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Sunday 9:00 PM on Hallmark Channel Premiered Feb 20, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Jesse Stone

    Tom brings the Jesse stone to life ,,the music draws you in and the rest of the actors make the show so real that you are in the town living out the scenes !
  • Jessie Stone series

    Love all of the Jessie Stone series! Would love to see more of this show. We have the first 8 movies on cd.
  • The Judge

    Jesse Stone is a pleasure to watch, please keep it coming.
  • We want more of this on TV

    Jesse Stone. Tom Selleck. How could you go wrong? Don't normally enjoy book-to-tv series - find I spend too much time trying to tie the two together, but the producers have this right!! Hope there are plans to make more. This and Bosch are on target - far better (and smarter!!) than the reality garbage networks continue to try to force us like.
  • The Hallmark Channel needs to continue the Jesse Stone series.

    I would hope the Hallmark Channel would pick up the series and run with it. Shows with the quality of the Jesse Stone series is a dying breed.
  • Most Uncommon And Maybe The Best Network TV Ever Produced

    The Jesse Stone series, in my opinion, are among the highest quality productions ever produced on network TV. The fact that they were a series of TV movies, rather then scheduled programs was both unusual AND very special. I was not even aware of this series until the fourth or fifth episode, which I regret and wish I had been made aware of. I enjoyed every episode. Given the viewership it did have, CBS should regret not giving more promotion to the series as I believe it could have had an even greater following, given the quality it possessed. This series should be continued somehow for as long it can be played out. It is that good.
  • Bring Jesse BACK!!!!!

    I cant get enough of this tough but fair cop! Bring the series back to TV! CBS could use this Great show!
  • Jesse Stone TV Series

    What a great series; why can't I click "record series" instead of having to remember to go onto Sky to find it to record it! So irritating.
  • we need more Jesse Stone

    other than Quincy Down Under, Jesse Stone is my favorite roll of yours. I would hope to see at least 1 Jesse Stone movie per year or even better, a tv series! Just see how well the Longmire series is doing - Jesse Stone would be even better!! How do we get these reviews to the people who need to see them in order to get the outcome we want. Obviously there are many of us who feel this same way!

  • Jesse.....

    This has to be the best show out of America of late. I only wish there were more series, it feels like there should be more to come. What great acting, I loose myself entirely watching this. And I just love Regie!

    The music is very haunting, everything is superb about this production.
  • Jessie Stone

    I love, love, love this series- want more!!!
  • Jesse Stone

    Why did they stop producing the Jesse Stone TV series?

    It is such a great movie/series. Much better than the stupid real TV shows they have on TV these days.

    Such great stories and what a terrific actor.

    Can't they bring this series back on TV?

  • Has CBS Lost Their Stone(s)?

    I have all 8 Jesse Stone Movies and waiting for ninth, tenth, etc. etc. I have read that Sony is looking to shop future movies to cable, but when?
  • Jesse Stone Never Quits

    I can't wait for the next Jesse Stone said that Blue Bloods would now interfer with the Jesse Stone like Blue Bloods very much) but you can;t beat Jesse wish you had a series of Jesse Stone every week like you have Blue Bloods everyone would like please don't give up on the Jesse Stone Movies. Your fan love this going Tom
  • PLEASE More Jesse Stone!

    Man oh MAN, I hope they decide to make more Jesse Stone Movies! I dont know WHAT it is about them, but they make me Feel Good! Just GREAT Entertainment! And I Love the Characters, the Writing, Everything about the the Location! I know they film in Halifax Nova Scotia, but ive looked at alot of photos from there, and it sure looks like a LOT bigger City than is portrayed in the Movies! But ANYWAYYYYY Bring on We LOVE JESSE!!!!!
  • come on jessie

    i luv jessie stone movies and i have them all i was hoping for one is better than law and order
  • jessie stone

    I just goggled in to see when the next Jessie Stone was going to air when I saw that after, Benefit of the Doubt, there will be no more. I think that was a big mistake on the part of CBS. This is a program that anyone in their right mind would watch. I have all the DVD's of the series, so far. When I checked the last time, before Benefit of the Doubt aired, I noticed that there was another one in the works but has been put on the shelf. Shame on CBS. They will probably put another one of those realty shows that really, really stink.
  • We want more Jesse Stone !!

    When is the 9th Jesse Stone movie coming out ? We`re all waiting to hear the release date
  • Very Cool

    These films about Jesse Stone the former LAPD Homicide Detective are very, very, good. The best I've ever seen bar none. They are character driven, that sells them at least to me anyway. Selleck's character Jesse is a multilayered guy who above all else loves the work he performs as a Police Officer. All Cops are flawed just as the rest of us are, but he does that with a style that makes the flaws sympathetic to those who watch him. I highly recommend the Jesse Stone films, since I have everyone of them. It doesnt get any better then this, it just doesn't.
  • Great tv movies.

    GREAT!! Love the dog.
  • Jesse Stone movies.

