sets her sights on an internship with "Vogue." But when she gets turned down, she pursues an internship at a local New Jersey magazine instead. When Tracy is offered a chance to assist on a cover shoot, Olivia is forced to run a Gatsby-To-Go event on her own. Meanwhile, Gigi has an awkward run-in with Frankie forcing her to re-evaluate their relationship, and Anthony continues to pursue his dreams of an expansion without Gayle.moreless
  • 8/14/11
    When Tracy's grandmother decides to enter the Miss Senior New Jersey pageant, she hints to Gayle that it may just be the next perfect opportunity for Gatsby-To-Go. But Tracy's bold move to bypass Olivia in making the decision begins a new quarrel between the two stylists. And when the girls start their consultations with the senior citizens, Olivia's bias for one older diva sends Tracy on the warpath. Plus, Gigi reunites with Frankie's mom at the Glam Factory when she consults with Alexa about shooting a family portrait, and Anthony confronts Gayle about bailing on their barber shop venture.moreless
  • 8/7/11
    Anthony dives into research for his barbershop business with Gayle, including organizing a focus group of potential male clients. But when Gayle realizes the new salon could hurt her current business, she begins having second thoughts on the entire venture. Plus, Olivia and Tracy are beginning to realize they need more hands on deck at their Gatsby-To-Go events and approach Gayle about getting more help. Gayle suggests they hire an assistant--but when have Olivia and Tracy ever agreed on anything? Will they be able to put their personal gripes aside to focus on business?moreless
  • Heads Will Roll
    Episode 13
    Still reeling over the fight she had with Tracy in the club, Olivia has a hard time coming to terms that she is turning into a person she dislikes. She's also racked with guilt about kicking Tracy in the head, but she's still apprehensive about coming out with the truth. Meanwhile, Tracy is trying to expand her knowledge of the hair and makeup industry and asks Gayle to sponsor her in a local multicultural hair show. Plus, Gayle and Anthony are working hard at developing their new barber shop venture, and Alexa decides to include sexy photo shoots in the list of services offered by Glam Fairy.moreless
  • Gatsby Goes Live
    Episode 12
    When Gayle sees that the Gatsby's product line is dipping in sales, she decides to create an infomercial to help boost profits. But when her fear of getting in front of the camera hinders her, she rallies the girls to help--and ends up recruiting Tracy as a co-host. When Alexa is forced to call on Olivia for a favor, Olivia sees it as an opportunity to mend things with Alexa and Briella--but will they feel the same way? Plus, Anthony hosts a special guys' night at his salon, which sparks an idea for his new venture with Gayle.moreless
  • Jersey-vicious
    Episode 11
    In an effort to promote Gatsby-To-Go, Olivia and Tracy are forced to work together doing 15-minute makeovers for a local hospital staff, but Tracy grows frustrated when Olivia keeps getting distracted by her boyfriend's constant phone calls. Later, a run-in at a club between them and their beaus escalate into a fight that will change things forever. Meanwhile, Gayle and Gigi attend a millionaire matchmaker mixer together, and Anthony freaks out when he finds out a competitor is opening up in their new salon's territory.moreless
  • Interfriendtion
    Episode 10
    When Christy brings her daughter Daniella to the salon to get her first haircut, she proposes that Gayle and Anthony open up their own high-end kids salon. Excited about the new venture, Gayle and Anthony scope out a local shop for ideas--but will they get caught spying on the competition? Gigi settles into her new apartment, but finds that living on her own isn't as easy as it seems. When she gets homesick and ditches a girls' night out to hang with her family, Tracy and Alexa decide to stage an intervention to help their friend become more independent. Also, Olivia finds herself in over her head when she books her first bridal party at Anthony's salon.moreless
  • 7/3/11
    When Gatsby-To-Go books their first on-site event for a single women's mixer, Gayle wants everything to be perfect. Olivia and her team do their best to make the ladies look hot, but when the women get a little too drunk, things slowly start to spiral out of control, forcing Gayle to do damage control. Anthony continues to find ways to expand the business, but he grows frustrated when Gayle doesn't seem as invested in the opportunities as he is. Gigi moves into her own apartment and ends up having an emotional meeting with Frankie to get some closure on their relationship.moreless
