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  • My very favorite show

    I look forward to 11:35 pm every night for my week day dose of laughter from Jimmy Kimmel. This show is consistently funny, with great guests, skits and videos. I love when Jimmy does street interviews such as the most recent one, interviewing people about their opinions on the presidential debate the day before it happened. It was hilarious. Highly recommend this show to everyone I know.
  • Kimmel reveals Star Wars Secret! SOB! Can't beleive it.

    You know, not all of us choose to stand in line overnight to see a new movie, some of us wait until it's on cable. Well, thanks a lot a-hole, for revealing the secret of the new Stars Wars movie tonight. I can't believe the network or Harrison Ford permitted him to do that. Now the movie is ruined for me, who hadn't heard the ending because everyone in the world but YOU kept the secret. I will NEVER watch your show again. Colbert forever, even if it is a rerun.
  • Im extremely upset with your show last night on August 26,2015

    It was so embarrassing to see Molly Cyrus half naked last night. She is a disgrace to the society period..... For you to think any different is way beyond me. On top of that your show has sucked lately. You never really have guests on your show that have good values. I would like you to have more conservative guests all Ive been seeing is the liberal part of this world. Please start to pay attention on more people that give a damn about thereself and not these people who dont even give a damn about thereself. Why do you really have to have sluts on your show. Do you really want people to see you as that. You will lose the old crowd is you continue to have people like this on. It appears you do not care. Please answer!!!!!!
  • Top Shows

    Most ep (05-14) ABC, ABC dot com, 3rd party video sites
  • Your show last night brought me to tears, in a Good Way

    I watched your show last night (recorded on DVR) (Tues. 5-19-15) and your choking up during your story about how Dave L. has affected your life and career brought me to tears! I love Dave Letterman forever and have grown to love your show, also. Just the right humor and not being like Fallon (who I think is not funny at all). Thanks so much for the Dave L. tribute and the fact that you are not running a New show tonight proves to me that you are a Class Act! Thank you, Patty Rose
  • WHile I am at a Letterman review...

    Kimmel. Also, tremendously boring. Fantasttically untalented. Why America continues to choose untalented people.... is it any wonder why the US has more foreigners invading their movies than home grown.

    KImmel is just a reflection of the lack of imagination, snarky, mean spirited as a replacement for talent, not interesting TV personalities. How people get to rise to this level is amazing. And an indictment of where we are. A very bored, cynical society. Why not. I am cynical too... but even I cannot stomach Kimmel. What a bore. Which is why he is a fan of Letterman. Makes sense.
  • WTF, Jimmy - Are You SELLING OUT???!!!

    I've loved you forever -- UNTIL LATELY. There are now so many advertisements on your show that I'm taping you so I can skip them. One night I counted 16 subsequent ads, including station previews, then you're on for 2 minutes, then there are another 13. Just too freaking boring - I thought you were smarter than that.

    If I'm bored enough, I might try to count all that go on in one show. THEY'RE PUTTING ME TO SLEEP, JIMMY!!!
  • Jimmy Take The Cake !

    Jimmy's > The Best > Late Night TV Show , Host !!!
  • jimmy's show of 12/04/13

    just happened to catch your cruel ignorant jokes and putting down Polish people because of one silly man

    in a video. I don't know what jimmy's heritage is but he sure brought shame to it tonight. Of, course, I will

    never watch the show again and I will if his name

    Your joking about Polish people and insinuating we as a people are stupid is cruel and ignorant !

    Of course, I will never watch your show again. I don't know your heritage but you brought it shame

    tonight. That man in the silly video is not "all Polish people. Shame on your writers and mostly shame

    on you.

    Anne Taylor

    mes up in conversation I will let my feelings be known;
  • needs to go viral

    there is another video posted with a woman swinging around a small baby..... its very disturbing and I think among many people think she needs to be stopped......... can you help with
  • your full of sh--

    you can kiss my Cincinnati born and raised ass for your words about the Cincinnati bengals we r good now; u new York snob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! larry dube Cincinnati ohio
  • 06.06/13 - Blind Referree Clip - VERY POOR TASTE

    I love humor and am the first to laugh at some of the funny situations that I may encounter as someone who is blind. I was extremely disappointed to see Will Smith's clip of the Blind Referee. As a professional I have spent much time educating and debunking many of these ridiculous stereotypes. This insensitive portrayal does so much damage .. not funny at all. I wish Will Smith - the writers and Jimmy Kimmel would have taken a moment to stop and think about the damage of such a clip. .
  • Jimmy Kimmel Show

    So i hate when Jimmy Kimmel announces that he is Jimmy Kimmel and that he is the host of the show, no crap isnt that why the show is called the Jimmy Kimmel I dont hear jay or dave say that.
  • Jimmy wants help moving

    Jennifer Aniston as your first guest at your new time slot? I was hoping you would have on a movie star or something
  • Pretty good show.

