Jimmy Two Shoes

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Jimmy Two Shoes

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This show follows Jimmy and his friends Beezy and Heloise around Miseryville. It shows that although they are constantly being interrupted by the villain Lucius Heinous the Seventh, they still find ways to enjoy themselves!

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  • Quick! Where the Hell is that TV Remote so that i can change the Channel Fast?!

    Horrible! I first Liked it but now i look at it. It's Horrible! The Characters are Terrible and Annoying! And this Show is just Horrible!

    I'm glad that they Canceled this!
  • What?

    Yeesh, talk about a bad show. The characters look too akward for me and I dont really like any of the episode plots at all. Yowch! I think that Disney XD should try something other than this.

    I'm a peruvian guy who grew up watching this cartoon. I really love how Jimmy makes fun with Bezzy and Heloise, and the special couple Heloise makes with Jimmy <3. As in Latin America it hasn't aired the 2 season, i'd to watch the original english-tracked season on YouTube. Amazing! I think this show deserves a third season. Jimmy Two-Shoes 4EVER!
  • why does TT still air it

    Hate it hate it I hate Beezy hes an idiot he should die hes not funny. Jimmy why is he always happy this why does TT still air it
  • This show deserves a third season.

    In my opinion Jimmy Two-Shoes is one of the best cartoons! It's one of my favorite!

    In the beginning the idea of the place was Hell with Satan, serial killer and a cheerful boy, who died. But then it shifted to Lucius Heinous VII, Heloise the local mad torturing scientist and the happy Jimmy, who somehow came to Miseryville without dying. Those changes were made for good!

    Animation: Smooth, colorful, funny

    Characters and the humor they bring: Ok, I won't deny it, there are many more characters that are similar to them and created before J2S, but despite of this, they have flaws that make them awesome, each in their own way. Every main character brings their own important part of the humor. Every time Beezy opens his mouth something hilarious happens. Would it be something funny he says, or maybe something he eats, pukes, spits or licks - it happens so quickly and there's so much fun in it! His silly comments and limitless laziness brings a lot of humor for the show. Heloise is mostly sadistic and is constantly mocking at the others - that's what makes her awesome. Still, she has a bit of kindness in her, which makes her a more colorful character, because she would be too one-sided if she was only mean. And her inteligence brings hilarious sarcastic comments, almost as awesome as her inventions. Jimmy is constantly happy and optimistic. He is mostly famous for his enormous kindness, which keeps the conflict in the episode. He is also very naive and absent minded, which usually starts the awesmazing part in the episodes. Not to mention about his love for the extreme - whether it collides with Beezy's grossness, or Heloise's inventions, or Lucius' narcissism, or not colliding with anyone else, the fun explodes in front of your eyes and invades your soul. Lucius is narcissist, greedy, vain and mean - those features make the epic events continue after they started with Jimmy's antics. He's the non-likeable character who, in fact, is very interesting and makes you want to point at him and laugh. What to say about Sammy? The character you feel sorry about his misfortune, but this is what makes him special. All he wants is to be a super star, but only suffers because of Lucius. Sammy is the character that provokes and develops his boss' antics, he is from the people, who hide an immortal dream and is ready to make us hear his voice when he has the chance. There are many more characters, who get involved in all the mess and make the show even more hilarious!

    Humor: It's a heart warming mix between the setting, the characters' antics and the impossible things that happen there. The running gags, the catch phrases and the events in the show will boost your mood even if you've had the worst day ever! Sure, there are some silly randomn moments that don't make much sense and they don't always make your guts hurt by laughing, but those are details! It also has dark humor, which makes the show what it is, and is still allowed for all ages!

    Music: It brings memories of childhood even though the show isn't old! The theme songs prepare you for the awesomeness trough the series, and the music tracks in the episodes are just telling you "Now let us lead you to the next event, which will make you happy!"

    For some reason the ratings were low and I can see many negative reviews, but I don't really see the reason for that. I was disappointed when I found out it was cancelled. It deserves at least one more season.moreless

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