Season 1 Episode 8

Christmas Story

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Jessie - Christmas story review

    It's Christmas in the Ross House and Jessie and Bertram are preparing Emma Luke Ravi and Zuri for Christmas. Zuri uses Bertram as a stool for her to put an ornament high up on the tree while Ravi has fears of Santa Claus. At the mall Emma Luke and Jessie are put in toy jail by Jingles, a power mad elf. When Christina and Morgan call the kids on computer chat, they tell them that they are on the train on their way to Ross House. With the magic of Jessie's finger Christina and Morgan appear in the Ross House just in time for Christmas. On Christmas morning pressents are open in the Ross House. Then they all gather for a family picture. Ravi realizes that Jessie was not in the picture and then finds her sleeping on the sofa. They all gather around Jessie and say Jessie,when Luke kisses Jessie a shy before she wakes up. This is a great episode!
  • Christmas Review #12

    It's Christmas time at the Ross house but Mr. and Mrs. Ross must find a different way of getting home after all planes are grounded. Jessie, Emma and Luke are put in mall jail after a run in with a Christmas elf. Meanwhile, Ravi learns about Santa and is terrified of him. I thought that this was a superb Christmas episode of "Jessie". While it could have been better, it was still enjoyable and it's quite possibly the best of the season so far since the highest I've ever given an episode of this show was a 9 so far. Still waiting for that PERFECT episode of "Jessie" to come around soon. Anyways, this episode was not as good as the Christmas episodes of "A.N.T. Farm" and "Shake It Up" which is surprising since I like this show more than those two shows. There were some funny parts such as Zuri using Bertram as a step stool in the beginning of the episode, Robbie getting creeped out about Santa Claus throughout the episode, Mr. Kipling catching the angel (even though that was kinda of weird but HEY, it's a kids show), "5 golden rings?", Robbie attacking Bertram (who is dressed up as Santa Claus), Mr. Kiping in his reindeer antlers, and the very end of the episode. The only thing that kept my score from being a 10 was that midget elf and that the mom was being rude to Jessie by saying that they need to buy her makeup. Overall, a superb Christmas episode of "Jessie". 9/10
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