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  • Romes final terds

    In hearing "Rome's final word" segment on today's show, referring to the world cup, I thought to myself "That was 2 minutes of my life I will never get back!"

    I recognize everyone is entitled to their own opinions on sport topics; however, it's usually a good idea to have logical thought processes involved in forming said opinions. I'm convinced this guy's viewership consists of 3 major audiences:
    1) couch potato viewers lacking rationalization skills
    2) deaf viewers who don't own TVs with closed-captioning capability
    3) coma patients
    Does anyone else feel this show is ultra-scripted? I think we could train a monkey to read the lines with the same 'enthusiasm' as Rome does. I assume he atleast writes his own material, in which case then, I know we could train a monkey to read the lines (like minds you know).

    He said something about the incident with Zidane "upsetting soccer fans...both of them." While recognizing this is a feeble attempt at humor, Rome knows if he had 1/1000 the the soccer fan audience to watch his show, his ratings would be 1000 times better. If you do a quick google search on the world cup US TV ratings, one will learn it beat out the NBA finals.

    Bottom line: If this guy's show is worth anything, why does he have to get the host of "Blind Date" to discuss sports? Probably because Aunt Gertrude turned down the appearance!?!? Rome's final words need to be: "I'm changing jobs."
  • Rome has nothing good to say. Along with horrible sports talk he shoves his political and social views down your throat, it's ridiculous. He's a chauvinistic Neanderthal but I’m sorry to say can sometimes draw a cheap laugh. Otherwise it's just bad.

    Jim Rome has nothing good to say. Along with horrible sports talk he shoves his political and social views down your throat, it's ridiculous. He's a chauvinistic Neanderthal but I’m sorry to say can sometimes draw a cheap laugh. Otherwise it's just bad. Whenever I watch his show I am either offended as a sports fan or appalled as a human being. I don't understand how the man keeps getting work seeing as he doesn't have anything to back up what he says. Once again sometimes he catches me off guard with a stupid bad joke don't get me wrong, but the bad easily outweighs the good.
  • Worst 30 Mins on ESPN

    Rome is Burning is the worst Sports Talk show on TV. Jim Rome rarely relays in actual facts. Everyday he basically gives his own EXTREMELY BIASED opinions. He picks on the same people, i.e. Barry Bonds and Michael Vick, over and over. The guy is very arrogant and is rarely objective. Then to make things worse, he brings panelists on the show that often share is opinions. What is the purpose of bringing guests on that will basically say the same thing that has already been shared by him? Why not bring in guest that will debate his opinions? I am personally sick and tired of his whole format. The show is a platform to promote negativity about atheletes the he has problems with. The show could never be confused with INFORMATIVE Sports Programming.
  • This guy has nothing good to say at all, and all he does is bash on everyone. But when he has a guest on the show all he does is suck up to that person. I also HATE how he doesnt like any other sport that isnt football, baseball, or basketball.

    Jim Rome has nothing good to say about anyone and the only reason that anybody watches that show is to get the news in sports. He also hates any sport that isn't football, baseball, or basketball. He hates Soccer(and i mean REALLY hates) with a passion and doesn't like Hockey that much either. But when a guest comes on to his show Jim always acts like he is such a big fan of that particular guest and sucks up to him (or her) like no other. I have never met anybody in my entire life who has liked his show and I am still utterly amazed and beleive that it is nothing short of a miracle that his show is still on today.
  • Jim Rome spouts off unoriginal sports thought and jumps on every bandwagon possible.

    Jim Rome is the worst sports commentator with his own show. I'm convinced that, in preparing for his show, he reads about 10 different sports columnists and then agrees with whatever the majority of them are writing about. This show makes "Around the Horn" sports analysts look like genius's (Michael Smith is the most underrated of anyone on TV, always has a fresh insight and common sense). "Rome is Burning" should be canned immediately and ESPN should apologize for ever giving this man his own show. In past shows Jim has suggested that college football teams not put tough opponents on their schedules and of course, jumped on the Vince Young bandwagon. Roger Lodge as a sports analyst. Roger Lodge!!! C'mon Jim, you can do better than that...well maybe you can't. I only gave this show a "1" because I turn it on for my dog when I leave the house because he seems to enjoy Jim's voice.
  • Truly a Mike Lupica imitation

    Hate to tell you this ROME but for someone who claims to be smarter than his readers and knows what we are all thinking you display that you don't know jack. You totally blew the Roger Clemens story, first assuming his guilt when all you have is the word of a dope dealer and then not understanding the legal ramifications of witness tampering. If you listened to your own networks legal people you would know that anything along the lines of trying to get the drug dealer to say anything could be witness tampering. I'm really going to laugh when some nobody walks into court and says you and LUPICA are murderers and we get to watch you go to jail based on that. Shows how two peas in the same pod can so miss the story. Of course you and LUPICA both turned a blind eye to steroids when it was going on and now you both think your going to get away with taking the high road. BUZZ........ YOUR OUT
  • Like smack talk? then this is the show for you.

