Jesus of Nazareth

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Jesus of Nazareth

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This epic story chronicles the conception, birth, and life of Jesus from the town of Nazareth, who becomes a gifted but controversial Rabbi, garnering many followers while preaching peace and an alternate interpretation of the Jewish scriptures. He eventually succumbs to the will of the religious and civil leadership of Roman-occupied Palestine, but lives on after spawning the religion of Christianity, still practiced today. Franco Zeffierelli's depiction, featuring an all-star cast, caused initial pre-broadcast jitters and protests. However it eventually garnered enormous praise, leading the miniseries to become a yearly Easter time staple on both network television and cable.
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  • Perfect one played perfectly.

    I must say I have seen Jesus of Nazareth at least ten times and I never get tired of watching it. I purchased the video and try to watch it every year at Easter time. Every actor did a marvelous job especially Robert Powell. I think he looked more like Jesus than Jesus did. As for all the comments nitpicking about the movie, to them I say this: try to look at the film for its true meaning: the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Look at how much he suffered for us. I'll admit there were a few minor flaws, but to me, these were meaningless. The crucifixion scene in this film was the most moving I have ever seen in this type of film. Even the musical score which was played throughout the movie was excellent. I am trying to persuade my church to show the movie during Lent this year; I liked it that much. To me there never was, nor will there ever be a better film on the life of Christ.

    Congratulations to Franco Zefirelli for making such a spectacular motion picture. It was truly a masterpiece.

  • A classic re-telling of the story of the man who would found a new religion...

    Although much of my thoughts were expressed in the individual episode reviews, I would say as a whole, this miniseries, some 30 years after first airing, has held its own as a perennial classic. A thoughtful and poignant tale that takes the words from the paper of a famous tome and translates them to a visual and auditory feast for the soul. This treatment, with a cast who brings life to the ancient past, adds the extra emotion needed to fully understand the scope of the many people who were living history at the time that the story is set. Here, some 2000 years later, we know the result. Yet back then, there was much angst in realizing that something amazing was about to happen and then did happen, and that it would have repercussions throughout time. And that sense of redefining morals and questioning past practices and holding fast to one's way of life, were all interwoven into a grand story of an era of transition.

    As noted in my other reviews, definitely a much-see, particular for those who enjoy the many parables and sayings from the New Testament and from the Torah.moreless