    I have seen (and own) the tv movies from the first to the latest "Benifit of the doubt. I was disapointed in only one of them (Innocense Lost) but still purchased it. I think this last one and the one No Remorse were the best ones to date and hope they do not hang them up. There are still more books out there from them to work with. Please continue to produce the Jesse Stone movies! I want to know what happens next to Stone and will they bring back Hasstings?!?!
  • With the CBS Jesse Stone movies, Tom Selleck has found a series character to rival Magnum, and Robert B. Parker has received the best filmed adaptations of his books.

    I don't think anyone had big hopes for "Stone Cold" when it premiered in 2005, but the rich story of Jesse Stone battling a pair of serial killers as well as his personal demons resonated with viewers, and we have since been treated to three more movies (with at least one more on the way.) As a fan of the books that this series is based upon, I am thrilled. While Tom Selleck may not have been my ideal choice to play Jesse Stone (who is 35 in "Night Passage") his world-weary, sly, very cool style has turned me around. Now, when I read a new Jesse Stone book, it is Selleck who I picture as the character.

    His method to crime-solving, as well as his battle with the bottle and his tortured relationship with his ex-wife make for a great character, one who can grow with each film.

    These movies are slow-paced, but not dull, and feel like a throwback to old noir. Robert Harmon, the director, and Jeff Beal's music do a great job of setting the mood of Paradise, Massachusetts. With two books left unfilmed (and more from the author coming) along with Tom Selleck's enthusiasm for the role, here's hoping we see more of Jesse Stone in the future.
  • These episodes have been "awesome". The cast is also doing well in my book. Good Luck, Ed

    I lost track of Tom Selleck way back during the end of Magnum P.I., but found his acting superb during those years. I had the opportunity to watch him on the screen under the Jessie Stone's character and he is good. This character is "excellent" for Thomas. The writer has a great insight with the character Tom Selleck is playing and the supporting cast. There is a story behind each episode and that's what makes the audience connects with the tale phenomenon.

    These episodes have been "awesome.” The whole cast is also doing well in my book. Hope to see more of these episodes as well as the characters that they play in the screen. Good Luck,

  • While Jesse Stone isn't action packed, I really enjoy watching these movies when they air on CBS.

    Tom Selleck plays a totally different character from Magnum P.I. - with one noticeable difference - he's not shirtless.

    Also his character Jesse doesn't have much to say but still gets his point across, more of a thinker.

    The fact that Jesse has his own personal demons to deal with makes him all the more interesting. Not to mention I've always like shows set in small towns (Gilmore Girls, Murder She Wrote) and everyone knows your business before the end of the day.

    I even like "Suitcase" espcially in Sea Change, once he came out of his coma. Freaky the way he could finish Jesse's sentences for him.

    I do know that Robert B. Parker has written yet another Jesse Stone novel and I can't wait for the fifth movie (which Tom Selleck mentioned in a recent TV Guide interview) to my TV screen.
  • In this third installment of the Jesse Stone TV-movies from CBS we get some more insight into what went onto the forming of Stone's psyche.

    In the opening scene, we get a good sense of what faces a small-town police force when there is no modern CSI lab available. Chief Stone's mentoring of his young officer shows his penchant for good old-fashioned police work when he convinces him of the necessity of searching the entire lake for clues. When this pays off, the investigation gets on track. While it's true that this film is a little slow-moving, this is part of its beauty. There's no need for the frenetic pace required to develop and conclude two or three storylines in one hour as is done in a CSI episode. We can afford to see how Stone's thought process develops, often through his dreams, in allowing the evidence to make sense. It was good to see Stone finally doing something about his excessive drinking besides drinking a bit less on an occasion when his gun-toting reflexes might be needed. Whether or not his drinking actually contributed to Gabby's death in the earlier episode, he is at least troubled by the possibility that she might still be around if his senses hadn't been as dulled. At this writing, It's been 9 months since this latest installment was broadcast. There are certainly an abundance of plot elements that we fans would like to see dealt with. Might not Stone's counselor continue serving as a consultant in future crime-solving? Will Stone really be able to quit drinking? And if so, does the ex-wife come back into his life in person, not merely as a telephone-confidante? And we did leave a key character in a coma. How about it CBS?
  • Tom Sellect is Jesse Stone, sheriff of small town Paradise, Massachusettes.

    This is the third Jesse Stone movie that has been made for TV and hopefully it won't be the last. Tom Sellect has captured the flawed, yet honorable, Jesse Stone to perfection. One can't help but be drawn into the plot as seen through his eyes.

    A young girl is found murdered and Jesse seems haunted by her as he tries to find out who killed her and why. Along the way Jesse seeks the help of another ex-cop who besides helping him with his drinking problem also helps him try to understand the young girl and what would drive someone to kill her.

    Maybe a bit slower than the other two Jesse Stone movies, but just as compelling and haunting as they are.

  • A great Tom Sellek made for TV movie where he is a sheriff.

    This is truly a great drama show. I enjoy watching it over and over and over again. I can watch the same episode 2 or 3 times in a row just so I can catch things that I might have missed. I think I have all of the episodes recorded and I watch them whenever there is nothing good on TV. It is always entertaining to me. I will also have my friends and family watch the episodes with me and try and get them hooked. So far everyone has because it is that good of a show. Look for it on the air or come over to my house and watch my DVD's.