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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • A Side of Chile
      A Side of Chile
      Episode 1
      Diego moves next door to Jesse Warner and her family, and asks her out.
    • Goober Up the Nose
      Candy lodged in her nostril shifts Jesse and Diego's date from the movie theater to the emergency room.
    • Bees Do It, Birds Do It, But Not in a Car
      Jesse decides the time is finally right to speed up her romance with Diego.
    • Live Nude Girl
      Live Nude Girl
      Episode 4
      Jesse finds out that Diego's current painting subject, a nude model, is also a former girlfriend of his.
    • Boo! He's Back
      Boo! He's Back
      Episode 5
      Halloween gives Jesse a real fright when her ex-husband reappears after a seven-year absence and decides he wants to be a part of their son's life again.
    • The Methadone Clinic
      Diego's chance to have a gallery showing may be ruined by a run-in Jesse has with its owner.
    • The Kiss
      The Kiss
      Episode 7
      A fight with Diego, followed by a surprise kiss from her ex-husband, leave Jesse wondering where her heart really belongs.
    • The Cheese Ship
      The Cheese Ship
      Episode 8
      Jesse creates an awkward Thanksgiving by inviting Diego to a dinner her ex-huband will also be attending.
    • Barko, the Holiest Dog in the World
      Little John is in a school play, Darren is in a commercial and Diego goes to great lengths to try to prove to Jesse that Roy is a jerk but Jesse won't listen.
    • Boo! He's Gone
      Boo! He's Gone
      Episode 10
      Diego decides that if Jesse wants Roy he won't stand in the way. So he goes to Roy's to tell him, but he catches Roy with another woman. He tries to tell Jesse but she won't listen, that is until Junior finally speaks and tells her it's true. She throws Roy out.moreless
    • The Best Deal Possible
      Diego and Jesse pretend to be husband and wife while shopping for a car. Also now that Junior talks, he and Darren try and pick up girls.
    • The Mischievous Elf
      Jesse decides to go back to high school. Her teacher asks her out and she doesn't know if she should say yes because he's her teacher. She finally decides to go out with him but finds out that he's a weirdo so she dumps him. Diego dates a student.
    • My Casual Friend's Wedding
      Jesse, Linda, and Carrie go to the wedding of a former high school classmate, and Jesse is asked to fill in as maid of honor; Linda gets a surprise after making out in a darkened coatroom; Diego helps out at the bar
    • Hickory, Dickory, Death
      Although they have split up, Jesse turns up for a date with Diego that they arranged long before, only to find him about to go out with his new girlfriend. Jesse deals with it by acting it out her fantasies of a forties film noir.
    • Crazy White Female
      Crazy White Female
      Episode 15
      Diego feels that Gwen is becoming increasingly clingy, but Jesse thinks she is just being nice, until Gwen transforms herself into a Jesse look-alike. John Warner, Sr. dates an old friend, Mary Anne, that he meets up with after 30 years.
    • Bar Remodel
      Bar Remodel
      Episode 16
      John, Sr. decides to go off to Alaska to climb Mt. McKinley with Mary Anne, leaving the bar to the care of his three children. When they fail to sell it, they have to decide between them how to fit in running it with the other things that they want to do in their lives.moreless
    • Touched by an Angel
      Darren suggests a Charlie's Angels theme for the bar. Diego invites Jesse round to dinner, but it is a disaster, capped by her being so fearful that things won't work out well between them that it ruins what is left of the evening. It takes Diego some time to convince her that things could work out better.moreless
    • Cecil, the Angry Postman
      Jesse writes a love letter to Diego she never plans to send, but her son sees it and sends it out.
    • The Parent Trap
      The Parent Trap
      Episode 19
      Diego's parents come to Buffalo and Jesse has to go pick them up at the airport but she picks up the wrong Vasquez's. When she goes with Diego to pick up the right Vasquez's they don't seem as happy to see Jesse as the wrong ones were.
    • Momma Was a Rollin' Stone
      Another kid is beating up Little John at school, so Jesse goes to talk to the bully's mother, and is in for a surprise when she meets her.
    • Finders Keepers
      Finders Keepers
      Episode 21
      While on a scavenger hunt, Jesse and Diego find a baby in the park. Jesse wants to keep it but Diego and her family tell her it's not a good idea.
    • I Do, I Think I Do
      I Do, I Think I Do
      Episode 22
      Jesse gets a full scholarship for nursing school, while Diego faces deportation when his visa runs out.
  • Season 2