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  • Jimmy :(

    Jimmy, why did you reveal that one of the X men was going to die on your show yesterday while you had the entire Dark Phoenix cast on! I don't watch much TV but that was a total spoiler for me. Not cool Jimmy!!!

    . Notice I didn't mention which one. It was done so that I don't spoil it for someone else...
  • 01/14/2019

    Is Guillermo your in law? Love you man!!%
  • Krumble Kimmel

    Kimmel needs to be removed from TV. Only entertainment he provides is NONE ! Monologue only covers President Trump tweets nightly and or President Trump humor . Sad that he can't focus on other issues .

    Miss Jay Leno , Johnny Carson . Kimmel isn't funny nor is the show worthy of being on TV .
  • You can't fault Kimmel for destroying Trump every night...

    he is the easiest target ever bestowed onto mankind. All of you Trump lovers posting here (WTF is wrong with you people) should have seen this coming. Historically, late night talk show types always drag the prez thru the mud. Trump drags himself through the mud all by himself so you cannot fault him for basically reporting on the Daily Trump report. Hell, I cannot keep up with it day to day ... I've long since been exasperated and number by out Leader. All that said, it is too bad that Kimmel is so obviously on Team FAR-LEFT . It used to be that the beauty of Kimmel, IMO, was that I could not figure out who voted for in the last election. He has lost that quality unfortunately. I don't mind him siding with Dems in this era... that cannot be helped by any normal human being... but he seems to have go ne flying over to the Left side forever and a day and that saddens me a little. He was better when standing in the middle and flipping the bird at all of them!
  • Get over it

    I just turned off my tv again because of this guy, if you don't like our president and our rights find somewhere else to live.
  • Piece of Shit Show

    I am so tired of you and everyone else bashing our President and the First Lady. Your show is not worth watching. I Voted for Trump and I am very Proud of it. I wish they would FIRE you and close your show. Not worth the money they are paying you. So SHUT UP.
  • Overdue for a sexual harrassment lawsuit

    Its dumb to keep a show going that continually bashes the president and states that he supports the metoo movement, yet used to say to women "I've stuffed something in my pants, and you're allowed to feel around on the outside of the pants. You'll have 10 seconds to then guess what is in my pants," Its not funny, and ABC should be ashamed to have someone like him on the air!
  • Junestar

    Disgusting. Crude rude and stupid. Need to get somebody else. He is not funny at all. What is wrong with this world?! He is a big creep!
  • Been there since your first show, that's all over!!!

    First off people, not a Republican or Democrat. Just a person TIRED of one sided politics when I wake up & turn on morning shows, the nightly news, and now the one place I use to count on to just be funny, my late night show especially Jimmy Kimmel since that was the only one I watched.. I wanted to take my boys to a showing once they hit 18 since they liked watching it along with me. But now it's become a political arena, instead of a daily dose of comedy that let me escape life for awhile. I can't believe how much I loved your show and now how quick I click past you every night. Everyone feels bad for your son and wish him the best. But to simply throw away people who might not agree with you and then to say you don't need them to watch the your show, WOW!! Way to get people on your side. You've lost your way Jimmy, goodbye...
  • Riddens to Republicans Jimmy?!?! REALLY?! NO

    I love how the "No Bodys'" become famous and all of a sudden don't need the people that got them there. Good luck staying on top without your fanbase that put you where you are Jimmy and all of these over paid athletes. I am making sure that my children and all the other young people grow up knowing the type of people you are to help perpetuate the negative feelings that I have and most Americans have about you. You put down the president, the flag, this country, our beloved veterans and service people. Goodbye to you who love to sabotage our president to try to prevent him from achieving what he was voted in to do. Bye bye!!!
  • Sorry not a fan anymore

