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  • An asinine sterotype festivity from Disney Channel

    Just like the rest of the garbage Disney Channel throws at you nowadays (I have yet to watch Gravity Falls), this show is another failure that only the most attention-deprived of idiots will like. As my title says, this show is an entire festivity of stereotypes; this show has the biggest stereotypical characters in one show to the max! And that's the most obvious of this atrocious show's problems.

    Let's start with the characters; so once again, all of them are big stereotypes, & unlikable ones too:

    - Jessie, the main characters of the show, is a southern idiot from Texas, who even has a damn accent (or Texan to be better put) just to keep referencing that she's from the south. She is a bumbling idiot of a nanny & one of the worst ever. She is not responsible with the kids, & could clearly give a rat's ass about them anyways. She only cares about becoming a big star.

    - Emma is the oldest sister, who is a DUMB BLOND! And calling her dumb is wrong, because she's far from dumb, she's a complete moron. Spoiled, always wanting to have things done her way, & wanting boys too old for her. Her next stereotype is that exactly, SHE IS A TYPICAL PRETEEN BLONDE; she is always talking about fashion, boys, texting the shit out of her phone, spoiled, sneaking out & disobeying direct orders, & wanting to date all the damn time.

    - Then we have the little brother, who has no actual personality, & is supposed to serve as comedic relief, only he's just as stupid as his sister. His stereotyping is that he's too young but is crushing on the older nanny/babysitter, who is Jessie. And he fails miserably at it as well. Like we haven't seen that done before.

    - Zuri is a sassy diva stereotype with her "Oh no you di'in't" type of attitude, always trying to be the smart one, & the only one who somehow is smarter than the whole family. Her acting is questionable, but better than the rest of the actors in here (for what it's worth).

    - Bertrad, the obvious lazy, FAT butler. How in the hell did this guy even become a butler in the first place? The guy doesn't do jack-shit all damn day, practically hates the kids, & only does something [well done] when the parents are home; which is hardly ever.

    - We finally come to Ravi, who is the worst, most annoying character in this stereotype-fest of a show. He is an adopted boy from India who, surprise surprise, is ALWAYS referencing that he is from India, hell he even has the damn accent! "Ice cream? In India, we call it Not only that, but his stereotyping is almost an offense to actual Indian people. I have plenty of Indian friends, & know plenty of Indian people that act NOTHING like Ravi does. Hell, my driving school teacher had the Indian accent on him, but he was far from being Indian-esque in personality. And to make things more hilarious, plenty of Indian people have even complained about Ravi's stereotyping, always saying how even people straight from India don't even act the way he does, & even people who originally came from India many years back & were raised in the . grew up losing their Indian accents, & acting far more American than anything else. Whereas Ravi is a sad-excuse for a comedic character that is just there to pretty much offend anyone.

    The majority of the crap he compares to India don't even make any damn sense (I'll bet they are in no way in hell even accurate or true).

    As for the acting, oh man, just like in my previous reviews on the garbage shows from Disney Channel, this show has dreadful acting. Debby Ryan is a shitty actress who needs to take acting classes & fast. She somehow manages to give decent performances in the 'original' movies Disney Channel shits out with her, but in the show she is awful in almost every meaning of the word. Everyone else is just as bad as she is (though Skai's acting is questionable).

    The show is also completely unrealistic. Debby Ryan's character traveled & instantly got herself a rich-ass job for a filthy rich guy by baby sitting his rotten kids. No way in hell will you ever get a job that good or easy arriving to a big city from jumping out of a damn cab (unless you're a whore like the girls from Shake it Up). In that case, I may as well jump off a damn bus in LA & see if Hollywood will hire me to allow me to wipe Johnny Depp's ass or give fashion advise to Angelina Jolie for 10K a day.

    The show has no damn point, no story, not plot, & makes no damn sense. The jokes are corny, poorly executed crap that only someone with an IQ of 50 & under could possibly enjoy. This show's jokes are about as funny as Paul Blart.

    So, this show is just more crap thrown to you by a shit network that needs to be shut down right now or kicked in the ass to get itself on the right direction. One could only have such atrocious taste in shows to like this garbage. Hopefully Jessie will get canned like it's other alias, Shake it Up.