Jerseylicious - Season 4

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  • 2/19/12
    In the season premiere, Tracy and Gigi are having a hard time adjusting to life as unemployed stylists. Tracy has taken on the role of earring designer to supplement her income--while Gigi has jumped back into a relationship with Frankie to fill most of her time, but the girls are still missing a workplace to call home. Meanwhile, Gayle, Christy and the rest of what remains of the Gatsby employees are struggling to manage their busy clientele. So much so that Gayle enlists makeup enthusiast Olivia to start taking on more haircutting and styling duties at the salon--none of which she excels at. Plus, Cathy Giove surprises Anthony by throwing another big party to celebrate their new joint venture--but no big bash in Jersey goes without a little drama.moreless
  • Solo-livia
    Episode 19
    It doesn't take long for Olivia to regret hiring Tracy back at Gatsby-To-Go. The two stylists continue to butt heads, and when Olivia gets tied up with a client in the salon, she's forced to deal with Tracy's wrath as she arrives late to another client's home. However, their normal passive aggressiveness towards each other blows up into an all-out screaming match--leaving Olivia so peeved that she considers quitting the Gatsby and starting her own venture. Meanwhile, Anthony dreams up a new way to keep his stylists motivated at his new salon.moreless
  • Firing and Hiring
    Episode 3
    Gigi is starting to have serious regrets about leaving The Gatsby, so she reaches out to Gayle to get her job back. To placate her until the new salon opens, Anthony offers her and Tracy a spot in his current salon--but the small, cramped space almost ensures that the staff, mainly Tracy and Olivia, will bump heads. Meanwhile, Gayle conducts trials with a few stylists, but none of them seem up to par with her high standards. Can Christy convince her hard-headed mom to give Gigi a second chance?moreless
  • 10
    For the stars of "Jerseylicious," life isn't just about smokey eyes and big hair--that's just the beginning! Learn how the stylists at the Gatsby, the Glam Fairy and Anthony's Salon came to own their outrageous styles and larger-than-life attitudes in this special behind-the-scenes episode. Plus, hear more about these divas' dramatic relationships with each other--and their significant others!moreless
  • Farewell Frankie
    Episode 9
    After receiving a letter from Frankie that he can no longer live with her or even be her boyfriend, Gigi begins the painful recovery process of moving on with her life. Much to her surprise, her Gatsby coworkers are more than willing to help her in her time of need. Christy even organizes a bonfire at her home where the girls can trash old belongings that remind them of their exes. However, the grieving process is overwhelming for Gigi--and she becomes unsure of whether she can truly leave Frankie in her past. Meanwhile, Gayle goes head-to-head with both the Glam Fairy and Cathy Giove when she decides to compete for recognition by the Fashion Societe of New York.moreless
  • New York Fashion Week inspires Olivia to create a runway show that features everyday, affordable fashion and of course, hair and make-up by Gatsby-To-Go. After Olivia gets the green light from Gayle, Tracy pushes back with her own unique vision, especially since she feels left out of the planning. Can Olivia and Tracy come to an agreement, share control and pull off the show without a hitch? Meanwhile, Anthony and Alexa bump heads over her posh plans for his new salon's decor, and Gigi and Frankie's live-in relationship reaches the point of no return.moreless
  • Who's Knocked Up
    Episode 7
    A mystery unfolds at the Gatsby when Miguel and Olivia find a positive pregnancy test in the restroom and devise a plan to reveal which stylist is expecting! Plus, the twosome get lucky when Gayle and Christy invite the entire team for a field trip down to a Maryland laboratory to test new products for their Gatsby hair product line. With the stylists corralled into a group, Miguel and Olivia's experiments appear foolproof--and the duo get pumped to find out who's been knocked up! Meanwhile, Tracy and Corey come to blows when the two realize they have completely different visions for their future wedding.moreless
  • Tracy's Big Test
    Episode 6
    When Tracy gets the chance to see Gatsby-To-Go style one of her all-time fashion icons, she hustles to win back her old job--but impressing both Olivia and Gayle isn't easy. Since the team is still lacking a member who can take charge of logistics, Gayle offers Tracy a position on a trial basis--but her main obstacle will be working side-by-side with Olivia. As the two struggle to stay civil in the workplace, Anthony struggles with an identity crisis when Cathy and Filly force him to re-brand his image for the new salon.moreless
