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  • Not bad, Disney Channel

    Nuff said
  • Awful show

    I am redoing this review.

    How do people even watch this? Its basically about a nanny named Jessie watching over 4 spoiled brats. Yet this is one of the better shows on Disney. It stereotypes, is stupid, is unrealistic, and a rip off of The Nanny. 3 of the kids are adopted, and Emma is their only real kid. What's the point of adopting 3 kids if you only see them 10 times a year anyway?


    Jessie- A stereotype of Texans first of all. I am from Texas and I know it isn't made up of military bases like it is portrayed. All she does in the show is mess up, then try to keep her job. That is way overused. Most of the jokes that she says refer to a bad experience with her family, herself, or someone else she knows.

    Zuri- A stereotypical African American girl who is way too sassy. She is a selfish brat who expects to get everything she wants. What a great example for kids.

    Luke- He tries to be cool and popular everywhere, and also is a complete idiot. He wants Jessie to be his future wife (yeah, right) and he hits on Jessie way too much. He treats his siblings like they don't exist (especially Ravi).

    Ravi- A stereotype of an Indian kid. I have Indian friends, and they act nothing like him. "In India, we sleep on beds of nails, and walk on hot coals". I doubt people from India actually do that. He also has a lizard named Mrs. Kipling. Isn't that lizard venomous? Shouldn't he have been hurt by now?

    Emma- Probably the worst character. She is a selfish diva who cares only about fashion and boys. She would pick fashion and fame over family, what a great example to be teaching kids. She is the stereotype of a dumb blonde, which can be untrue since I have friends who are blonde.

    Bertram- A fat lazy butler who naps 20 hours a day and does nothing to help the penthouse except trade insults with the kids. The kids treat him like crap, and even Bertram doesn't deserve that. The "It's so far" joke is way overused, come on! He should be fired by now!

    There are also some episodes where Creepy Connie stalks Luke and shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. You could get arrested for that. So that teaches kids to stalk your crush, and you don't get in trouble. That's sad.

    I give this a 1.5 because it's not nearly as bad as some of the other shows on Disney, like ANT Farm or Dog with a Blog. I give them credit for that.

    Also @starbuckslist, I am from Texas, so I know how Texas is like and I know we act nothing like Jessie does. Texas is not made up of military bases, it is just like any other state.

  • OK, then, let's get this show on the road (not)...

    Jessie is a show about the Ross family, a rich family who live in Hollywood which consists of a actor called Morgan, his ex-supermodel wife Christina, their grumpy butler Bertram and their four children: the blonde fashionista Emma, the smart animal loving boy Ravi who has a pet lizard called Mr. Kipling, the sassy, cheeky Zuri and the cool, hip Luke. Morgan and Christina have hired a Texan nanny named Jessie Prescott to watch over their kids. In this show, the Ross family have a lot of misadventures and everyday chaos as they try to live normal lives.

    By reading that first paragraph, you will all assume that I am going to post a good review about this show right? Well, this review won't be so great. So, let's begin!


    In the first episode, Jessie was sitting in a taxi and she had no money. The driver kicks her out (literally) by throwing her on the floor with her suitcase and all her belongings fell from it.

    Firstly, why would a taxi driver throw your belongings on the street? And second, why would the passenger be thrown out (literally), yes she had no money but there was no need to literally throw the passenger onto the pavement! On with the plot!

    OK, so after that Zuri spots Jessie and all of a sudden she is taken into the family apartment and she is hired by Morgan and Christina and the kids love her!

    Right, so basically this shows you that if you're kicked out of a taxi, a celebrity spots you on the street and they're thinking: 'Oh, you poor thing, I'll take you in my house and hire you to be a nanny for my kids although you're a complete stranger who I've never seen in my life until now! And I don't care if you have no experience whatsoever!'. That would obviously not happen in reality and this really questions the naive behaviour of the family.

    So after that episode, everything just goes from there and things make no sense whatsoever or they're just plain crazy like the Creepy Connie episodes and some parts rip off the classic show known as 'The Nanny'.


    I don't know what to say about these characters apart from the fact that they're generic and stereotypical just like most Disney shows and they either have bland personalities or no personalities at all. We might aswell just get this over with...

    OK, so let's start off with the main characters of this abomination of a show.

