Season 1 Episode 14

World Wide Web of Lies

Aired Friday 6:00 PM Mar 09, 2012 on Disney Channel
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A Nanny creates lies about Jessie and posts them on the internet making Jessie look bad. Jessie becomes tired of this and tries to stop her once and for all.

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    I thought this was an absolutly a terrible episode of Jessie. I hated this episode so much! Well there were some funny parts in this episode like "You don't want to see my bad side." "I thought we were looking at it. And the very ending but overall terrible. Now I love Jessie, but Jessie is beginning to suck now I hope it doesn't stink and this is just a phase. Well Agatha annoyed the living heck out of me!!And really a Nanny McPhee look a like. And anyway Agatha a nanny puts fake of Jessie on the web. And the subplot was Beltrum teaching wrestling to Luke and Ravi. Like I said I thought this episode was terrible. I did like the part when Jessie and Christina stood up for themselves. Overall a terrible episode 2/10.moreless
  • Jessie competes against a Nanny McPhee look-alike named Agatha

    Jessie competes with another nanny named Agatha who forbids her from taking the Ross kids to Central Park. She ends up putting pictures of Jessie online that makes her look like a bad nanny. When Christina finds out she believes Jessie and does not fire her, instead she helps her get rid of Agatha. While at the Ross house Bertram teaches Luke and Ravi about wrestling. I thought that this was a terrible episode of "Jessie". It was definitely worse than "One Day Wonders" and it's so far the worst episode of the show so far. Like seriously? Jessie competes against a nanny that is a complete rip-off and look-alike of Nanny McPhee. I can't believe what the writers were thinking when they made this episode. Not only that but the subplot with Luke and Ravi having a wrestling match at home with Bertram coaching them was done thousands and thousands of time wasn't funny at all. The only two things that made me laugh were "You don't want to see my bad side" "I thought we were already looking at it and the fact Jessie is a sleep-eater. The part I liked was Cristina standing up to Agatha the nanny and telling her to stop posting those pictures about Jessie. So other than those two funny parts and one part that I liked, this episode was terrible and I never want to watch it again. The storyline was so awfully stupid, the jokes have been heard and done before, plus a look-alike of Nanny McPhee just ruins it for you. Overall, the worst "Jessie" episode I've seen so far. 2.5/10moreless

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