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  • One of the best shows on the disney channel!!!

    This show always makes me a laugh and the episodes are never boring and never get old! The characters are really funny and the plot of the episodes are always extremely creative and unique!
  • shutting down the show


    jessie is my fav show please do it for the people!!

    why are you shutting it down?Its a great awesome show!!

    kind regards

    a big fan of jessie

  • Hmm...

    I like it but they should've make Ravi good at catching and good at some sports like Cricket and Table Tennis. I mean seriously, I thought he was a stereotypical Indian yet he can't catch as good as Luke. He should be wayyy better than everyone in his school at catching BECAUSE HE'S THE ONLY BROWN ASIAN IN HIS SCHOOL!!!
  • Not as bad as everyone is saying

    Yes, while I do agree that pretty much all of the new Disney channel shows are garbage, Jessie isn't so much of a bad show as everyone is making it out to be. I feel like a lot of people who give bad reviews have only seen one or two episodes. I watch Jessie when I'm bored and nothing is on which is most of the time and its a pretty good show compared to the other crappy shows like Dog with a Blog and Austin and Ally. The characters may seem bratty but there are many episodes where they learn lessons and have heartfelt moments with not only their siblings but their parents, Jessie, and Bertram too. I do agree about the stereotypes like Jessie's and Ravi, but overall its the only good show on Disney Channel as of this year. Of course it will never be Suite Life or That's So Raven but amongst whats new on Disney Channel as well as Nick (ugh, don't get me started on the garbage Nick has been shitting out) it's a good show and its sad that its ending after this season. Can't wait to see what new shows Disney shits out in 2016, yay (sarcasm if you can't tell).
  • Love but hate.

    This show sucks but some episodes are good. This show is full of stupid cheesy jokes. I hate how everyone always picks on the black kid Ravi for being unpopular. His accent is so fake btw. Emma is your typical stupid rich blonde and it's SOO annoying! We get it you're rich stop rubbing it in our faces! Jessie is so annoying with her " I wanna be an actress " and I hate how everyone picks on her with her " old boyfriend stories " Just SHUT UP about them! Luke is your typical stupid kid with bad smells but good looks and good dancing. I don't have a problem with Zuri but she was TERRIBLE in Season 1. I would have to say Bertrum is the ONLY good character in this stupid show. He is funny sometimes and I hate how everyone makes fun of him because he's chubby. They are basically fat shaming on this show! If I was living in a nice house with a bunch of money, I would treat my butler with some RESPECT and not act like a spolied brat! This show is racist,stupid,and totally unrealistic. When you fall out of a cab in New York, no one will give a crap. No obnoxious little girl will ask you to be her nanny. I'm so glad this show is cancelling . But I heard they are having a SPINOFF to this show? the only show that deserved a spin off and has a great one is Girl Meets World. Bunk'd should be cancelled by the first season.
  • u guys are great

    U guys are so mean who are saying bad stuff about them. If u don't like them that is fine but don't type it or say it just keep it to yourself. The Jessie cast is the best.
  • Meh, I kinda hate Jessie

    I really liked this show, it's good quality comedy but I think Jessie is too full of herself, all she goes on about sometimes is her so called 'acting career'. I find her mean to the kids and sometimes the kids seem like brats because if I ever did some of the things they do I would get so badly told off. And where on earth are there parents? Yeh I know they're working, but you never see them.. Overall it's quite good
  • Awesome

    I have been watching Jessie ever since it has began. And have I stopped watching? No. And Jessie is not an abomination like some of Nick's new shit. It's a really good show, and Disney Channel has done a good job renewing it all the way to Season 4. I can't believe you guys are saying bad things about Jessie, when Nickelodeon is the channel that is the bad influence on younger kids. So if you want to say that, post it on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn's "Poo Dunnit" page. So all you haters about a really good show, then shut up. And at least Disney doesn't copy off Nick. It's the other way around. So go post your comments on one of Nick's pages like I did.
  • Bad Influence To Young Kids

    Don't get me wrong, the actresses and actors are great and I don't hate the show. First off the laugh tracks are absolutely annoying and distracting! My thoughts on the characters are:

    Jessie: The stereotypical trashy southern person, with no style and a bad personality! Not everyone from the south is like this... I honestly think they give the southern states a bad name.

    Emma: Once again the stereotypes! The dumb high school student such as (London Tipton, Skylar, Piper, and Paisley). Just because someone is pretty doesn't mean they don't have brains!