    Jessie Prescott: Basically, she's a stereotype of a girl from Texas and she is the nanny for the Ross children. First off, she was travelling in a taxi and she was kicked out by the taxi driver after having no money (She must be stupid to travel with no cash). Zuri spotted her and she was instantly hired by Morgan and Christina. I didn't really get what they saw in her, besides she's got no experience as a nanny and she can't even manage one child let alone four. She's way too lenient towards the kids and she lets them get away with too much stuff (for example, Ravi and Luke handcuffed an actress to a chair in Understudied and Overdone and Jessie allowed them to do that so she can act). She's also a very unlikeable, annoying character with her stupid, naive personality and Texan references (which often involve her dad and the army). Also, Jessie thinks she's great at acting (like in the episode Understudied and Overdone) when she can't even act to save her own fricking life. Her singing is no better either. Also, she's had several boyfriends and her boyfriend stories are boring! (Whoreish nanny much?) Debby Ryan (who plays Jessie) was much better as Bailey in the Suite Life on Deck and she just tries way too hard to be this nanny character.

    Zuri Ross: Zuri is the stereotypical African-American who is supposed to have great comebacks and sass. To be honest, Skai Jackson's acting skills are subpar and whilst others find Zuri annoying, I for some reason can actually tolerate her sometimes. Zuri's comebacks are a bit overused and sometimes, they give me one or two laughs every now and then so her character is kinda hit and miss for me. Zuri also has imaginary friends (Millie the Mermaid) and I honestly think that should change a little where she begins to realise that they aren't real but because she's young, I can kinda overlook that. She does annoy me a little but not as much as the other characters.

    Emma Ross: One of the characters (aside from Jessie) who I hate the most. She is basically the blonde fashionista who has an obsession with fashion, texting and boys. She is really dumb to the point where her IQ level is draining faster by the second. (Sometimes I feel like my own IQ is draining just by the presence of this shitty character). Emma is always seem on her phone updating one of her stupid statuses or she is with friends (Jasmine and Bryn for example) who use her for their own gain and those so-called friends of hers (who are bitchy brats) are just as dumb as she is. The way Emma screams when there's something going on with a boy annoys me. It's like you can hear 'OMG!!!!!' every 5 seconds and it makes me want to rip out her vocal chords, tie them around her neck tightly and make her character (not the actress Peyton List in real life) suffocate from a lack of air. The way she treats people is sad because she would often think of people as beneath her and that makes me want to rip her hair out and stuff her mouth with it until she chokes. Overall, she is another one of Disney's classic dumb blonde idiots. We already have enough dumb characters which are blonde 99.9% of the time in most Disney shows so don't push it, please don't fucking push it creators of this trainwrecked pile of crap...

    Luke Ross: Where do I begin? He is basically the male version of Emma except for the fact that he is obsessed with girls and he is particularly obsessed with making Jessie his 'future wife'. That will never happen because Jessie is too old for him, she was never into him in the first place and she wouldn't even date a 10 year old boy because it would be illegal. Luke thinks he's cool and the way he treats Ravi is unbelievable. In one episode, Luke had a stuffed koala. Instead of admitting to his friends that he had it, he lets Ravi get pushed around and taunted by the school without sticking up for him. What a great lesson that is folks, whenever you like a stuffed toy, tell everyone that it's your siblings' and let them be bullied, yay! Also, Luke has no luck in getting girls.

    Ravi Ross: He is the smart person and animal loving boy with a fake Indian accent that seriously makes you want to put duct tape over his mouth! Although his voice annoys me, sometimes I pity Ravi due to the fact that his own siblings treat him like crap 99% of the time and sometimes I feel sorry for him because he has no friends apart from his pet, Mr. Kipling. The only thing I would like to ask about him is why he would keep a pet lizard in the apartment? Why? I don't get it. Apart from that, I can tolerate him (sometimes) although his character is basically a nerdy loser.

    Bertram: He is the grumpy butler. He is actually very lazy. I don't understand why ANYONE would hire a butler who doesn't even clean? It makes no sense! At times, I can pity the poor guy for having to live in an apartment with four brats, two parents who are hardly around and a nanny who's basically unfit to deal with the little shits swarming around the place. Sometimes I feel like hugging Bertram, the poor guy.

    Now onto the supporting characters...

    Creepy Connie: My god, how do I explain this? Well, she's a stalker who is obsessed with Luke. What she sees in him I'll never know. She should honestly be put in a mental institution or even prison. I just don't know how she is able to walk around scaring the shit out of people without having a probation officer or a prison record.

    Mrs. Chesterfield: She is basically the 'evil' landlord trying to get rid of the Ross family (I can understand why you'd want to kick them out). She is obsessed with Bertram (Creepy Connie in her later years?) and she is basically a bitch who even gets the Ross family's names wrong. Apart from that I don't know what else I can say about her.

