Jesse Stone

Season 1 Episode 8

Benefit of the Doubt

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 20, 2012 on Hallmark Channel

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  • No Benefit of this Doubt

    I believe most of this episode was written by Selleck. He should stick to his day job.
  • Crime is committed, then nothing happens, then he solves it at the last second.

    After the initial, admittedly surprising murders, we drift through the entire show full of the usual JS angst and little crime solving. Then in the last segment he figures it out using a clue we don't even get to see. The one clue we did have was never even used, other than the 'H'. These JS stories really need a better balance between the actual plot and all the other filler.
  • Stone-Fan

    Continued Success with the series, Tom's character study of a troubled man is very engaging.

    As always, great supporting actors and location scenes. Joe steals many of the scenes.

    Hope to see many more in the future.
  • Good but lost some interest along the way.

    Good story line but way too slow paced.

    To much character development and not enough story.I looked at my watch several times.
  • Benefit of the Doubt

    The wait was worth the effort, excellent show! Give us more.