Jim Rome is Burning

Weekdays 4:30 PM on ESPN Premiered Jun 01, 2003 In Season





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  • Jim Rome spouts off unoriginal sports thought and jumps on every bandwagon possible.

    Jim Rome is the worst sports commentator with his own show. I'm convinced that, in preparing for his show, he reads about 10 different sports columnists and then agrees with whatever the majority of them are writing about. This show makes "Around the Horn" sports analysts look like genius's (Michael Smith is the most underrated of anyone on TV, always has a fresh insight and common sense). "Rome is Burning" should be canned immediately and ESPN should apologize for ever giving this man his own show. In past shows Jim has suggested that college football teams not put tough opponents on their schedules and of course, jumped on the Vince Young bandwagon. Roger Lodge as a sports analyst. Roger Lodge!!! C'mon Jim, you can do better than that...well maybe you can't. I only gave this show a "1" because I turn it on for my dog when I leave the house because he seems to enjoy Jim's voice.