  • Surprise Stalker
    Episode 5
    Olivia's massive collection of barely worn duds is piling up, so Gigi recommends holding a fancy yard sale to promote her new beauty and fashion advice blog. After inviting everyone at the salon to join in, things get awkward when Gigi extends the invite to Tracy, sparking a competition of who can sell the most! Meanwhile, things go awry in Alexa's relationship when her perfect boyfriend wonders if kids are in their future. Plus, Christy gets creeped out when one of her new Gatsby employees develops an inappropriate crush on her.moreless
  • 3/11/12
    After getting slammed in the blogosphere, Gayle and Christy try to drum up good press for The Gatsby by hosting a fundraiser in support of breast cancer awareness--but the internet blogger they're trying hardest to impress seems like a hard sell at the event. Meanwhile, Anthony is blown away by the exorbitant costs of opening up a new salon, and he's worried that his dream might not be worth going into debt over. Plus, Gigi and Frankie give couple's therapy a shot in an effort to stimulate their relationship.moreless
  • Mazel Tough
    Episode 2
    Now that Olivia is left to run Gatsby-To-Go without Tracy, she faces her biggest challenge ever when she double-books two events--all while the salon is short on staff! Meanwhile, Anthony gives Filippo a shot in his salon as a management trainee--but can he change his pizza-style for the salon? Plus, Tracy and Gigi book a gig with Alexa for some extra cash, but their working styles clash with the other Glam Fairies. See what happens when the two biggest alpha-divas in Jersey bump heads!moreless
  • 10
    Olivia is stoked when her fashion designer friend creates a clothing line named after her--and to top it off, he wants the models at the launch event to have her signature look! So when Anthony discloses that the salon's cash flow is getting tight, Olivia books the staff to style the event--even though she's supposed to give the business to Gatsby-To-Go. Will the conflict of interest put Olivia's spot at The Gatsby in jeopardy? Meanwhile, Michelle struggles with asking Tango out and ring shopping causes Alexa to question her anti-marriage stance.moreless
  • Now that the new salon is back on schedule for its grand opening, Anthony wants to test it out by holding a Friends and Family Day. But with unfinished plumbing and tricky electricity, will the event be a total flop--and scare away the new stylists that he just hired? Meanwhile, feeling the pressure to compete with Anthony's new salon, Gayle decides to put Tango to use by holding an event promoting the salon's hot new barber. Plus, Olivia tricks a wary Gigi into going out on her first date since her split from Frankie.moreless
  • Gayle's Big Secret
    Episode 13
    After Gayle uncharacteristically starts arriving late to work and engaging in other odd behavior, Christy gets suspicious. Her feelings are hurt when she learns that Gayle has been hiding a secret from her, and she wonders if her mother is making the right decisions. Meanwhile, the grand opening for the unfinished salon has Anthony on edge, especially since an internet critic will be attending. But Anthony has more than unfinished plumbing and bad reviews to worry about when Tracy and Olivia have a nasty, throw-down fight right before one of the most important moments of his career. Meanwhile, Mikey and Filly inspire Olivia to film a workout video for camera-conscious and weight-watching fashionistas.moreless
  • Bosom Buddies
    Episode 18
    Now that "Modern Salon" magazine has decided to feature Anthony's business, it's time to prep for the big photo shoot--which now includes a video tour of the salon! And that means Anthony has to pick a cohost, which Cathy feels should naturally be her son, the salon's co-manager Filly. But Anthony seems to want to fly solo for this project, which Cathy doesn't take too lightly. Will this be the deal breaker for their partnership? Meanwhile, Michelle's invite to a girls' night out has a single-and-ready-to-mingle Gigi wondering if she should give her one-time nemesis another chance at friendship.moreless
  • Magazine Mayhem
    Episode 17
    It's the war of the salons! When Tracy hears through the grapevine that "Modern Salon" magazine is searching for the hottest Jersey salon, she tips off both Gayle and Anthony so they can push to get their businesses featured--and increase her chances of getting into the magazine. Unknowing to them, Alexa is vying for the same magazine feature. Meanwhile, Corey asks Tracy if they can take their relationship to the next level--but they face a few unexpected hurdles that have them both rethinking the future. Plus, Filly chases his dream of becoming an underwear model and utilizes Olivia and Briella's styling services to help him stand out.moreless
  • Un-Beweavable
    Episode 16