    Morgan and Christina Ross (the parents): They're never around to look after their children and they are so stupid to hire a complete stranger as a nanny. It looks like they didn't check Jessie's qualifications. (Oh wait, she has none!) They also seem as if they're neglecting their children and they're never there to see them because they're like: 'Oh, we don't need to see our kids because we're famous people and nobody will give a damn about the fact that we hired a complete stranger to look after our brats so we don't have to, yay!'

    Tony: The doorman and the only character I somehow like. I feel sorry for him having to date Jessie considering that she's had a multiple amount of boyfriends in her sad life.

    Moral values:

    There are no morals whatsoever. The creators must've been high on a mix of PCP, marijuana, cocaine and whatever drugs they could get a hold of when they came up with this shitty pile of sick.


    Again, there's no jokes. It's a Laugh Productions were obviously 99% responsible for this shitty abomination because they've put the shitty laugh track in the show again. Why? Why does Disney allow this to happen. Oh wait, they just want more obsessed, screaming preteen fans (more like brats) and money so they can be rich from the amount of idiots watching their crap these days.


    I have decided to give this show a 2.5 because the only characters I can tolerate are Zuri, Ravi, (sometimes) Bertram and Tony. As for the other characters, they really need a complete overhaul if this train wreck even stands a 1% chance of improving. Overall, this is a rubbish show and I would'nt recommend it for kids.
  • Who came up with this crap?

    I can't believe that kids watch this. What person came up with this. How original(not). It is just four spoiled brats and one young nanny. The kids our always getting into trouble. The kids parents our million airs. Why the heck do they even go to school when they can just live with their parents money their who lives. DO NOT WATCH!!!!! . Jessie get a life. There our people who our looking for someone with your looks right now. You can get a better job.
  • I dislike Jessie

    The show is ok but Skai Jackson acting is absolutely awful the rest is ok I don't like Zuri I'm really mad at this show Zuri,Emma thought to my younger sister that giving attitude to people is good .She change because of this show I actually want to change Zuri's character with someone who can they should be nicer
  • It's great. Who is the wise guy that came with such a bright idea? (sarcasm)

    This show is by the far of the worst things ever seen on Disney Channel. I can't stand it anymore. The plot line is poor and the whole idea of the story is stupid and unoriginal, I think that even a r3tarded monkey with half brain could come with something better. The acting is terrible and the characters are incredible stupid, every single character proves it's stupidity during various moments. The show is about a cowgirl from Texas named Jessie (played by Debby Ryan) who finds her dream job in New York, few moments after she got out from a taxi, such things never happen in real life. She takes care of four little brat children which are uneducated and ungrateful, who don't have any respect for anybody around them.

    Jessie Preskott - represents a stereotypical Texan redneck girl (this may be offensive for people from Texas) that is totally irresponsible with the children and a horrible nanny. She dreams to be a famous actress (just dream at that b!tch) and write songs about the boys that broke her heart during her teen-age, speaking with a fake Southern accent.

    Zuri Ross - this little girl has no respect for anyone, acting like a diva and expect to have everything she wants immediately. She is a black girl and has ONLY black dolls. Racist? Maybe

    Ravi Ross - is a little bit smarter but a weird child from India who keeps as a pet a giant water lizard . Kipling. Why on the hell would a kid like to have a monster as a pet, while even the adults can be frightened as well of such exotic large reptiles? And who would keep something like that in a human house? This show is stereotyping Indians, making fun of them. Ravi speaks about Hindu gods and in Hindu language when he is scared and angry and have strange customs from India

    Luke Ross - An freckles kid from Detroit which thinks that he actually came from the same planet as Superman. The kid is a totally idiot, who believe and make dreams that he will be Jessie's boyfriend one day and he's interested only in older girls up of his age. Just pathetic ! Luke isn't good school at all, and he is so ridiculous when he acts like a macho.

    Emma Ross - She is by the far, the character that I hate most. Whenever I see her on the screen I want to kick her a$$ and her ugly legs. She is very similar to London Tipton from Zack and Cody series: brainless, awfully rich, snobbish, disrespectful to people and ungrateful. Emma spends lots of money to buy several pairs of shoes, although she has only two legs like every human on Earth, she has and lots of clothes that she wears only once, this being a prove of her snobbery. She is a dumb blonde, but she is so far from being a dumb blonde, she is really complete idiot, which is much worse. If she have existed in real life, I would kick her a$$. She makes fun of her nanny, Jessie, because of the clothes she wears, although she doesn't dress bad at all. In an episode everyone almost died in a plane crash, because she wanted to use her phone to communicate with her friends in the plane.