    Every week day Rome and whoever he brings on start riping the athletes or whoever visiously. The program was very interesting for a while but the constan smack is just too much day after day. The rants that open the show every day are very obvious and not very funny. James Fry thinks this show is unoriginal. The panelist guest are very bland, and don't grab my attention as well as they should.Overall this show could use some more informed guest as well as Jim could use some interviewing skills. Seriously he is the weakest interviewer for a guy that does all the Smack talking that he does.
  • Dear Jim, Regarding your affection and admiration for "Man-Ram": I understand how you feel, he is a good ballplayer....however to set a good example for today's youth...tell him to get a haircut...even BALD is better!! Thanx!! Jack



    Please tell Man Ram to get a haircut, for the sake of giving good example to the youth of America. He looks awful with his hair the way it is. Does he know that? Does he CARE about that???

    On another point, ask the "Greek Guy" to join your panel discussion on a daily basis. (Sorry, I can't think of his name for the moment). He gives a lively response to your questions and the few times that I've seen him he answers your questions with a sensible response, and has a great sense of humor.


    Jack in Scottsdale
  • When it comes to insight and knowledge above the media's interference, Jim Rome is first rate and lays it down the way sports ought to be.

    Jim Rome adds his two cents, and then some. He never backs off of his terrential down pour upon over rated players or hyped up nobodys. Never does he back off of a chance to put down Kobe, Barry, or any other subject he sees fit to bash or discuss.
    The opening of the show is of course the best. Every day we receive a variation of 3 or so "burns" about what Romey is griping about today. And believe me their is no lack of what grinds this sportscasters gears. He usually goes off on some wild tangent that manages to keep my attention wheather it be about Phil Jackson or Bode Miller. If the subject lacks luster, Jim finely tunes it with any word that demeans that athlete's purpose on the other shows.
    Jim comes of so strong and influential because it is one guys opinion. Not a pseudo-Algonquin round table of journalists who sometimes fail to do their homework. His burns transcend time and beat anything else on ESPN as of today. The rest of the show drops off from the beginning but it does manage to maintain the interest.
    Day to day he has a nice mix of guests from a variety of backgrounds in the sports world. His show trods along and gets stronger each day as he always finds someone to get his dander up. I know one thing, each day i turn on the TV my first thought is, what is Romey burning about today.
  • jim rome brings comedy to sports in more ways than one.

    Jim Rome is able to show you all of the big things that happened in sports, kinda like sportscenter. Rome only shows the main highlights, while sportscenter goes to get everything which takes an hour. When Rome talks about something he doesnt use the obvious, he mixes things up. It must take up all of his time off the show to think some of the jokes he makes of players, teams, and coachs. His show brings 2 of my favorite topics together (and im sure some of yours) when comedy is put into sports. That has to be one of the best mixtures and i hope more shows start doing this.
  • The Worst Show Ever

    Jim Rome is Burning is the worst show to ever be put on American Television. I would rather watch static instead of listen to this no minded hard a** try and talk about sports. Jim Rome wouldnt know sports if it punched him in the nuts. He tried saying the World Series were boring and we all would rather see the Yankees in it. When the Yankees were in the WS everyone was saying baseball is boring because the same team always wins. AND IM A YANKEE FAN! Jim Rome does not deserve Air Time. TAKE HIM OFF!
  • Jim Rome is great, I don't know why these people got off the short bus and put bad reviews about the show.

    I like his radio show even more than the TV show, because it is more relaxed, and it has alot more jokes. I think Jim Rome seems to be dead on, even if I don't agree with him some times, he knows what he is talking about. I just like his take on things going on around the sports world. I don't really think that he is biased towards any teams like alot of the people on Sportscenter are. I don't know about the other things that were said in some other reviews about Jim Rome. I just like to hear sports from someone who knows about it, and he seems to know.
  • Romey gets it done

    Jim Rome has brought his unique style of opinions, interviewing, and smack to television. I am glad to see that ESPN has finally put this show in a regularly scheduled time and place, every weekeday at 4:30.

    For over a decade now, Rome has been burning up the radio airwaves with his fast-talking, smack-filled show named after himself. Whether as himself, or his alter-ego "Van Smack", Romey is far but honest (sometimes brutally) about the sports topics of our times.

    Like he always says, if you are new to his show, or his style, don't prejudge. Watch everyday for two weeks, and you'll start to figure it out. If you don't agree after two weeks that his show is must-watch, then we'll go ahead and admit that you're wrong.