  • Glam Slam
    Episode 8
    Olivia's plan for The Gatsby to offer on-site services has come to fruition--but Gayle's request for Olivia and Tracy to run the show as a team becomes a daunting task. Plus, Christy has dubbed the hair and makeup team The Glam Squad, disregarding the fact that Alexa and her Glam Fairies might have an issue with it. Olivia's ex-boyfriend Lorenzo sets his sights on working at Anthony's salon, but Anthony will only allow it if Olivia gives her approval. Plus, Gigi might have broken it off with Frankie, but now it's about time to cut ties with his mother Carla.moreless
  • 6/12/11
    Gayle arranges a silent auction at the Gatsby Salon and allows Olivia to auction off an ambush makeover service in an effort to increase sales. One lucky lady wins the makeover and wants to surprise her daughter during her sweet sixteen birthday party. Because Olivia came up with the idea, Gayle puts her in charge of Tracy and Gigi at the event. But Tracy wants to manage the party and insists that Olivia will buckle under the pressure. Meanwhile, fashion designer Thomas asks Olivia to be his muse, and Filippo starts his own weight loss boot camp where he plans to whip the Gatsby staff into shape!moreless
  • 6/5/11
    Olivia has really been stepping up her game at The Gatsby--but hard work means long hours, and her boyfriend Mikey is starting to feel underappreciated. To prove he means the world to her, Olivia hangs a picture of the two of them in her cubicle at the salon, but Tracy takes this move as a personal attack. She hasn't fully recovered from her troubled past relationship with Mikey, and feels even more threatened when she runs into them at a local club. Plus, Gigi, Doria and Olivia plan a plus-size party at The Gatsby, and Lorenzo begins to think beauty school may not be his calling.moreless
  • 5/29/11
    Continuing her efforts at global domination, Gayle decides to rent out a booth at the Wildwoods Bridal Fair. Not only will the expo boost publicity for the salon and attract a different clientele, but it will help The Gatsby break into the bridal industry. However, the Glam Fairy will also be at the fair and after losing New Jersey Fashion Week to Gayle, Alexa vows revenge. Meanwhile, Gigi explores her options as a single girl in Jersey, but when Tracy isn't happy with her choice of friends, a shocking fight puts the two at odds. Plus, Christy starts feeling the pressure of juggling the salon and mommyhood and considers leaving The Gatsby for good.moreless
  • 5/22/11
    Inspired by Gayle's goal of growth, Anthony convinces her to team up and expand the Gatsby by offering medispa services, including Botox and collagen. Gayle is weary of the idea but agrees to give it a trial run if it means getting Anthony back in her salon. But when she notices negative reactions from clients, will she be able to shut down what could be a lucrative endeavor? Meanwhile, Filly and Lorenzo apply to beauty school, and Olivia uses "The Secret" to manifest success in her career and personal life.moreless
  • 5/15/11
    Fresh off her win at New Jersey Fashion Week, Gayle is ready to take the Gatsby to the next level. In order to generate new clientele and publicity, she convinces the staff to attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the most haircuts completed in an eight-hour period. But their effort gets derailed when a massive blowout erupts at the salon between Christy, Alexa, Olivia and Tracy. Plus, Gigi adjusts to being single after her breakup with Frankie, and Olivia rekindles her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Mikey.moreless
  • 5/15/11
    Emotions run high at the "Jerseylicious" reunion as the cast continues to rehash the last year's biggest blow-ups and blow-outs. In this second hour, tears are shed as they look back at Gigi and Frankie's love story and unexpected breakup. Will they ever give their love a second chance? Plus, tensions rise as Olivia and Tracy reflect on their infamous Sonic parking lot brawl, Alexa and Gayle sound off on the Gatsby and Glam Fairy split, other cast members open up about their personal lives and much more.moreless
  • 5/9/11
    In this "Jerseylicious" reunion special, the whole Gatsby gang gets together to dish about all the drama that has gone down in the last year. Hosted by actress Vivica A. Fox, nothing is off limits as the crew rehash their biggest blow-ups and blow-outs. In this first hour, the cast spill on their Jersey pride, how to get their unique "Jerseylicious" style, and old wounds are reopened as Olivia and Tracy's feud takes center stage in an emotional showdown that leaves both of them in tears--and the staff divided! Who will be Team Olivia or Team Tracy? Watch and see!moreless