    Anthony employs a new stylist Fashion to teach a class on hair weaving to drum up new business and interest in his new salon. While Tracy is excited to add a new styling technique to her resume, she's far less enthused with the prospect of learning from Fashion! Meanwhile, Christy books a new client for a Gatsby 2 Go image consultation and insists that she be a part of the process. But Olivia soon finds out that the only thing worse than working side-by-side with Tracy is working side-by-side with your know-it-all boss.moreless
  • Un-Beweavable
    Episode 16
    Wild antics at a New Jersey hair salon
  • Girl Code
    Episode 15
    If there's one rule that all girls know to follow, it's to stay clear of a best friend's ex-boyfriend after the breakup. Unfortunately, Tracy gets trapped in a situation where keeping her distance from Gigi's ex Frankie isn't an option--and Gigi's not happy about it. To top it off, Tracy's not on Gayle's good side either, as she and Olivia are on the brink of being fired from Gatsby-To-Go. Can Tracy mend fences with her friend and her boss, while still working alongside frenemy Olivia? Plus, Alexa's in for a wild ride as she finally gets her dream proposal.moreless
  • Chaos ensues when a huge launch event for The Gatsby's new product line is scheduled the same exact day as a photo shoot for Anthony's new billboard! With both bosses unwilling to budge, Tracy and Olivia scramble to come up with a solution so that they can attend both events and keep their jobs--especially when a fed up Gayle hands over the gig to their own assistants! Meanwhile, Alexa's engagement gets derailed when her boyfriend refuses to follow her proposal instructions down to the tee.moreless
  • Living in Sin
    Episode 20
    Tracy may be a forward-thinking trendsetter--but there's one modern-day trend her parents aren't on board with, and that's her living arrangements with her boyfriend Corey. When Tracy receives the disappointing news that her conservative parents won't be joining the two for dinner solely because they're upset that the couple are living in the same apartment before getting married, she completely shuts down. Will she find a way to manage her family's expectations, but keep Corey in her life? Plus, Olivia continues to sneak behind Gayle and Anthony's backs by booking another job with Briella out of her apartment.moreless
  • Tracy, Olivia, Gayle, Anthony, Alexa and the rest of the Jersey gang reflect on how they became the stylists they are today! Get a glimpse at their cute baby moments, awkward adolescent years and major turning points that shaped their over-the-top personalities. From Gigi's first pair of heels to Filly's love for male thongs, this special dives into the heart and soul of your favorite "Jerseylicious" stylists.moreless
  • 8/26/12
    "The drama continues to unfold as the cast dishes on this past season\'s memorable moments including Gigi\'s heart wrenching break-up with Frankie and the aftermath of their destroyed relationship, Olivia\'s decision to branch off from Gayle and Anthony\'s salons, Cathy\'s hostile attitude toward Gayle at the Gatsby\'s Gallery of Beauty event and Briella\'s poor choice in working a side job with Olivia while still employed at Alexa\'s Glam Factory. Plus, host Vivica A. Fox puts everyone on the spot when she prods them for hints at what\'s to come in the next season during part two of the "Jerseylicious" reunion special.moreless
  • 8/19/12
    It's a look back at the most dramatic season of "Jerseylicious" yet! After her big breakup, Gigi discusses easing her way back to the Gatsby--and working to get back in Gayle's good graces. Tracy delves into her struggle to return to Gatsby-To-Go, but does she show any gratitude towards Olivia? Plus, the other cast members weigh in on whether they think Olivia and Tracy will ever get along--or if they're destined to be enemies for life! Then, a happier-than-ever Alexa shows off her 3-karat bling and shares details on her wedding plans with Danny. Meanwhile, Tracy and Corey open up on their wedding bliss--but does Olivia buy it? Hear why she thinks their relationship is a sham! And as things get heated up between the girls, the boys step in. See it all in part one of the "Jerseylicious" reunion special.moreless
  • Battle of Beauty
    Episode 22
    In the season finale, the most distinguished Jersey salons from the Glam Factory to Anthony Robert congregate under one roof to showcase their styling talent at the Gatsby's Gallery of Beauty event. The stakes are high, with a trip to Dubai on the table--but emotions run even higher as the different salon owners are packed together in a tight space. Will Cathy be able to control herself around Gayle--or will Alexa take extreme measures to beat out her competition? Plus, Olivia breaks away from both Gayle and Anthony to go it alone. Meanwhile, Corey has a huge surprise awaiting Tracy (which includes him getting down on one knee)!moreless