Season 1 Episode 16

Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Who stole Mrs. Chesterfield's hair due and switched it with glue which makes her hands stuck to her hair

    Jessie tries to prove to Mrs. Chesterfield the kids aren't to blame for stealing her hair due and switching it with glue and she also attempts to help her to fix her hair. I thought that this was a great episode of "Jessie". It was a pretty enjoyable way to spend 30 minutes of your time. It's also got some funny moments to it and it's got an enjoyable storyline. Of course, this show doesn't impress you with storylines but at least it's got to the point where I can like it enough. Disney Channel has promoted a lot of episodes like these and they really do them for fun I guess with the mystery just being dumb or fun with no twists to it. Well, at least to me it's not a twist. The mystery in this episode was fun but it was predictable all the way through and gets kinda annoying after a while since it's really nothing new. The thing that does lower my score a little was Mrs. Chesterfield being pretty annoying to Jessie even though Jessie is being really nice to her by cancelling her date with Tony and trying to get her hands off of her hair and I didn't like that it was Mrs. Chesterfield's dog all this time. It wasn't the kids at all. The highlight of the episode is definitely Jessie's line to Mrs. Chesterfield "But it's a Jennifer Aniston movie, it won't be in theaters next week". Overall, it was an enjoyable episode of "Jessie"... the mystery as usual when it comes to Disney Channel was not impressive though. 8.5/10
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