    Gets celebritys to do crazy stuff.. Funny.
  • Big oops

    Just watched your Celebrities respond to rude tweets segments and couldn't help but notice the screen name for the person addressing Snooky. I believe it was something like F---ingJennifer but without the hypens on live tv. Good luck with that Jimmy.
  • Josh Blue @ Watseka Theatre Watseka Illinois

    Josh Blue is really funny. Going to check him out on may 19, 2012 at watseka theatre watseka illinois. this guy is tears it up.
  • Hanoi Jane

    While Jimmy Kimmel is great there be no way he should insult the Vietnam Veterans by having Hanoi Jane on his show. She cause political scorn and alone created harsh punishment for prison of war vets held by the Vietnamese during the war. She personal greeted these brave soldiers who handed her notes which she gave to the Vietnamese officers causing beatings and a few deaths of US soldiers.Jane Fonda should die a missable long death.
  • 1-25-11. I did not appreciate the racist portrayal of meeting of Oprah and sister or the slam at little people. Your show crosses too many ethical and racial boundaries bordering on discrimination.

    On 1-25-11,you showed a stereotypical portrayal of black women fighting to depict Oprah meeting her sister. It was also insensitive and sophomoric to portray the little person in that context as your sister; so you managed to insult black women, little people, marginalize acknowledgement of the embracing of a woman who had long been denied her birthright by insensitive hypocrits in society that engender the "1st Amendment" climate that makes you and the "Iraq War funeral demmonstrators" feel okay to offend away! You have shown too many racist images of African Americans and other derogatory images of other ethnic and religious groups. Given your influence, has it occured to you that you might be appealing to and inciting those of the "Tucson shooter" and "Tea Party Conservative" ilk, as if they need any more inflammation or 'egging' on? There are differences in humor, reparte, sarcasm and insult. Don't you have any more imagination for your inflated pay? joytreeinc@aol.com
  • In my opinion, the best late night show today.

    The great thing about this late night show is the fact that the interviewer (Jimmy Kimmel in this case) isn't the only one that does the jokes. This is because of the fact that his security guards also play parts in the shows skits. This includes Guillermo (parking lot security guard with a thick Spanish accent that makes nearly everything he says hilarious) and Uncle Frank (Jimmy's uncle and security guard that is clueless about the modern age we live in because of his old age).

    There are also great segments (which are on Youtube on JimmyKimmelLive's channel) which include (my personal favorite) "unneccessary censorship" (a weekly segment on Fridays where things and words are bleeped and blured to make the illusion that rated R material is being shown on TV today).
  • i like this show but haven't watched much of it.

    As I was saying I don't watch it often so i will not rate it as perfect unless i really knew it was. I like it from what I have seen though. One of my favourite things that i saw was when his girl friend Sarah Silvermen and matt Damon made a joke video and posted it on YouTube entitled "I'm f****** Matt Damon".
    Jimmy then on his show said that he's "not one to hold a grudge. So I went into my cave and I plotted my revenge. You can be sure that if you take something i love from me, I'll take something you love from you." He then made a video with alot of different famous actors and actresses like Cameron Diaz and Robin Williams and made a video called "I'm f****** Ben Aflick" Some people wouldn't have gotten that joke but i did since I saw them in Dogma! It's an awesome show.
  • Awesome show.

    I got into this show like two years ago. It was late night and I was getting bored with so little amount of channels but this show sprug on and I watched. I loved it! I still love that odd humor, silly humor, and make you laugh out loud humor that Jimmy does. He even brings people I want to and music guests, one of the best talk shows ever!
  • The great guest stars and musical performers are what's interesting, but Jimmy needs to work on his monologues more.

    I first watched Jimmy Kimmel Live fully when one of the guys from the hip-hop group Cypress Hill was performing on the show in July. After I saw "Unnecessary Censorship" on another episode, I began watching JKL every Friday Night. Anyway, Mr Kimmel has a quickly uninteresting sense of humor, with his regular removal of ideas from context when he hits on the news with editing of videos. However, some of the "funny" videos were real, as indicated by the Associated Press logo on a video of Nancy Pelosi's son licking a pole on one episode. Over the season, I have noticed that Kimmel can't really hold a monologue by himself, as he is overly reliant on sampling/video editing to be funny. But there was this one episode where he hosted on a bus that aired sometime in May 2007 where at least he had the balls to hold a monologue by himself. "Unnecessary Censorship" is another reason why I watch the series, with the editors at ABC taking TV highlights of the week and bleeping and blurring them "whether they need it or not". It's not that illogical, though, watch it for yourselves at you'll understand. The best guest musical stars I've seen on JKL were B-Real (of Cypress Hill), Nas, Slayer, the Used, and Ozzy Osbourne.