    I am educated, have all my teeth and voted for Trump and proud of it. At one time I watched your late night show every evening, but haven't watched it in almost a year and refuse to watch it or any other late night talk show. I understand political humor when it is funny and not malicous, degrading to disrespectful to our President, Donald Trump! Yes he is our President, and a dam good one if the left would listen to him and not get their edited information from the press and hollywood. Trump did not create the racial divide in this country, the prior administration took care of that for us. At least Trump goes to the people and speaks directly to us, provided you are intelligent enough to listen and understand what he is saying, and doesn't appear on talk shows. Would have give a rating of "0" but that isn't an option. Keep entertaining the SNOW FLAKES!
  • Trumps doesn't always win

    Keep the Trump comedy coming! It's like a sweet enema for the uneducated and toothless. Although, instead of cleaning sh*t out, it just pushes it into their cavities, and they keep spilling the sh*t out of their mouths. Cyclical enema? (and now, for the haters) You do realise that presidents have been the subject of satire since presidents existed, right? Get over it and appreciate the humour. (Again, for the haters, I'm not American so I spell 'humor' differently)
  • Jimmy Kimmel YOU'RE FIRED and shut up about President Trump

    I agree with all the others, I am really tired of the President' Trump bashing. I now hate the program, I used to watch it, to relax before going bed and laugh. After last night I would love to see him fired but the network does not have the balls to do it. He has become a wannabe political pundit, but now he isn't even good at that. Obviously, he has run completely out of comical material or his writers have died. He has never been good, so now replace him with somebody with some real talent. I rate the show a 0.

    I agree with bubblesandsuch90 I used to be a fan and Jimmy was really funny at one time, but I am SO sick and tired of his constant Trump bashing ON and ON and ON add naseum!! I wish he would shut his damn pie hole. He's just like Fallon and Colbert, they are Obama ass kissers and will not give respect to the office. Jimmy never said one joke about Obama when he was in office, just like Fallon and Colbert they made Biden jokes, THAT'S IT! I guess they were either afraid to make jokes about Obama because he's black or just good lib douche bags you decide. Either way I am sick and tired of Jimmy Kimmel!!
  • No Thanks! I'd rather sleep.....

    I was a fan for many years and watched your show every night. I've had my fill! I am so extremely tired of the trump-bashing! He is YOUR president as well as mine. Support him and our country... or get the hell out of the US. Trump won.... GET OVER IT!!! Also... I was turned-off by the whole teary monologue to support the LA children's hospital. Put your money where your mouth is, Jimmy. You have millions coming in every year. Live life most of us do and use your money to support your causes yourself!
  • No longer funny or entertaining

    If I could give a zero, I would.

    Jimmy USED to be funny, creative and insightful.

    Now, it's a pathetic regurgitation of the same stuff overloaded with Trump-bashing, the low hanging fruit of late night so-called comedy.

    Jimmy used to do SO much better, was an awesome interviewer, now, every one has a personal connection to him or somehow he ties in his own story. Jimmy, we don't care about your uber-rich and over-paid life, all the while pretending to be some normal guy. No wonder Adam Carolla dumped him. At least Adam admits to his fame and indulgence, gives something back. Jimmy only gives his extreme liberal views with his extreme liberal friends.

    Even lame late night hosts such as Jimmy Fallon has toned down the Anti-Trump rhetoric.

    Jimmy Kimmel is just a sad sack.

    We get you don't like Trump. Next.
  • My very favorite show

    I look forward to 11:35 pm every night for my week day dose of laughter from Jimmy Kimmel. This show is consistently funny, with great guests, skits and videos. I love when Jimmy does street interviews such as the most recent one, interviewing people about their opinions on the presidential debate the day before it happened. It was hilarious. Highly recommend this show to everyone I know.
  • Kimmel reveals Star Wars Secret! SOB! Can't beleive it.