    Luke: The kid that flirts with girls ages older then him. And continuing with the bad hygiene joke throughout the four seasons.

    Ravi: This kid has probably never stepped foot in India before! And its absolutely sick how everyone pus him around..

    Zuri:The black though girl looking to always start fights and I very lazy! if I were black id be extremely offended!!

    Over all this is unoriginal and rude.
  • Hey Jessie "haters"! Get out!

    Jessie is the best show Disney Channel has ever had. It features characters for an audience to grow up with, but not in a simplistic, cliche kind of way. I also like that although the kids' lives aren't the most realistic (it's a Disney sitcom, after all), kids can still relate to them. I also like that Debby Ryan serves practically as a mentor for these kids for the show in real life.
  • The only good show on Disney Channel

    It's sooo funny! The writers to this are amazing
  • Hey Jessie! You're the best show on Disney Channel!

    This is the truth: Jessie is a really sweet show despite the stereotyping, sure in one episode, Ravi was being teased at school. but when Jessie got involved, she said that she always thought of an older sibling as someone to stick up for you. I never thought of an older sibling like that, to be honest. The show is also really funny, I swear, once I laughed so hard I couldn't carry out a conversation. I also stomach this show a lot more than almost all of the other DC shows. The acting is pretty good, too. I especially love how Debby Ryan serves as a mentor for all these kids on the show. This is definitely my favorite Disney show.
  • Enough Hygiene Jokes

    It's season 4. I know this is Disney - the channel than tends to lock characters down until they're drained, but how about letting them evolve a bit. Season 4 premier still has plenty of lines about Luke's poor hygiene. The character is in high school and the actor who plays him is almost 16 and looks it. How about instead of BO jokes, let shift gears. How about Luke begins to understand that girls don't like guys who stink? Of course, we've never seen girls hold their noise in his presence. Maybe that would be a good point to see him transition. Perhaps we can joke about excessive showers making his skin pucker or maybe he makes a poor choice in cologne. Allowing the characters to evolve a bit as people might hold an audience beyond season 4.
  • This show sucks

    Jessie is the most annoying character. She's not cute. Her voice is annoying. Btw why hire help if you adopted children. You chose to adopt just to never be around and have some crazy teen run around town with the kids who says theyre her kids all the time. What a sad life. The show is not good at all. Id rather watch 90s Disney than this crap. Like so weird was a good show. Stop making Disney for little kids by casting little kids. Disney used to have grown teens on the shows now the main characters are like five? I thought that's why they had playhouse Disney for.. All these shows that are trying to be funny trying to be like that's so raven and Hannah Montana they aren't funny at all! Have real shows with real substance. God I miss the 90s. Who ever writes jokes for Disney and shows needs to be fired. These shows are Not funny. Hope you stop making these kind of shows in 2015. Ok I'm done now.
  • Terrible show

    I'm just talking about Jessie in this review. Even though the kids are stuck up and a horrible influence to kids watching this show, I want to say that a lot of the things Jessie says about Texas is probably not true. I live in Texas and I do not like what she says about Texas. For example, in the episode where Jessie went to Texas for her father's wedding, she told Emma that the state bird of Texas was the buzzard. That really offended me since the state bird is really the mockingbird. NOT a buzzard. Plus, just because some one lives in Texas, they don't always get an accent. Also, even though I don't have an accent, I think hers is pretty bad.

    Basically, I think this show is uninformative and a waste of time.
  • it is just dumb to write mean coments

    you bitches (haters) out there think it is cool to write about the Jessie cast. you never know they must have just been making the characters like that to make you laugh. and really they are coping off the nanny. nobody watches the nanny anymore . it is just disrespectful to talk about people . i bet you haters are just jealous that you couldn't have such a fun life as the Jessie cast. they do everyday for us. just to make you laugh but noooo. you have to go on the internet for everybody to see the dumb shit you right about those shows. what bitches you haters are.
  • Jessie is pretty good

    This show is really good and zuri is adorable(: luke is funny and baically all the cast are talanted and i think this show is really intresting to watch and has great story to it.
  • Stupid!

    The only good thing about this show is that Indian kid, Ravi.
  • An asinine sterotype festivity from Disney Channel

    Just like the rest of the garbage Disney Channel throws at you nowadays (I have yet to watch Gravity Falls), this show is another failure that only the most attention-deprived of idiots will like. As my title says, this show is an entire festivity of stereotypes; this show has the biggest stereotypical characters in one show to the max! And that's the most obvious of this atrocious show's problems.

