Jim Rome is Burning

Weekdays 4:30 PM on ESPN Premiered Jun 01, 2003 In Season





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  • Truly a Mike Lupica imitation

    Hate to tell you this ROME but for someone who claims to be smarter than his readers and knows what we are all thinking you display that you don't know jack. You totally blew the Roger Clemens story, first assuming his guilt when all you have is the word of a dope dealer and then not understanding the legal ramifications of witness tampering. If you listened to your own networks legal people you would know that anything along the lines of trying to get the drug dealer to say anything could be witness tampering. I'm really going to laugh when some nobody walks into court and says you and LUPICA are murderers and we get to watch you go to jail based on that. Shows how two peas in the same pod can so miss the story. Of course you and LUPICA both turned a blind eye to steroids when it was going on and now you both think your going to get away with taking the high road. BUZZ........ YOUR OUT