Season 1 Episode 1

New York, New Nanny

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • a pretty good first episode of a new show


    a pretty good first episode of a new show. i liked this episode a lot. this epiosde actually woke me up a little when it premere because the wizards of waverly place my two harpers and the ant farm episode the replacemant were kind of lame. this episode was good. Luke was funny in this episode like when he tried to get Jessie and he never gave up. that was funny. at the science fair when Jessie said. "Now go up there and kick some as-troid". i thought she said the a word. the only part i didn't like was Emma. Now i like Emma but she was boring in this episode. Now i actually thought that they thought through of switching Debby Ryan from Jessie to Suite Life. i think she is funnier on Jessie than Suite Life. My favorite character in Jessie was Bultrum. He was hillarious. I wished he had more lines that the score would've been higher. He's my favorite character in Jessie. My favorie part in the episode was when pluto fell off Emma's project and the judges said that she won because pluto wasn't a planet anymore. i laughed at that part. Overall a great episode. This was an awesome good beginning of jessie. This is now my fourth favorite show. JESSIE ROCKS!