    Let's start with the characters; so once again, all of them are big stereotypes, & unlikable ones too:

    - Jessie, the main characters of the show, is a southern idiot from Texas, who even has a damn accent (or Texan to be better put) just to keep referencing that she's from the south. She is a bumbling idiot of a nanny & one of the worst ever. She is not responsible with the kids, & could clearly give a rat's ass about them anyways. She only cares about becoming a big star.

    - Emma is the oldest sister, who is a DUMB BLOND! And calling her dumb is wrong, because she's far from dumb, she's a complete moron. Spoiled, always wanting to have things done her way, & wanting boys too old for her. Her next stereotype is that exactly, SHE IS A TYPICAL PRETEEN BLONDE; she is always talking about fashion, boys, texting the shit out of her phone, spoiled, sneaking out & disobeying direct orders, & wanting to date all the damn time.

    - Then we have the little brother, who has no actual personality, & is supposed to serve as comedic relief, only he's just as stupid as his sister. His stereotyping is that he's too young but is crushing on the older nanny/babysitter, who is Jessie. And he fails miserably at it as well. Like we haven't seen that done before.

    - Zuri is a sassy diva stereotype with her "Oh no you di'in't" type of attitude, always trying to be the smart one, & the only one who somehow is smarter than the whole family. Her acting is questionable, but better than the rest of the actors in here (for what it's worth).

    - Bertrad, the obvious lazy, FAT butler. How in the hell did this guy even become a butler in the first place? The guy doesn't do jack-shit all damn day, practically hates the kids, & only does something [well done] when the parents are home; which is hardly ever.

    - We finally come to Ravi, who is the worst, most annoying character in this stereotype-fest of a show. He is an adopted boy from India who, surprise surprise, is ALWAYS referencing that he is from India, hell he even has the damn accent! "Ice cream? In India, we call it Not only that, but his stereotyping is almost an offense to actual Indian people. I have plenty of Indian friends, & know plenty of Indian people that act NOTHING like Ravi does. Hell, my driving school teacher had the Indian accent on him, but he was far from being Indian-esque in personality. And to make things more hilarious, plenty of Indian people have even complained about Ravi's stereotyping, always saying how even people straight from India don't even act the way he does, & even people who originally came from India many years back & were raised in the . grew up losing their Indian accents, & acting far more American than anything else. Whereas Ravi is a sad-excuse for a comedic character that is just there to pretty much offend anyone.

    The majority of the crap he compares to India don't even make any damn sense (I'll bet they are in no way in hell even accurate or true).

    As for the acting, oh man, just like in my previous reviews on the garbage shows from Disney Channel, this show has dreadful acting. Debby Ryan is a shitty actress who needs to take acting classes & fast. She somehow manages to give decent performances in the 'original' movies Disney Channel shits out with her, but in the show she is awful in almost every meaning of the word. Everyone else is just as bad as she is (though Skai's acting is questionable).

    The show is also completely unrealistic. Debby Ryan's character traveled & instantly got herself a rich-ass job for a filthy rich guy by baby sitting his rotten kids. No way in hell will you ever get a job that good or easy arriving to a big city from jumping out of a damn cab (unless you're a whore like the girls from Shake it Up). In that case, I may as well jump off a damn bus in LA & see if Hollywood will hire me to allow me to wipe Johnny Depp's ass or give fashion advise to Angelina Jolie for 10K a day.

    The show has no damn point, no story, not plot, & makes no damn sense. The jokes are corny, poorly executed crap that only someone with an IQ of 50 & under could possibly enjoy. This show's jokes are about as funny as Paul Blart.

    So, this show is just more crap thrown to you by a shit network that needs to be shut down right now or kicked in the ass to get itself on the right direction. One could only have such atrocious taste in shows to like this garbage. Hopefully Jessie will get canned like it's other alias, Shake it Up.
  • Stereotypical, Dried-Up Humor with Terrible Plot

    How could any self-respecting person watch this without throwing up? It's just a rip off of The Nanny (which was a great show in the mid 90s), and is just pointless.

    Jessie- Stereotypes Texans. Not every Texan talks with a stupid accent and acts like a complete redneck. Just some stupid person who goes all the way to New York and randomly gets kicked out of a cab and meets some family of a bunch of spoiled rich kids. Before they know her for an hour, she is given a job to babysit their kids. Really, Disney? No thought for that? Debby Ryan- Pretty good actress, accepts the stupidest roles.

