Season 1 Episode 1

New York, New Nanny

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Meh.


    The first episode of this show is fine.Another recycled idea but with different characters, once again Disney yikes!

    This show sure started off extremely fast. It did not take much time to settle in. Debby Ryan is adorable as usual as Jesse. The cutest of the kids is obviously Zuri. The indian kid is likable. Luke is probably the most exciting character on the show. Peyton List is alright.

    I don't like Mr. Kipling. But it's a kids show so you have to let the ridiculousness go over your head or you will just be very annoyed with the writing,

  • Lovin this episode of Jessie! Enjoyed this first episode...


    This episode was so funny. I loved when Jessie had to crawl threw the tubes to get away fromthe indian boys snake. An funny how he was ignoring it by playing video games. Luke is a very funny as well loving and wanting to dateJessie. Zuri is a funny character and on the show has an imgianary mermaid friend.Emma is the older one and is alsoa funny chraracter in the show. Jessie is the mainchracter and is the nanny of all4 of them and enjoys her job but has some mischeif though with the kids which areAn indian boy ;dont know his name; Luke Emma and Zuri which i just told you. This was an awesome first start of Jessie.

  • Most shows do pretty bad in pilots, but this show did the first episode pretty well.


    I liked this episode a lot and I think it did pretty well for a start of the series.

    That lizard (Mr. Kipling) scared me! LOL, it just did.

    I loved how Jessie said "Kick some as-troid.

    I loved when Emma said "Thanks for staying up all night to fix what LUKE broke".

    I think Bertram was pretty funny too, and he should have gotten more lines.

    I laughed hard when the science contest judge declared Emma winner after her "Pluto" fell off her science project because it was a great demonstration Pluto is no longer a planet.

    Overall a great start! This is probably already my #2 favorite show! #1 is Good Luck Charlie... :)

  • a pretty good first episode of a new show


    a pretty good first episode of a new show. i liked this episode a lot. this epiosde actually woke me up a little when it premere because the wizards of waverly place my two harpers and the ant farm episode the replacemant were kind of lame. this episode was good. Luke was funny in this episode like when he tried to get Jessie and he never gave up. that was funny. at the science fair when Jessie said. "Now go up there and kick some as-troid". i thought she said the a word. the only part i didn't like was Emma. Now i like Emma but she was boring in this episode. Now i actually thought that they thought through of switching Debby Ryan from Jessie to Suite Life. i think she is funnier on Jessie than Suite Life. My favorite character in Jessie was Bultrum. He was hillarious. I wished he had more lines that the score would've been higher. He's my favorite character in Jessie. My favorie part in the episode was when pluto fell off Emma's project and the judges said that she won because pluto wasn't a planet anymore. i laughed at that part. Overall a great episode. This was an awesome good beginning of jessie. This is now my fourth favorite show. JESSIE ROCKS!

  • Not bad..... not bad at all


    When I first saw the promos for this show, it didn't look very promising and looked like it was going to stink. I decided to watch the pilot episode of this new Disney Channel show called "Jessie" and it was actually not that bad. In fact, it wasn't bad at all. The pilot episode did have a few flaws that could improve though. After "The Suite Life On Deck" ended on May 2011, I guess Debby Ryan didn't want to leave Disney Channel and decided to work on this show. I'm happy that Debby Ryan has a new show to work on because she is such a beautiful girl with her sparkly eyes and charming long hair. Debby Ryan did shine as the girl Jessie in this pilot episode. In fact, Debby Ryan is the best part of this show. Hopefully, this show will be good since it has Debby Ryan. Even if I don't like this show, I'll still watch it since it stars the beautiful and talented Debby Ryan. I didn't laugh a whole lot but the storyline was fun to watch for the most part. That Indian kid (I forgot his name) gave me some good laughs in this episode though. Jessie being in a cage with that pet iguana was pretty funny. The very ending of the episode was pretty funny as well and there were a few more parts. One of the flaws I had with this pilot episode was the beginning, I just thought it felt rushed and it was really lame. Come on, Jessie didn't have her wallet so a taxi driver throws her out of the taxi with nowhere else to go. They could have come up with something better than that. The other flaw with this pilot episode was Luke (I think that's his name), Luke repeatedly hitting on Jessie was getting very annoying. At least Luke isn't as annoying as Fletcher Quimby in "A.N.T. Farm" but still... he is probably my least favorite character so far. The other thing I didn't like was how that blond girl was being mean to Jessie... she is so far my second least favorite character. So yeah, the show seems to be promising. Depending on the other episodes, I'll see if I like this show or not. Overall, a great pilot episode of "Jessie"... this pilot episode defintely beats the pilot episodes of "A.N.T. Farm" and "Shake It Up". 8/10