    Bertram - lazy, very mean to all the kids, he can't even move his fat a$$ to open a door, how did he became a butler? He doesn't work all the day long, but when the children's parents come at home, he pretends to be a hard-worker.

    What does this show try to teach the kids? To make fun of people that aren't dressed like them? To promote snobbery, being mean with other people, to be shallow and selfish? To teach that the clothes, shoes and other expensive things define you as a human being? Also a children's TV series should be a TV show that the kids must rediscover and indetify themselves through one of the characters. Most of children don't have very rich parents and don't have smartphones, tablets, laptops at such young ages. However they aren't a real family at all, the kids are adopted and their parents are very rare seen in the show, they are busy all the time and aren't able to give them a proper education, this explains why the children are apoiled brats. And the characters are real stupid and annoying, especially Emma that screams like a crazy cat when she doesn't like something or is scared of something. The opening theme is also annoying as hell, repeating the phrase "Oh, Jessie" seven times at every 5 seconds. Who would ever like this crap? It makes me really puke !

    The show has no educational value, the jokes are stupid and unfunny, sometimes desguisting or inappropriate and the acting is horribleI'll give it 1/10.

  • Too bad the guy who played as Chirag Gupta from the Wimpy Kid movies got his career ruined.

    This show is so stupid and I only watched 1 minute of this abomination and thought it wasn't funny at all.
  • Amazing, Awesome, Haters you don't know what the hell you're talking about

    Zuri's sass, Jessie's clumsiness, Emma's fashion love, Luke's dance moves, Ravi's Indian accent, and Bertram's laziness make up the funniness of the show. If you think Jessie insults Texas in any way, how would you know? You don't live in Texas. You don't understand Texas. Quit making assumptions. Also, Emma is actually really nice to her siblings. She helps them out a lot. Also, the actors are amazing and they care about their fans, so if you think they don't, go to their twitter and see how much people adore them because they're so nice.
  • how is jessie

    like the rest of the garbage on disney channel jessie and and austin and ally are ok

    debby ryan (jessie) i think she is overall very good in acting, but i don't see why she is humiliating texans. texans are not bad people and i see no reson that they should be made fun of. And when she goes in excitment mode it just sucks

    peyton list (emma) she is an ok actor but she must learn that it is not only her in humanity, there is other people and that she must respect that. she must stop showing off and thinking of other people as garbage.

    karan brar (ravi) this dude is amazing, he might seem a little wierd but he is a good actor and respects other people. he is just one of the best sctors on disney channel.

    cameron boyce (luke) he is a funny actor but he being in love with jessie is toatally wierd and it does not seem funny. overall though he is funny but needs to improve on his behaving.

    skai jackson (zuri) she is not that good, i mean she is just to bossy for her age and kids at young tend to follow this behavior from . so she really needs to improve but overall i would give her 3 out of 10 rating.

    kevin chamberlin (bertram) he is good needs to improve a bit

    fyi asome accent karan
  • i love it i love it debby ryan is the best

    love the show Jessie it is one of the best shows on the planet can't think of any better show to watch i love Debby Ryan i look up to her i just love her zuri the character from Jessie is funny Ravi is just a low life person with no friends but his family lol Emma is totally in to fashion Luke is a show off Jessie cant get a better job than a nanny all her acting jobs she fail no one wants her she was lucky to get the part as a witch.
  • Ummm....

    Everyone else who gave this show a one would've gave a better explanation then I would've
  • This show went from decent to bad in less than one season

    That is why it gets a 3 from me. When the show first started, it didn't seem immature, annoying, or stereotypical. It started off promising enough, but before you know it, Emma's only concerns are being fashion-savvy, Luke's hitting on Jessie only gets creepier, Bertrum is suddenly too lazy to get something that's "too far away" when it's like from the kitchen to the door, Ravi is VERY stereotypical, Zuri's "mm-hmm" and "oh no you didn't" are a regular thing, and the show features LOTS of crude humor and toilet/bathroom humor. As of now, it's practically unwatchable.


    Watchable episodes (mostly the old ones, plus the ones with Creepy Connie or Maia Mitchell): 7/6 (some are better than others)

    Unwatchable episodes: 1/2 (some are unbearable)

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (origionally posted last year on July 16): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube 7QPgiBk), and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.
  • This is ruining Debby Ryan.