    Zuri- Stereotypical African-American sass master. Takes disrespect to a whole new level with her corny "Oh no you didn't" and all that. She is just terrible.

    Emma- Stereotypical dumb blonde who only talks about cute guys, expensive clothing, and texting. We get it, Disney! Apparently no attractive 15-year old blonde girl can show interest in anything except fashion, boys, and texting. Peyton List actually was in the Diary of A Wimpy Kid Movie and did a pretty good job, but this was just terrible.

    Luke- Annoying little 11-year old bitch-ass kid who flirts with Jessie, and acts so immature for his age. He still sleeps with a stuffed koala, and gets scared of everything. Tries too hard to impress people. he isn't as stereotypical as just plain annoying.

    Ravi- Stereotypes Indians. He makes the most offensive comedy about Indian people, like jokes about how indians sleep on beds of nails and call ice cream soup.

    Bertram- The lazy ass butler who does nothing unless the bosses are around. Not much else to say about him.

    Get this racist ass show off Disney. It gets a 1.5 because it isn't as bad as Austin and Ally or Dog With A Blog.
  • I used to like Jessie but now.....

    Ok so I admit that I never liked How the characters in Jessie acted. When you are old enough to know these kids are spoiled it's fine but If you are a little kid who hasn't learned any better yet you will learn that If you talk back to your parents and make fun of people you don't get in trouble and you always get your way. That is not what bothers me though. I hate the new episodes!!! It all went down hill with the future episode and now every episode is just for comedy. What the heck was the space episode? It was so stupid and now there is a zombie episode coming? I feel like they just gave up on trying to be good. This seasons episodes are awful and I hope they don't get another season.
  • No, just No

    As much as I like Debby Ryan, she should've just not taken a deal with Disney. (sigh)
  • the cowardly lion

    on Jessie, Bertram reminds me of the cowardly lion on the wizard of oz

    if they ever remade the wizard of oz he would be great to play the lion

    and please take that as a complement
  • Shitty

    This is the most stupidest show I ever watched.
  • I Like It

    I'm too lazy to write a review
  • LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Umm they just ripped of the Nanny just liike Glc ripped of full house but hey at least Glc was good and semi orginal
  • Who approved this

    One thing I noticed about this show , is the writers always have these children as spoiled brats who give the nanny a hard time but are never the issue . Other charectors are always on the wrong and the 4 children are never to be blamed .

    The writers try really hard to make the kids " nice " but also stuck up and rich kids . Each child is a stereotype . And the adult charectors are poor too.
  • Not bad, Disney Channel

    Nuff said
  • Awful show

    I am redoing this review.

    How do people even watch this? Its basically about a nanny named Jessie watching over 4 spoiled brats. Yet this is one of the better shows on Disney. It stereotypes, is stupid, is unrealistic, and a rip off of The Nanny. 3 of the kids are adopted, and Emma is their only real kid. What's the point of adopting 3 kids if you only see them 10 times a year anyway?


    Jessie- A stereotype of Texans first of all. I am from Texas and I know it isn't made up of military bases like it is portrayed. All she does in the show is mess up, then try to keep her job. That is way overused. Most of the jokes that she says refer to a bad experience with her family, herself, or someone else she knows.

    Zuri- A stereotypical African American girl who is way too sassy. She is a selfish brat who expects to get everything she wants. What a great example for kids.

    Luke- He tries to be cool and popular everywhere, and also is a complete idiot. He wants Jessie to be his future wife (yeah, right) and he hits on Jessie way too much. He treats his siblings like they don't exist (especially Ravi).

    Ravi- A stereotype of an Indian kid. I have Indian friends, and they act nothing like him. "In India, we sleep on beds of nails, and walk on hot coals". I doubt people from India actually do that. He also has a lizard named Mrs. Kipling. Isn't that lizard venomous? Shouldn't he have been hurt by now?

    Emma- Probably the worst character. She is a selfish diva who cares only about fashion and boys. She would pick fashion and fame over family, what a great example to be teaching kids. She is the stereotype of a dumb blonde, which can be untrue since I have friends who are blonde.

