Jimmy Two Shoes

Season 2 Episode 25

Bubble Poodle / Cerbee Come Home

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jul 15, 2011 on Disney XD
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Bubble Poodle / Cerbee Come Home
Bubble Poodle / Cerbee Come Home is the twenty-fifth episode in the second season of Disney XD's Jimmy Two Shoes. Jimmy selfishly takes advantage of a strange condition that is affecting everyone, but him, in Miseryville. Lucius feels indebted to Cerbee and thanks him with material things, which makes Cerbee uncomfortable.moreless
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  • Best Episode EVER!!!! :D

    If there's one thing I'm not known well for, it is writing short, concise reviews. But if there is one thing I am known well for, it is writing very professional, great reviews about why I like T.V. shows and episodes! In "Cerbee Come Home," Cerbee unexpectedly saves Lucius' life and Lucius becomes so thankful, he actually Wants Cerbee to come live at the Heinous Estate! And there are many great reasons as to why the Heinous Mansion is a great place to live at. But despite all the luxury, Cerbee discovers that all the comforts in the world can not equal to the power of love that Cerbee feels from Jimmy. But in "Bubble Poodle," Jimmy gets into his best adventure EVER!!!! :D Jimmy is sick and tired of not being able to do all the things he WANTS to do; and he wishes there were some way he can experience thrills that he has never been able to experience before. Jimmy finally gets his wish when the entire population of Miseryville (except for Jimmy, of course) gets to see a rock and roll show where the great, hit song of "Bubble Poodle" is being played. The laser light show is SO blinding, it temporarily blinds all the people who looked at the blinding rays of light! Jimmy knows that the time to "Carpe Diem" has come at last, so he messes with Molotov, eats whatever he wants to eat, perform stunts that people say are too dangerous to perform, plays around with the private toys of Lucius Heinous in the Heinous Estate, and finally, the most outrageous act of fun playing ever done, giving all of his clothes to Cerbee and lounging around completely NAKED in a public fountain! But why should Jimmy care? Everyone is blind and can't see him anyways. Or so Jimmy thinks. Jimmy's best friend Beezy tells Jimmy his eyesight is now back to normal, the temporary blindness wore off sooner than was previously anticipated! Jimmy quickly tries to get his clothes back, but they are quickly destroyed! And to make matters worse, everyone in Miseryville is now running after Jimmy for all the shenanigans he pulled on them! It ends up with Jimmy backstage at a concert performance, where what song should be played except the song Jimmy has wanted to hear the most except for "Bubble Poodle"?! And even more amazing, the lead singer tells Jimmy he looks amazing! It looks like Jimmy's new look is going to really catch on! That's why I really enjoyed this Best, Episode EVER!!!! 8) Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless

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