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  • Romes final terds

    In hearing "Rome's final word" segment on today's show, referring to the world cup, I thought to myself "That was 2 minutes of my life I will never get back!"

    I recognize everyone is entitled to their own opinions on sport topics; however, it's usually a good idea to have logical thought processes involved in forming said opinions. I'm convinced this guy's viewership consists of 3 major audiences:
    1) couch potato viewers lacking rationalization skills
    2) deaf viewers who don't own TVs with closed-captioning capability
    3) coma patients
    Does anyone else feel this show is ultra-scripted? I think we could train a monkey to read the lines with the same 'enthusiasm' as Rome does. I assume he atleast writes his own material, in which case then, I know we could train a monkey to read the lines (like minds you know).

    He said something about the incident with Zidane "upsetting soccer fans...both of them." While recognizing this is a feeble attempt at humor, Rome knows if he had 1/1000 the the soccer fan audience to watch his show, his ratings would be 1000 times better. If you do a quick google search on the world cup US TV ratings, one will learn it beat out the NBA finals.

    Bottom line: If this guy's show is worth anything, why does he have to get the host of "Blind Date" to discuss sports? Probably because Aunt Gertrude turned down the appearance!?!? Rome's final words need to be: "I'm changing jobs."