    Bertram- A fat lazy butler who naps 20 hours a day and does nothing to help the penthouse except trade insults with the kids. The kids treat him like crap, and even Bertram doesn't deserve that. The "It's so far" joke is way overused, come on! He should be fired by now!

    There are also some episodes where Creepy Connie stalks Luke and shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. You could get arrested for that. So that teaches kids to stalk your crush, and you don't get in trouble. That's sad.

    I give this a 1.5 because it's not nearly as bad as some of the other shows on Disney, like ANT Farm or Dog with a Blog. I give them credit for that.

    Also @starbuckslist, I am from Texas, so I know how Texas is like and I know we act nothing like Jessie does. Texas is not made up of military bases, it is just like any other state.

  • OK, then, let's get this show on the road (not)...

    Jessie is a show about the Ross family, a rich family who live in Hollywood which consists of a actor called Morgan, his ex-supermodel wife Christina, their grumpy butler Bertram and their four children: the blonde fashionista Emma, the smart animal loving boy Ravi who has a pet lizard called Mr. Kipling, the sassy, cheeky Zuri and the cool, hip Luke. Morgan and Christina have hired a Texan nanny named Jessie Prescott to watch over their kids. In this show, the Ross family have a lot of misadventures and everyday chaos as they try to live normal lives.

    By reading that first paragraph, you will all assume that I am going to post a good review about this show right? Well, this review won't be so great. So, let's begin!


    In the first episode, Jessie was sitting in a taxi and she had no money. The driver kicks her out (literally) by throwing her on the floor with her suitcase and all her belongings fell from it.

    Firstly, why would a taxi driver throw your belongings on the street? And second, why would the passenger be thrown out (literally), yes she had no money but there was no need to literally throw the passenger onto the pavement! On with the plot!

    OK, so after that Zuri spots Jessie and all of a sudden she is taken into the family apartment and she is hired by Morgan and Christina and the kids love her!

    Right, so basically this shows you that if you're kicked out of a taxi, a celebrity spots you on the street and they're thinking: 'Oh, you poor thing, I'll take you in my house and hire you to be a nanny for my kids although you're a complete stranger who I've never seen in my life until now! And I don't care if you have no experience whatsoever!'. That would obviously not happen in reality and this really questions the naive behaviour of the family.

    So after that episode, everything just goes from there and things make no sense whatsoever or they're just plain crazy like the Creepy Connie episodes and some parts rip off the classic show known as 'The Nanny'.


    I don't know what to say about these characters apart from the fact that they're generic and stereotypical just like most Disney shows and they either have bland personalities or no personalities at all. We might aswell just get this over with...

    OK, so let's start off with the main characters of this abomination of a show.

    Jessie Prescott: Basically, she's a stereotype of a girl from Texas and she is the nanny for the Ross children. First off, she was travelling in a taxi and she was kicked out by the taxi driver after having no money (She must be stupid to travel with no cash). Zuri spotted her and she was instantly hired by Morgan and Christina. I didn't really get what they saw in her, besides she's got no experience as a nanny and she can't even manage one child let alone four. She's way too lenient towards the kids and she lets them get away with too much stuff (for example, Ravi and Luke handcuffed an actress to a chair in Understudied and Overdone and Jessie allowed them to do that so she can act). She's also a very unlikeable, annoying character with her stupid, naive personality and Texan references (which often involve her dad and the army). Also, Jessie thinks she's great at acting (like in the episode Understudied and Overdone) when she can't even act to save her own fricking life. Her singing is no better either. Also, she's had several boyfriends and her boyfriend stories are boring! (Whoreish nanny much?) Debby Ryan (who plays Jessie) was much better as Bailey in the Suite Life on Deck and she just tries way too hard to be this nanny character.

    Zuri Ross: Zuri is the stereotypical African-American who is supposed to have great comebacks and sass. To be honest, Skai Jackson's acting skills are subpar and whilst others find Zuri annoying, I for some reason can actually tolerate her sometimes. Zuri's comebacks are a bit overused and sometimes, they give me one or two laughs every now and then so her character is kinda hit and miss for me. Zuri also has imaginary friends (Millie the Mermaid) and I honestly think that should change a little where she begins to realise that they aren't real but because she's young, I can kinda overlook that. She does annoy me a little but not as much as the other characters.

