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Jigoku Shoujo

Animax Entertainment Premiered Oct 04, 2005 In Season



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Jigoku Shoujo
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Also known as Hell Girl or the Girl From Hell, this sinister anime series is a collection of short stories depicting the suffering of individuals who post grudges on a website accessible only at midnight, only to have their grievances avenged by an evil force.

If someone were to submit the names of the tormentor on the website, Enma Ai, the Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) will offer them a black straw doll with a red string wound around its neck. If the string is pulled, she will ferry the recipient of the revenge straightaway to Hell, but on the condition that those who request her intervention rot in Hell as well at the end of their natural lives. Never knowing what paradise is like..

"O pitiful shadow bound in darkness, looking down upon others and causing them pain, a soul drowned in sinful karma... Want to try dying this once?" — Enma Ai.
Mamiko Noto

Mamiko Noto

Enma Ai [J]

Masaya Matsukaze

Masaya Matsukaze

Ichimoku Ren [J]

Yuji Ueda

Yuji Ueda

Hajime Shibata [J] (Season 1)

Hitomi Nabatame

Hitomi Nabatame

Ayumi Shibata [J] (Season 1)

Takako Honda

Takako Honda

Hone Onna [J]

Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki

Tsugumi Shibata [J] (Season 1)

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  • Tagline: "O pitiful shadow lost in the darkness… Bringing torment and pain to others A damned soul, wallowing in sin… Perhaps it is time to dies."

    I've only seen the first few episodes of Hell Girl, so I can't review it that much. From what I have seen of Hell Girl, it seems interesting enough: a website called Hell Correspondence, which is a link to Hell. Here on this website you enter the person's name who you wish to see punished and Ai Enma will come to their soul to Hell, but there is a catch. When that person who condemned another dies, they must also come to Hell. So the series start such as that. The plot seems interesting and original enough with well thought of characters.

    Unfortunately I can't really see where this show is going. Hopefully it will start to show of Ai's background. Aside from that though it seems like a good show. The background designs, are done well, especially where Ai lives, in Hell. They have given thought onto how to portray Ai's looks but not so much of her companions or others in the story. However they have used colour very well and differently which is a good thing.

    Overall from what I've see, it is an intriguing show, which great taglines and would recommend people to watch it.moreless
  • My second favorite anime ever, only right behind InuYasha.

    I think Jigoku Shoujo is, by far, one of the greatest anime ever produced. Everything about it is absolutely phenomenal. The characters are all depthy and interesting. The plot is breathtakingly fantastic. There is no more clever plot, I think, than that of Jigoku Shoujo. But what really gets me is the combination of everything. Being an avid manga reader and anime watcher, I long yearned for one that I could actually enjoy to the extent that I wanted to see the next episode or volume. This is it. When everything all comes into play together, the animation, plot, characters...everything is amazing.moreless
  • very interesting. When one soul is cursed, two graves are dug.

    A strange Red eyed girl named Enma Ai will Deliver your vengeance for you, all you have to do is get on a website and type the name of your tormentor, Enma Ai will Take them to hell but as a price, You will have to Go to hell after your death as well.

    "When one soul is cursed, two graves are dug", as told by the hell girl herself. When i first heard of Jigoku shoujo AKA Hell girl, i expected something a little more darker and violent. But after watching 5 or 6 episodes, I knew that i was wrong. But this series didn't disappoint me in anyway, this is Something very different from most modern anime, The plot doesn't carry over from episode to episode. It's just a collection of short stories which end every episode. The stories are very interesting, intriguing too. Most of the victims want vengeance because they live a miserable life due to their tormentors, while Some People have very silly reasons. Either way Both sets of people desperately need to get rid of someone. Human beings are greedy.

    So when a person's name is written and the string is pulled from the dummy as a part of the deal, Enma ai changes into a Flowery kimono, and personally takes them on a boat to hell. the plot is as simple as that. (maybe a little more but i won't spoil anything)

    The animation is Very pleasing, The intro and ending themes fit the bill perfectly, The Themes have a spooky, Tragic Feel about them. The characters are all very interesting. Enma is a Cute looking little Girl with Mysterious but Stunning red eyes. she is easily the best part of the show. The show seems to get better every season. can't wait for the 3rd season.moreless
  • Jigoku Shoujo or Enma Ai will take your enemies to hell for the price of your soul (good thing...at least she warns you before)

    In this incredible show you see how miserable are some persons (almost every episode is a different case of someone being abussed or bullied or suffering) at midnight you can "solve" your problems by accesing the jigoku tsushin (or hell web page) and by putting the name of the person you want to send to hell, Enma Ai will appear and tell you the details of the contract, she'll send you enemy to hell but by doing so when you die you'll don't reach heaven because of your pact with her, after all she is not seeking justice...only revenge, now...you'll think no way I'll do it! but when you see the episodes and put yourself in the skin of the "victims"...you'll want to ask to Enma Ai to take Revenge for you! Excellent Show! Can't wait to see the third season!!!moreless
  • Horror series in which the victims of suffering use a cursed website in order to get revenge.

    What do you do when it seems like everyone is against you? If you're a young student in this animated series, you call up a website that bestows curses upon your chosen enemies. An eerie child called the Hell Girl appears and promises to take revenge on those who have been harassing you. The trouble is, the exchange forfeits your own soul as well. One after another, the harried children take this desperate risk and watch its effects on their tormentors. Is it worth it? Does the curse bring freedom, or worse pain? If you're a fan of stories about hauntings and urban legends, give this creepy drama a try.moreless