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Season 4 : Episode 17

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Jessie (Age 18) moves from her home in Texas to the Big Apple to follow her dreams and literally is thrown into a job as a nanny for four children, Emma, the only biological Ross child, Luke, who likes to cause mischief and hits on Jessie, Ravi, the newest addition to the family (along with his Asian Water Monitor, Mr. Kipling) and Zuri, The Youngest Ross child who brings home imaginary friends.


Fan Reviews (135)

  • Funny show that takes place in New York,,,oh wait this isnt Friends

    What is there tto say about this cuz they havnt made a word for how bad this shit is. If ur a fan u deserve no rights and you should proabably reevaluate your im usually paccifist but i want the fans of this show to get killed and the creators and actors to get beat up and then killed.

    Ravi- annyoning indian kid. I now want to punch all the indian kids under 13 i see because of him.

    Black girl- she acts like she from the ghetto even though she was adopted from the age of like two.

    Emma- dumb rich blonde

    WHITE kid- white trash that is unfunny and says stupid shit like swag, If u say swag and or yolo u need to stop now and seek therapy.

    jessie- ugly white trash

    Now you guys might be wondering why I gave this show a rating higher than it deserves but its honestly because i coudnt find a negative symbol. My real rating is negative 3.5

    the entire family deserves to be in a asylum. this show is not funny at all.

    Jessie once said"back home they called me the red haired but thats only because its politically incorect to call her the red haired ***.moreless
  • Hmm...

    I like it but they should've make Ravi good at catching and good at some sports like Cricket and Table Tennis. I mean seriously, I thought he was a stereotypical Indian yet he can't catch as good as Luke. He should be wayyy better than everyone in his school at catching BECAUSE HE'S THE ONLY BROWN ASIAN IN HIS SCHOOL!!!
  • Not as bad as everyone is saying

    Yes, while I do agree that pretty much all of the new Disney channel shows are garbage, Jessie isn't so much of a bad show as everyone is making it out to be. I feel like a lot of people who give bad reviews have only seen one or two episodes. I watch Jessie when I'm bored and nothing is on which is most of the time and its a pretty good show compared to the other crappy shows like Dog with a Blog and Austin and Ally. The characters may seem bratty but there are many episodes where they learn lessons and have heartfelt moments with not only their siblings but their parents, Jessie, and Bertram too. I do agree about the stereotypes like Jessie's and Ravi, but overall its the only good show on Disney Channel as of this year. Of course it will never be Suite Life or That's So Raven but amongst whats new on Disney Channel as well as Nick (ugh, don't get me started on the garbage Nick has been shitting out) it's a good show and its sad that its ending after this season. Can't wait to see what new shows Disney shits out in 2016, yay (sarcasm if you can't tell).moreless
  • Love but hate.

    This show sucks but some episodes are good. This show is full of stupid cheesy jokes. I hate how everyone always picks on the black kid Ravi for being unpopular. His accent is so fake btw. Emma is your typical stupid rich blonde and it's SOO annoying! We get it you're rich stop rubbing it in our faces! Jessie is so annoying with her " I wanna be an actress " and I hate how everyone picks on her with her " old boyfriend stories " Just SHUT UP about them! Luke is your typical stupid kid with bad smells but good looks and good dancing. I don't have a problem with Zuri but she was TERRIBLE in Season 1. I would have to say Bertrum is the ONLY good character in this stupid show. He is funny sometimes and I hate how everyone makes fun of him because he's chubby. They are basically fat shaming on this show! If I was living in a nice house with a bunch of money, I would treat my butler with some RESPECT and not act like a spolied brat! This show is racist,stupid,and totally unrealistic. When you fall out of a cab in New York, no one will give a crap. No obnoxious little girl will ask you to be her nanny. I'm so glad this show is cancelling . But I heard they are having a SPINOFF to this show? the only show that deserved a spin off and has a great one is Girl Meets World. Bunk'd should be cancelled by the first season.moreless
  • u guys are great

    U guys are so mean who are saying bad stuff about them. If u don't like them that is fine but don't type it or say it just keep it to yourself. The Jessie cast is the best.

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