Season 5 Episode 15

Season 5 Reunion Special, Pt. 1

Full Episode: Season 5 Reunion Special, Pt. 1


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Deception ran deep, friendships were broken and fights were terrifying in the fifth season of "Jerseylicious." Now, see the cast face off in a no-holds reunion! From style to friendships, it was a season of change and the cast is coming clean about the feuds that fueled the most dramatic season yet. We recap Olivia's single life and her mix-up with Frankie, and reveal never-before-seen shots from the night they met! Plus, good-girl Gigi finally sounds off on her big break-up, lost friendships and her kitchen confrontation with Olivia. Then, it's the biggest battle yet when Gigi and Tracy sound off on their former friendship. Does Tracy hit her boiling point when Gigi brings up her parents? See things quickly get physical and find out who exits the stage in part one of the most dramatic Jersey reunion to date!moreless
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