Jesse Stone

Season 1 Episode 3

Death in Paradise

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on CBS
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Death in Paradise
When the body of a teenage girl is found floating in a local lake, Stone must get to the bottom of the mysterious crime. He discovers that she was troubled, pregnant and estranged from her parents, who didn't even bother to report that she was missing.

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  • The Jesse Stone movies get better and better.

    After one movie that introduced the characters and a second that served as a prequel, "Death in Paradise" gets to stand on its own and deliver a mystery that challenges Jesse Stone in the midst of personal and professional tragedies.

    As always, the cast surrounding Tom Selleck is solid. The usual crew at the station (Vito Rezza, Kohl Sudduth, John Beale and the amazing Viola Davis) are joined in this one by Orla Brady, Steven Flynn, Gary Basaraba and John Diehl. Brady especially is good, in her flirting with Jesse. With her exotic look and British accent, my eyes were glued to her whenever she came on screen!

    Plus, we get William Devane, who is pitch perfect as Dix. Watching his scenes with Selleck is a lot like an all-star game. It doesn't matter who wins, you just get to watch two pros at the top of their game.

    Selleck gives his best performance yet as Stone, ranging from smug to vulnerable to a man of action effortlessly.moreless
Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman

Emily Bishop

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Kerri Smith

Kerri Smith

Sister Mary John

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John MacLaren

John MacLaren

ER Doctor

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Dr. Dix: You're a drunk because you drink. You don't drink, you're not a drunk.
      Jesse Stone: You don't believe in addiction?
      Dr. Dix: Sure I do. I was addicted. I still am. But addiction's an explanation. You wanna stop drinking, you gotta do more than explain it.

    • Jesse Stone: That's good police work, Molly. Keep it up and you'll get a promotion.
      Molly: Except the sexist bastards already made you chief.

    • (Jesse and Suitcase advance on a hostage scene)
      Suitcase: What do I do?
      Jesse Stone: When the shooting starts, you'll know what to do.
      Suitcase: Two in the chest, one in the head.
      Jesse Stone: Keep engaging until the target is down.

    • (Jesse has found Jerry Snyder holding his wife hostage)
      Snyder: Stop right there! I'll kill her!
      Jesse Stone: I'm stopped.
      Snyder: I'm glad you're here, Stone.
      Jesse Stone: Why? You miss me?

    • Suitcase: What does your gut tell you?
      Jesse Stone: You mean my coply intuition?
      Suitcase: Yeah.
      Jesse Stone: I don't know.
      Suitcase: Well, you gotta have a hunch.
      Jesse Stone: I don't have a clue. I'm waiting for one.

    • Jesse Stone: This is what I have. I'm divorced from the only woman I seem to be able to love. I'm trying not to drink too much. I can't play professional baseball like I'm supposed to. All I can be is a cop in a small town, and this is my last chance to do that.

    • Jesse Stone: You're a cold bastard, aren't you?
      Dr. Dix: Gettin' sober's cold bastard work.
      Jesse Stone: I need a drink.
      Dr. Dix: Me too.

    • Jesse Stone: So you used to be a cop?
      Dix: Before I gave it up to become a drunk.

    • Jesse Stone: Wanna earn some overtime?
      Suitcase: Sure.
      Jesse Stone: Walk the perimeter.
      Suitcase: What am I looking for?
      Jesse Stone: A clue would be nice.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This is the third book in the Jesse Stone series, coming before Jesse Stone: Stone Cold the first movie in the set of TV movies.