Jim Rome is Burning

Weekdays 4:30 PM on ESPN Premiered Jun 01, 2003 In Season





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  • When it comes to insight and knowledge above the media's interference, Jim Rome is first rate and lays it down the way sports ought to be.

    Jim Rome adds his two cents, and then some. He never backs off of his terrential down pour upon over rated players or hyped up nobodys. Never does he back off of a chance to put down Kobe, Barry, or any other subject he sees fit to bash or discuss.
    The opening of the show is of course the best. Every day we receive a variation of 3 or so "burns" about what Romey is griping about today. And believe me their is no lack of what grinds this sportscasters gears. He usually goes off on some wild tangent that manages to keep my attention wheather it be about Phil Jackson or Bode Miller. If the subject lacks luster, Jim finely tunes it with any word that demeans that athlete's purpose on the other shows.
    Jim comes of so strong and influential because it is one guys opinion. Not a pseudo-Algonquin round table of journalists who sometimes fail to do their homework. His burns transcend time and beat anything else on ESPN as of today. The rest of the show drops off from the beginning but it does manage to maintain the interest.
    Day to day he has a nice mix of guests from a variety of backgrounds in the sports world. His show trods along and gets stronger each day as he always finds someone to get his dander up. I know one thing, each day i turn on the TV my first thought is, what is Romey burning about today.
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