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  • This show sucks

    Jessie is the most annoying character. She's not cute. Her voice is annoying. Btw why hire help if you adopted children. You chose to adopt just to never be around and have some crazy teen run around town with the kids who says theyre her kids all the time. What a sad life. The show is not good at all. Id rather watch 90s Disney than this crap. Like so weird was a good show. Stop making Disney for little kids by casting little kids. Disney used to have grown teens on the shows now the main characters are like five? I thought that's why they had playhouse Disney for.. All these shows that are trying to be funny trying to be like that's so raven and Hannah Montana they aren't funny at all! Have real shows with real substance. God I miss the 90s. Who ever writes jokes for Disney and shows needs to be fired. These shows are Not funny. Hope you stop making these kind of shows in 2015. Ok I'm done now.