    Once upon a time, Debby Ryan was on a great show, acting sweet and funny. She was a great actress and then Jessie. Jessie happened. What is this show about? A nanny with taking care of monsters - I mean, uh, kids? There's no real story to this, and plus, the parents are terrible for letting an inexperienced babysitter, known for a violent history, take care of their brats. They always talk back, and they are rude and selfish. Their insults for Jessie are overused repeatedly. It's annoying. Bertram, however you spell his name, is lazy. Hire a better butler! He's selfish, ungrateful, and unhelpful. Now, the kids.

    Emma - The first annoying blonde brat that appears on the show. No one can be that dumb, and what's unrealistic is that she knows more about stupid friggin' fashion than history, math, or what-the-crap-ever. She is selfish and insults Jessie every single second of the show.

    Luke - The new Edward, except he has more freckles and new and improved . . . wow! Creepiness! Seriously, what's the deal? You're following Jessie every second of your life, and when you first saw her, you think she's hot and great? I am face-palming myself over a thousand times in my head right now.

    Zuri - An annoying diva who wants to be treated like a queen, no, scratch that, like a goddess. She's disrespectful and insults Jessie all the time, much like Emma. She expects people to bow down to her, even if she did something wrong.

    Ravi - Eh, slightly better than the other characters. Smarter and more respectful. Except that he's a bit devious and . . . strange.

    The acting is way off, and not to mention, the awful theme song. "HAY JESS-AY! HAY JE - " SHUT. THE. FLIP. UP. Please stop singing that song. It's like the new Friday.

    Disney, please improve. You did much better in the past.
  • Hey Jessie please retire

    Jessie the show sucks ass. the characters are corny accept for bertrum. but the show is a complete waste of time it teaches little girls to start acting like zuri and she isn't funny at all she is one of the people who real ruins the show. The next one is emma and she talks so stupid like she know everything about these stupid fashions thing. Disney channel is going to ruin things. it really was better along time ago with does cool fun shows like suite life that's so raven and stuff. now we are stuck with this piece of shit. this show better end cause its wack and i don't know why people are watching this. this show is just another stupid show like shake it up.
  • Hey Jessie! Shut up!

    Oh, God, this show is full of stereotypes... It's kinda insulting to see, actually. The acting is terrible, basically everyone is stereotypical, and how exactly do kids relate to this? The parents, Morgan and Christina Ross, are sad excuses for parents on this show. I'm not going to go through each of the stereotypes, because any idiot would be able to see the stereotypes. The jokes are sometimes funny, but most of the time it's just rude, unfunny, and crude.
  • A Shameful Rip Off Of 'The Nanny'

    Jessie has a long list of reasons why it's so jacked up, starting with the theme song. It chants "Hey Jessie!" over and over again, SO ANNOYING!

    Then we have our characters who not only drive me insane, but display vicious stereotypes. Let's start with our adults, where we first find the parents. Morgan and Christina Ross are the sad excuses for parents on this show. They rarely see their kids, and the mom stresses over her work while the dad tends to be clueless and immature. Jessie is the Texan stereotype nanny, who got her job when she was thrown out of a cab right in front of a New York residence building. Next thing you know, Jessie meets a little girl named Zuri, and without question becomes her new nanny. Lastly we have Bertram, the lazy butler who hates kids and only works when the parents are home. I mean, HOW did he become a butler in the first place?

    Now let's take a good look at the kids on the show. First we have Emma, who is a combination of two stereotypes; the dumb blonde clique and the preteen stereotype. She obsesses over fashion, texting, and boys, as well dating. Next, there's Luke, our stereotypical player who hits on girls outside of his age group and thinks he's all that. Ravi is the stereotype-based Indian boy who is always making references to someone or something back in India and drives me insane with his extremely fake Indian accent. Finally, there's Zuri, the bratty little girl who makes threats to get her way.

    Mrs. Kipling is seen as some kind of flesh eating monster on the show. The parts with Mrs. Kipling are speeded up and it looks awful! Plus, she's always seen doing fake things with her tail like catching the Ross's tree topper in the Christmas episode or pressing the button in the elevator.

    I could go on, with their supply of cheesy jokes, crude humor, bad plots and annoying characters, but to sum things up; THIS. SHOW. STINKS!
  • Jessie?