    Overall, JKL is a late-night show that's worth your time only when there's an interesting guest interview subject/musical guest. Otherwise, wait half an hour for "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" on NBC, as other late-night hosts like O'Brien are funnier and don't need that much "plagarism" to be funny. Asking Jimmy Kimmel to make a good comedic monologue is like asking Sean "Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy" Combs to do a freestyle rap (if you know in his albums how many guest stars he needs).
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live. Great late late night show out there.

    Jimmy Kimmel has definetly take hints from David Letterman (One of Jimmy heros). He monologe is right out funny and well written. His Guest are right on. His musical guest rock too. It is worth the late hour its on to see who is on and see what Jimmy has come up with to make us Laugh out loud.(trying not wake up the kids). I Loved jimmy in the Man show. ABC did the right thing by giving Jimmy this show. Its a show for all late night viewers and if you are not tivo it. It's worth it. Great Job Jimmy.
  • The best late night has to offer.

    Forget Leno and his family friendly programming. Forget Letterman and his supposedly hilarious reporte with Paul. Forget... well, don't forget Conan. He's still funny, and conducts the best interviews. But in the time between 12 and 12:35, turn Kimmel on. You won't regret it.

    Kimmel has one of the funniest monologues going, featuring real news clips and mock footage in contrast to the standard stand-up and tell a crappy joke set-up everyone else uses. Mixed in with it all is Kimmel's quick wit, quiet one liners, and genuine exctitment over what he is doing, something many other hosts seem to lack. To top it all off, Jimmy's show is packed full of his own friends and family, giving the show a mood no other late night show can hold a candle to.

    These aren't professionals. They're an extremely talented group of friends looking to have some fun. Not much can be said for "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Even if you don't absolutely love the show, it's hard to argue that it isn't distinct and different from its competition, especially the many low-key guests and generally more up to date stories featured in the opening. So go watch Jimmy. Seriously, do it.

  • Jimmy's OK

    I won't say this show has grown on me but he's not as bad as he was when he began. Mostly I'm posting to say that some show that follows his is the worst thing on TV. I don't see a separate catagory for it so I'm sticking it here. Byron Allen is the host and he interviews comics. No problem with the people he has on the show, but he is hands down the worst host I have ever seen. Someone needs to smack that stupid grin off his face and teach him how to talk. He is incapable of conducting an interview!
  • A show that has Jimmy Kimmel on it

    This is the funniest of all the late night shows, Jimmy Kimmel brings wit, and originality to an other wise stale venue. Unlike the robots who seem to be telling jokes to the past, and dancing like monkeys on rewind on the other channels Kimmel is still stays fresh. How long that last I don't know but I have a feeling that this show will gain huge popularity in the next few years.
  • Jimmu is great, he does comedy, and doesn't try to force views down your throat, that is rare for a talk show host these days, and even more for a show on ABC.

    Jimmy is great, I have watched him since Win Ben Stein's money and I have always found him to be hilarious. He has good skits, he has Gueillermo & Uncle Frank who are hilarious too, as well as Cousin Sal. I don't think there is really anything I don't like about the show. He doesn't kiss these actors butts, he just talks to them like a normal conversation which is great. He will make fun of almost anything even if he believes in it himself it seems. He can laugh at himself, which alot of talkshow hosts can, but it's a good quality. I love this show and I hope it will be on for a long time to come.
  • This show is good because of its comedy bits

    This show is funny, the cast is great, and he always has someone interesting on the show. The bits are original and very creative. He always says things that will make you laugh. The tribute they had for him the other day was one of the best episodes, but it was messed up what he did to matt damon.
  • I watch the show because of the comedy bits and the supporting cast, but the host sucks.

    Unnecessary Censorship is possibly the best bit on late night TV, and I enjoy watching them take bits to the streets, finding regular people to participate with them. The writers may possibly be the best in Late Night, because Jimmy Kimmel is not funny enough to think of that stuff. What the show needs is a funnier host but keep everything else the same. And also Jimmy, remember when you said that the Pistons didn't stand a chance in the finals against you L.A Fakers? You were wrong! You're also not live, and you're dull and lazy of a host. Where's your showmanship?
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