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  • Bad Influence To Young Kids

    Don't get me wrong, the actresses and actors are great and I don't hate the show. First off the laugh tracks are absolutely annoying and distracting! My thoughts on the characters are:

    Jessie: The stereotypical trashy southern person, with no style and a bad personality! Not everyone from the south is like this... I honestly think they give the southern states a bad name.

    Emma: Once again the stereotypes! The dumb high school student such as (London Tipton, Skylar, Piper, and Paisley). Just because someone is pretty doesn't mean they don't have brains!

    Luke: The kid that flirts with girls ages older then him. And continuing with the bad hygiene joke throughout the four seasons.

    Ravi: This kid has probably never stepped foot in India before! And its absolutely sick how everyone pus him around..

    Zuri:The black though girl looking to always start fights and I very lazy! if I were black id be extremely offended!!

    Over all this is unoriginal and rude.