Jesse James Is a Dead Man

Spike TV (ended 2009)


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  • Jesse James, the guy that brought you Monster Garage, comes back in this all-out show that shows him risking his life in very stupid stunts that require some of the greatest courage ever.

    Jesse James comes across in this show as an adrenaline junkie who risks life and limb to get his thrill. From trying to get away from the cops, to the World Figure Eight Championships, to plowing a house with a monster truck, and even using a dune buggy to deliver some pizzas fifty miles out into the desert before the pizzas get cold. He even gets to go a quarter mile on a Top Fuel Drag Bike (known as doing a full pull) and catches, milks, and releases a rattlesnake to deliver the venom to a scientist.
    WARNING: The stunts on this show are performed by a professional under strict safety precautions. Do not attempt to perform any of his stunts.
    Jesse James is a foul-mouthed dead man. There are curses here and there. In between checking his website and running West Coast Choppers, he is out risking his sorry butt on some of the coolest, most dangerous, pointless stunts. Which is why I like this show.