Jessie (1985)

ABC (ended 1985)


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  • Okay but short-lived, long forgotten cop drama from the 80s.

    "Jessie" is about a female police psychiatrist for a California big city police department, and starred Lindsay Wagner, formerly "The Bionic Woman". She is sensitive, but often works with tough cop Lieutenant Alex Ascoli (Tony LoBianco), who is a cross between Joe Friday and Dirty Harry. It is based on a book by a real-life police psychiatrist. I remember reading somewhere that the series was at first supposed to be touchy-feely, but that producers decided to liven things up by turning it into an action drama, filled with high-speed chases and crashes and tough crime-fighting by Ascoli, while leaving room for sensitive counseling from the title character. Apparently this approach was of no help, because it lasted only a few months. How it would have fared under the more sensitive plan is anyone's guess.