Jim Henson's The Storyteller

NBC (ended 1988)


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  • The Storyteller, shown in 1988, starred John Hurt as the Storyteller and with the help of Jim Henson's Workshop of muppets, actors, voices and costumes as well as visual effects, brought a new dimension to television.

    This series was off the walls but great at the same time. It was about a storyteller who told stories from all over the world. Each story was great in their own way. To anyone who interested in seeing the episodes then you might want to go to YouTube because some of the stories that I remember are on the website the lased time I checked. I am glad I was able to see this series because it was amazing and I wished it stayed aired on television but I guess it had to go. This is a good series and anyone who go on the YouTube website to watch the series, enjoy.
  • A must-watch collection of folk tales.

    Storyteller is a series of individual folk tales which are very entertainingly narrated by John Hurt. Each story comes from a different origin but they all are told in funloving and cheerful way which consistantly brings smiles to the faces of the viewer. The stories vary in theme and feeling from romantic, sorrow, revenge, fortune etc often with a good moralistic outcome. The production values are first class from the cast performances, the sets, the creatures and the stories themselves which makes repeated viewings a pleasure. If there was anything negative I could say about this series is that it wasn't long enough.