    I think this is a pretty funny show, I like most of the characters. Sometimes the characters can get snobby, but overall I think the siblings show a good bond, and that they are secretly there for each other:) I think this is a pretty good show! I think Debby Ryan is a good disney star!:)

  • Why! Why! Why! Why! WHY?!

    OMG! *tries to breath* Never... I have never been this angry at a show at my whole life. I'm so left speechless. Here is a show, that sucks monkey dick more than Bella Thorne's acting. Jessie, a bland rip off of the Nanny, trying to being funny by having stereotypes thrown over you, terrible jokes, overused sets, and a repetitive theme song I swear which will make you blow your head up it's so bad! Jessie is now a show that I hate with a burning passion next to Shake It Up and Hannah Montana.
  • Total shit Disney keeps gettin worse

    I can go on forever but this sorry excuse for a "teen sitcom" there are a few main reasons why it puts old Disney Channel lovers like me to shame

    1. Ravi is a racist Indian stereotype. Many if not all Disney shows have stereotypes usually they are "dumb blonde stereotypes like Paisley and Emma and the "nerd" stereotype like Avery and Olive ( kind of ) Ravi though is very racist to India by having a lame Indian accent wearing Indian clothes and meditating which can hint that he is a Buddhist which is a very popular religion in India. By the other characters he is often called weird because of the thing he does and this message is telling kids that just because you re different then your siblings you re weird. What a great message Disney is giving off.

    2. Giving bad examples to kids and even grown ups. The show is about a nanny from Texas named Jessie who moves to New York City to follow her dreams of becoming an actress ( and by the way, I'll bet she'll never succeed) and then meets these four kids Emma Luke Ravi and Zuri who are the kids of two famous celebrities Morgan and Cristina Ross. In the show very bad examples happen in the show. One example is that Zuri is a spoiled brat who gets anything she wants and one time even forces Jessie to call her "Mrs. Ross" Who the hell does she think she is?! This kid tells the little kids watching that you should be a brat and complain when you don't get something you want. Another bad example is the nanny Jessie. Jessie is 90 percent if the time looking for her kids and the other 10 she's doing her shitty acting on some show she'll never have a chance in. She is showing that it's okay to be irresponsible and focus on stuff that you'll never succeed in.

    Overall, Jessie is one of the worst shows to air in Disney. Not only does it have bad examples racism and stereotypes but it has such shitty acting I almost wanted to pick Fanboy and Chum Chum over this ( I am dead serious .) if you want to watch a good Disney show, go watch Phil of the Future, Suite Life of Zach and Cody , or even Good Luck Charlie Not this total fail
  • Hey Jessie! Get out!

    Plot: 18 year old Jessie leaves the military base of Texas against her fathers wishes to NYC to follow her dreams. She is later kicked out onto the street for not having any money (I have a few questions, where was she going? where was she going to live? why doesn't she have any money?) on the way she runs into a little girl named Zuri to makes her her new nanny (Yes an 8-year old girl let a random stranger who could have kidnapped her int her home to be her Nanny, thanks for teaching us about stranger danger Disney). It turns out Zuri is the adopted-daughter of Morgan and Cristina Ross. Two famous movies stars who have adopted multiple children (parody's of Angelina and Brad Pitt) these children include 13 year old Emma (only biological child) 12 year old Luke and 10 year old Ravi and last but not least 8 year old Zuri.


    The show does a very good job of it's surroundings with characters going to central park and many New York attractions. some Disney shows barely establish their locations (That's so Raven could have been set anywhere) the show is okay and the jokes are not very funny but here is what I think of the characters.


    Jessie: Jessie is the overly peppy, girl who is usually annoying and a mean bitch sometimes. That as far as her personality goes.

    Zuri Ross: I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!! like Flynn Jones from the Disney show "Shake it up" Zuri is mean, self centered, and always wants to fight someone. She's a mean bully who is disrespectful to all adults and tries to act older than she really is which is not cute at all.

    Emma Ross: She is the dumb shallow blonde girl who is obsessed with fashion and can't go two minutes without criticizing someones outfit. Luckily she begins to become more mature in season 2

    Luke Ross: He is annoying and is called disgusting by every one on the show. All the girls hate him and he hates the only one girl who likes him (Connie)

    Ravi Ross: EVERYBODY WHO WATCHES JESSIE HATES HIM. He is a walking stereotype.