    You know, not all of us choose to stand in line overnight to see a new movie, some of us wait until it's on cable. Well, thanks a lot a-hole, for revealing the secret of the new Stars Wars movie tonight. I can't believe the network or Harrison Ford permitted him to do that. Now the movie is ruined for me, who hadn't heard the ending because everyone in the world but YOU kept the secret. I will NEVER watch your show again. Colbert forever, even if it is a rerun.
  • Im extremely upset with your show last night on August 26,2015

    It was so embarrassing to see Molly Cyrus half naked last night. She is a disgrace to the society period..... For you to think any different is way beyond me. On top of that your show has sucked lately. You never really have guests on your show that have good values. I would like you to have more conservative guests all Ive been seeing is the liberal part of this world. Please start to pay attention on more people that give a damn about thereself and not these people who dont even give a damn about thereself. Why do you really have to have sluts on your show. Do you really want people to see you as that. You will lose the old crowd is you continue to have people like this on. It appears you do not care. Please answer!!!!!!
  • Top Shows

    Most ep (05-14) ABC, ABC dot com, 3rd party video sites
  • Your show last night brought me to tears, in a Good Way

    I watched your show last night (recorded on DVR) (Tues. 5-19-15) and your choking up during your story about how Dave L. has affected your life and career brought me to tears! I love Dave Letterman forever and have grown to love your show, also. Just the right humor and not being like Fallon (who I think is not funny at all). Thanks so much for the Dave L. tribute and the fact that you are not running a New show tonight proves to me that you are a Class Act! Thank you, Patty Rose
  • WHile I am at a Letterman review...

    Kimmel. Also, tremendously boring. Fantasttically untalented. Why America continues to choose untalented people.... is it any wonder why the US has more foreigners invading their movies than home grown.

    KImmel is just a reflection of the lack of imagination, snarky, mean spirited as a replacement for talent, not interesting TV personalities. How people get to rise to this level is amazing. And an indictment of where we are. A very bored, cynical society. Why not. I am cynical too... but even I cannot stomach Kimmel. What a bore. Which is why he is a fan of Letterman. Makes sense.
  • WTF, Jimmy - Are You SELLING OUT???!!!

    I've loved you forever -- UNTIL LATELY. There are now so many advertisements on your show that I'm taping you so I can skip them. One night I counted 16 subsequent ads, including station previews, then you're on for 2 minutes, then there are another 13. Just too freaking boring - I thought you were smarter than that.

    If I'm bored enough, I might try to count all that go on in one show. THEY'RE PUTTING ME TO SLEEP, JIMMY!!!
  • Jimmy Take The Cake !

    Jimmy's > The Best > Late Night TV Show , Host !!!
  • jimmy's show of 12/04/13

    just happened to catch your cruel ignorant jokes and putting down Polish people because of one silly man

    in a video. I don't know what jimmy's heritage is but he sure brought shame to it tonight. Of, course, I will

    never watch the show again and I will if his name

    Your joking about Polish people and insinuating we as a people are stupid is cruel and ignorant !

    Of course, I will never watch your show again. I don't know your heritage but you brought it shame

    tonight. That man in the silly video is not "all Polish people. Shame on your writers and mostly shame

    on you.

    Anne Taylor

    mes up in conversation I will let my feelings be known;
  • needs to go viral

    there is another video posted with a woman swinging around a small baby..... its very disturbing and I think among many people think she needs to be stopped......... can you help with
  • your full of sh--

    you can kiss my Cincinnati born and raised ass for your words about the Cincinnati bengals we r good now; u new York snob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! larry dube Cincinnati ohio
  • 06.06/13 - Blind Referree Clip - VERY POOR TASTE

    I love humor and am the first to laugh at some of the funny situations that I may encounter as someone who is blind. I was extremely disappointed to see Will Smith's clip of the Blind Referee. As a professional I have spent much time educating and debunking many of these ridiculous stereotypes. This insensitive portrayal does so much damage .. not funny at all. I wish Will Smith - the writers and Jimmy Kimmel would have taken a moment to stop and think about the damage of such a clip. .
  • Jimmy Kimmel Show

    So i hate when Jimmy Kimmel announces that he is Jimmy Kimmel and that he is the host of the show, no crap isnt that why the show is called the Jimmy Kimmel I dont hear jay or dave say that.
  • Jimmy wants help moving

    Jennifer Aniston as your first guest at your new time slot? I was hoping you would have on a movie star or something
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