    Emma Ross: One of the characters (aside from Jessie) who I hate the most. She is basically the blonde fashionista who has an obsession with fashion, texting and boys. She is really dumb to the point where her IQ level is draining faster by the second. (Sometimes I feel like my own IQ is draining just by the presence of this shitty character). Emma is always seem on her phone updating one of her stupid statuses or she is with friends (Jasmine and Bryn for example) who use her for their own gain and those so-called friends of hers (who are bitchy brats) are just as dumb as she is. The way Emma screams when there's something going on with a boy annoys me. It's like you can hear 'OMG!!!!!' every 5 seconds and it makes me want to rip out her vocal chords, tie them around her neck tightly and make her character (not the actress Peyton List in real life) suffocate from a lack of air. The way she treats people is sad because she would often think of people as beneath her and that makes me want to rip her hair out and stuff her mouth with it until she chokes. Overall, she is another one of Disney's classic dumb blonde idiots. We already have enough dumb characters which are blonde 99.9% of the time in most Disney shows so don't push it, please don't fucking push it creators of this trainwrecked pile of crap...

    Luke Ross: Where do I begin? He is basically the male version of Emma except for the fact that he is obsessed with girls and he is particularly obsessed with making Jessie his 'future wife'. That will never happen because Jessie is too old for him, she was never into him in the first place and she wouldn't even date a 10 year old boy because it would be illegal. Luke thinks he's cool and the way he treats Ravi is unbelievable. In one episode, Luke had a stuffed koala. Instead of admitting to his friends that he had it, he lets Ravi get pushed around and taunted by the school without sticking up for him. What a great lesson that is folks, whenever you like a stuffed toy, tell everyone that it's your siblings' and let them be bullied, yay! Also, Luke has no luck in getting girls.

    Ravi Ross: He is the smart person and animal loving boy with a fake Indian accent that seriously makes you want to put duct tape over his mouth! Although his voice annoys me, sometimes I pity Ravi due to the fact that his own siblings treat him like crap 99% of the time and sometimes I feel sorry for him because he has no friends apart from his pet, Mr. Kipling. The only thing I would like to ask about him is why he would keep a pet lizard in the apartment? Why? I don't get it. Apart from that, I can tolerate him (sometimes) although his character is basically a nerdy loser.

    Bertram: He is the grumpy butler. He is actually very lazy. I don't understand why ANYONE would hire a butler who doesn't even clean? It makes no sense! At times, I can pity the poor guy for having to live in an apartment with four brats, two parents who are hardly around and a nanny who's basically unfit to deal with the little shits swarming around the place. Sometimes I feel like hugging Bertram, the poor guy.

    Now onto the supporting characters...

    Creepy Connie: My god, how do I explain this? Well, she's a stalker who is obsessed with Luke. What she sees in him I'll never know. She should honestly be put in a mental institution or even prison. I just don't know how she is able to walk around scaring the shit out of people without having a probation officer or a prison record.

    Mrs. Chesterfield: She is basically the 'evil' landlord trying to get rid of the Ross family (I can understand why you'd want to kick them out). She is obsessed with Bertram (Creepy Connie in her later years?) and she is basically a bitch who even gets the Ross family's names wrong. Apart from that I don't know what else I can say about her.

    Morgan and Christina Ross (the parents): They're never around to look after their children and they are so stupid to hire a complete stranger as a nanny. It looks like they didn't check Jessie's qualifications. (Oh wait, she has none!) They also seem as if they're neglecting their children and they're never there to see them because they're like: 'Oh, we don't need to see our kids because we're famous people and nobody will give a damn about the fact that we hired a complete stranger to look after our brats so we don't have to, yay!'

    Tony: The doorman and the only character I somehow like. I feel sorry for him having to date Jessie considering that she's had a multiple amount of boyfriends in her sad life.

    Moral values:

    There are no morals whatsoever. The creators must've been high on a mix of PCP, marijuana, cocaine and whatever drugs they could get a hold of when they came up with this shitty pile of sick.


    Again, there's no jokes. It's a Laugh Productions were obviously 99% responsible for this shitty abomination because they've put the shitty laugh track in the show again. Why? Why does Disney allow this to happen. Oh wait, they just want more obsessed, screaming preteen fans (more like brats) and money so they can be rich from the amount of idiots watching their crap these days.


    I have decided to give this show a 2.5 because the only characters I can tolerate are Zuri, Ravi, (sometimes) Bertram and Tony. As for the other characters, they really need a complete overhaul if this train wreck even stands a 1% chance of improving. Overall, this is a rubbish show and I would'nt recommend it for kids.
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