    Bertram the butler: He is only liked by me because he hates Jessie and the children but I also don't like that he is so fat and lazy

    Morgan and Christina: They are so stupid and irresponsible

    this show is bad but not the worst Disney channel show. It's a show about gravity that is trying to hold the universe together but is slowly crumbling.

    final score 1/10
  • The Building That Barely Holds Itself Together

    Jessie is a show that has quite enjoyable characters, that have a decent voice acting. The places, like the penthouse and park, are really well-made and gives the show many chances of stories for its episodes. The show takes some advantages to its environments and the show has some enjoyable jokes and well-made setup for a story. The music and effects are well-done, too and usually are played at the right time. Unfortunately, there are many 'questionable' scenes. Luckily, for the most part, the show stays tame. Overall, Jessie is a show that has decent characters with a decent story and great scenes that combine with okay audio use to make it a show that is just barely worth your time.
  • it sucks

    It's not even funny. Jessie is just like any other typical shitty show like good luck Charlie, dog with a blog, etc. It's just stupid and meaningless. And Jessie can't even sing, she sucks. Altogether if I was to write a summary about this show it's about a fat ass butler, a weird Indian kid, an untalented babysitter, a prissy ass blonde, a mischievous boy, and the only one who seems to make since is the little black girl.

    THIS SHOW FUCKING SUCKS HOW CAN YOU GUYS JUST RATE IT A 8.1 IT'S RACIST AND STEREOTYPICAL YOU MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Characters: 0/10

    These people can't even act Debby Ryan can't sing, Rebecca Black can sing waay better than her Jessie- a 18-year-old girl who automatically gets fired after being kicked out a taxi by a stupid little girl she acts like she's like in her late 30's like she can do anything she want since she's from Texas why doesn't she sound Texan?????? she is a horrible nanny who can't even get a major role acting, like go to acting school and music school before you go on TV making yourself look stupid HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE LIKE THIIIIIIS??? IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE

    Zuri-An 8-year-old bitch/brat who gets what she wants by threatening to kick someone's ass. She think she's cute but she's really ugly and I mean UH-GUH-LEE! She's real crazy who needs to be put in a hospital I mean she's in love with her "teddy bear" Her scream hurts my ears and I literally want to shoot my TV with a gun 3 million times does her parents even watch her????? oh wait they can't because they are `famous`.

    Emma-The stupid blonde who thinks everything is a Fashion Faux Pas except for her clothing All she ever does is cry and complain about people's clothes I mean damn do you think everything's ugly give their clothes a break HOW DO YOU PEOPLE FIND THIS SHIT GOOD OR FUNNY?

    Ravi-The worst person on this so called show He's racist to Indians my cousin is part Indian she feels insulted when she watches this show AND REALLY RAVI???! INDIANS SLEEP ON NAILS???? WOULD'NT THAT HURT AND KILL THEM? Has this bastard went to India before or he's just telling the wrong shit about India?

    Luke-the Dumbest character on this show behind Emma he is the biggest show-off ever he can't dance and he's super ugly even uglier than Justin Bieber He is the total opposite from my brother for 1 Luke is rude and messy My brother is polite and clean and for 2 Luke can't even dance and he's a dumbass *** who can't stop hitting on girls My brother keeps it real he doesn't hit on girls like that messed-up kid does.

    And Last of all Bertram-I've got nothing to say about him except get a REAL job, stop being lazy and lose some fucking weight stop treating kids badly, maybe you wont be as stressful if you actually cared you'd love them ***s to death stop being a poser in front of Christina and Morgan and tell them what you really do around them fools.

    Plot 0/10

    It's just a piece of crap I mean "The series follows Jessie Prescott, a young woman from a small town with big dreams who, rebelling against her strict father, decides to leave the military base in Texas where she grew up and moves to New York City. She accepts a job as a nanny and moves into a multi-million dollar penthouse on the Upper West Side with the wealthy Ross family which includes: jet-setting parents, Morgan and Christina; and their four rambunctious children: Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri; along with the family pet (and Ravi's companion) Mr. (later Kipling, a 7 ft (2 m) Asian water monitor, that was later revealed to be a female. With a whole new world of experiences open to her, Jessie embarks on new adventures in the big city as she grows to rely on the love and support of the children in her care. Assisting her are Bertram, the family's sarcastic butler, and Tony, the building's 20-year-old doorman" DOESN'T MAKE NO SENSE WHO ACCEPTS A JOB RIGHT AFTER THEY'RE BEING KICKED OUT WHILE NOT PAYING THE TAXI DRIVER SHOULD'VE CALLED THE POLICE WITHOUT PAYING.....

