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AIRED ON 1/16/2015

Season 4 : Episode 2

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Jessie (Age 18) moves from her home in Texas to the Big Apple to follow her dreams and literally is thrown into a job as a nanny for four children, Emma, the only biological Ross child, Luke, who likes to cause mischief and hits on Jessie, Ravi, the newest addition to the family (along with his Asian Water Monitor, Mr. Kipling) and Zuri, The Youngest Ross child who brings home imaginary friends.


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  • Enough Hygiene Jokes

    It's season 4. I know this is Disney - the channel than tends to lock characters down until they're drained, but how about letting them evolve a bit. Season 4 premier still has plenty of lines about Luke's poor hygiene. The character is in high school and the actor who plays him is almost 16 and looks it. How about instead of BO jokes, let shift gears. How about Luke begins to understand that girls don't like guys who stink? Of course, we've never seen girls hold their noise in his presence. Maybe that would be a good point to see him transition. Perhaps we can joke about excessive showers making his skin pucker or maybe he makes a poor choice in cologne. Allowing the characters to evolve a bit as people might hold an audience beyond season 4.moreless
  • This show sucks

    Jessie is the most annoying character. She's not cute. Her voice is annoying. Btw why hire help if you adopted children. You chose to adopt just to never be around and have some crazy teen run around town with the kids who says theyre her kids all the time. What a sad life. The show is not good at all. Id rather watch 90s Disney than this crap. Like so weird was a good show. Stop making Disney for little kids by casting little kids. Disney used to have grown teens on the shows now the main characters are like five? I thought that's why they had playhouse Disney for.. All these shows that are trying to be funny trying to be like that's so raven and Hannah Montana they aren't funny at all! Have real shows with real substance. God I miss the 90s. Who ever writes jokes for Disney and shows needs to be fired. These shows are Not funny. Hope you stop making these kind of shows in 2015. Ok I'm done now.moreless
  • Terrible show

    I'm just talking about Jessie in this review. Even though the kids are stuck up and a horrible influence to kids watching this show, I want to say that a lot of the things Jessie says about Texas is probably not true. I live in Texas and I do not like what she says about Texas. For example, in the episode where Jessie went to Texas for her father's wedding, she told Emma that the state bird of Texas was the buzzard. That really offended me since the state bird is really the mockingbird. NOT a buzzard. Plus, just because some one lives in Texas, they don't always get an accent. Also, even though I don't have an accent, I think hers is pretty bad.

    Basically, I think this show is uninformative and a waste of time.moreless
  • it is just dumb to write mean coments

    you bitches (haters) out there think it is cool to write about the Jessie cast. you never know they must have just been making the characters like that to make you laugh. and really they are coping off the nanny. nobody watches the nanny anymore . it is just disrespectful to talk about people . i bet you haters are just jealous that you couldn't have such a fun life as the Jessie cast. they do everyday for us. just to make you laugh but noooo. you have to go on the internet for everybody to see the dumb shit you right about those shows. what bitches you haters are.moreless
  • Jessie is pretty good

    This show is really good and zuri is adorable(: luke is funny and baically all the cast are talanted and i think this show is really intresting to watch and has great story to it.

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