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  • Love but hate.

    This show sucks but some episodes are good. This show is full of stupid cheesy jokes. I hate how everyone always picks on the black kid Ravi for being unpopular. His accent is so fake btw. Emma is your typical stupid rich blonde and it's SOO annoying! We get it you're rich stop rubbing it in our faces! Jessie is so annoying with her " I wanna be an actress " and I hate how everyone picks on her with her " old boyfriend stories " Just SHUT UP about them! Luke is your typical stupid kid with bad smells but good looks and good dancing. I don't have a problem with Zuri but she was TERRIBLE in Season 1. I would have to say Bertrum is the ONLY good character in this stupid show. He is funny sometimes and I hate how everyone makes fun of him because he's chubby. They are basically fat shaming on this show! If I was living in a nice house with a bunch of money, I would treat my butler with some RESPECT and not act like a spolied brat! This show is racist,stupid,and totally unrealistic. When you fall out of a cab in New York, no one will give a crap. No obnoxious little girl will ask you to be her nanny. I'm so glad this show is cancelling . But I heard they are having a SPINOFF to this show? the only show that deserved a spin off and has a great one is Girl Meets World. Bunk'd should be cancelled by the first season.