    Overall 0/0 Debby Ryan and Disney channel if you're reading this STOP SMOKING CRAP, you guys sicken me..............
  • It's Bad

    The kids are obnoxious, the story has been done before with "The Nanny", the jokes are forced as always, the episode ideas are stupid, and the jokes are bad.

    They're using Debbie Ryan just so they can keep her singing voice.

    It fucking sucks.

  • Just like Austin and Ally, it`s good as it is

    If you want to see a bad show, go to Nickelodeon. Almost all their shows are bad. However, if you go on Disney Channel, this show is vise versa. The writers really tried hard to make this show sound funny and all I can critisize is the episode that made fun of people with eating disorders before they pulled it. Most of the characters are likable. Luke can get a bit gross at times and the butler can be pretty antagonistic but still, I think we hae a show that shows us what quality is at times like these.
  • Stereotypes Galore

    The show has Ravi doing over exaggerated stereotypical things about India. They have Zuri acting like how they want to portray a black girl. As stereotypically loud. Also giving her stereotypically black catch phrases like "no you didn't" Emma is the biggest joke on the show and i'm glad i'm not the only one seeing it. The blonde girls are dumb or only care about their looks and fashion routine done on so many shows is terrible. Matter of fact this show isn't even the only show doing it on Disney right now.
  • Edited: Getting worse

    Before: 5.5 After: Declined to 3.0

    Jessie: PLEASE KILL EMMA ALREADY. Your hot but you have become so sassy and offensive in recent episodes.

    Emma: You deserve to die for almost killing everybody on a plane and complaining about EVERYTHING you wear like London, plus you're ruining just about every joke that is being told in your presence. Plus whats the point on your show anyway.

    Ravi: Your a pretty good guy you and Bertram and a less offensive nanny would have done just fine.

    Zuri: STOP being so rude. You remind me of a sterotypical 13 year old. I've little kids making fun of me because of characters like you. You need to either improve a ton, or be removed.

    Luke: Go chop off your balls off and DIE. Your just another dumb ass. The way you acted on the pilot disgusted me. And you and your little sister and big sister and your nanny that you love so much all need to be dropped and replaced.

    Bertram: You deserve better, I think you just need to be less lazy. You and Ravi are the two last peaceful characters.

    Mrs. Kipling: No offence but I don't think you should be on the show.

    Edit: I just saw the new halloween episode and I must say some of the characters that I mentioned ruined quite a lot of jokes. It's still not as terrible as Fanboy and Chum Chum. But sadly it's gone bellow dog with a blog even. They really need to get rid of Emma and Luke and improve on Jessie quite a ton. First of all she is offending Texans. Second her attitude has kinda gotten worse. Luke and Emma ruin everything. Jessie needs to give a better impression on Texans, cause what she is doing would offend the hell out of Texans. Ravi and Betram are the only people that don't annoy me to death. Zuri has taken a MAJOR turn since a little before Jessie. I mean she has gotten so much more sassier it's ridiculous. Even before it was bad. Luke and Emma are always the ones that have to ruin the jokes and the plots and Jessie too plus Zuri. You all who still like Ravi and Bertram, be ready for some deeeep shit, I hope after Season 3 you and I will still like them. I can already tell that it's going to make a major decline. So my rating has decreased. I will post an update throughout Season 3.
  • OMG...

    Where to start.... WELL! Jessie is just SO DEMANDING! she always says when something is broken and shes attempting to try to fix it, she always goes STAT! WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?!?! I KNOW TS LIKE HURRY BUT WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?And she always brings back one of her stupid like backstories to relate to every single ONE CARES GET THAT THROUGH YOUR BRAIN IF YOU EVEN HAVE ONE. Another thing is that the kids always make fun of her... like emma, she always says how ugly and unfashionable jessie is! i can sorta agree with the ugly but her outfits are decent. honestly, the whole lizards thing that happened drove me CRAZY. It was so stupid and gave another reason why ppl dont want to watch this show.

    This show is so great! I am a nanny to 3 girls and they absolutely LOVE this show, they think it is the funniest thing they have ever seen. Debby Ryan is such an amazing role model for kids, I couldn't think of anyone better to play Jessie! She is great and so is every other actor on the show!

    What doesn't make sense to me, is how some people say it is a terrible show yet they still give it better than a 1 rating? hahaha.... Also, if it's such a bad show then why does it get 3-5 million views every show??

    So amazing!! I will always love Debby!!
  • Whaaaat?

    No just no, I liked Debby Ryan in suite life on deck but why why this show it's not funny I 'm sorry. But I like Emma in diary of a wimpy kid that's great.
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