Jimmy Two Shoes

Disney XD (ended 2011)


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  • Season 2
    • Good Old Jimmy / Slime, Slimy, Slimiest is the twenty-sixth episode in the second season of Disney XD's Jimmy Two Shoes. Jimmy thinks only adults get to have cool things, so he enlists Heloise's help to make him an adult. Jimmy, Heloise and Beezy constantly reenact scenes from their favorite TV show, which irritates Lucius.

    • 7/15/11
      Bubble Poodle / Cerbee Come Home is the twenty-fifth episode in the second season of Disney XD's Jimmy Two Shoes. Jimmy selfishly takes advantage of a strange condition that is affecting everyone, but him, in Miseryville. Lucius feels indebted to Cerbee and thanks him with material things, which makes Cerbee uncomfortable.moreless
    • 7/14/11

      Weavil Day / Heloise's Rival is the twenty-fourth episode in the second season of Jimmy Two Shoes on Disney XD. Jimmy and Beezy must scramble to correct the mistake they made concerning the Weavils. A new girl, Mean Jean, arrives in town and immediately wants to take Heloise's role as the meanest girl in town.

    • 7/14/11
      Beezy 2.0: Lucius asks for Butley's help in trying to turn Beezy into a perfect gentleman. But the problem is compounded when Jimmy decides to help out. Toast Busters: When a ghostly couple starts haunting Jimmy, he immediately wants to find out the cause of their haunting him. As it turns out, Lucius has stolen their toaster, which is their only method for returning to the Spiritual Realm, which is their ghostly home. Jimmy decides to get both Beezy and Heloise to help him in trying to get Lucius to give the ghosts their toaster back!moreless
    • Jimmy's Life Goal / Heinous on Ice is the twenty-second episode in the second season of Jimmy Two Shoes from Disney XD. Jimmy asks Heloise to help him become a better goalie, but her help comes with a price. Jimmy is stuck playing with Lucious VI for his birthday, even though Lucious VI rather be doing something else.

    • Better Sweater / Jimmy on the Spot is the twenty-first episode from the second season of Disney XD's Jimmy Two Shoes. Heloise cleverly knits two separate sweaters for Jimmy and Beezy, but her plan is compromised when the boys switch sweaters. Jimmy is tricked into competing in a contest, which will give the winner Lucius' fortune.moreless
    • 7/12/11
      Going Green / My So-Called Loaf is the twentieth episode in the second season of Disney XD's Jimmy Two Shoes. Miseryville gets a suggestions box so citizens can express their comments in regards to improving the town. Jimmy creates the perfect sandwich, but has a hard time convincing anyone else that the sandwich may be alive.moreless
    • The Great Horn Fairy / The Collectors is the nineteenth episode in the second season of Jimmy Two Shoes on Disney XD. Beezy is anxiously awaiting a reward from The Great Horn Fairy because he lost a horn. Jimmy throws away something that Beezy cherishes, so Jimmy must try to replace it.moreless
    • 5/7/11
      Generation Text: Lucius and other kids get trapped in a cave and use their cell phones to text for help. Snowrilla: Townspeople search for a legendary beast called Snowrilla.
    • The Hooded Chicken: Both Lucius and Heloise have a different problem with Jimmy and Beezy. Lucius' attempts to scare them in the Hall of Misery with The Hooded Chicken were less than successful, while Heloise is getting really annoyed with the fact that Jimmy and Beezy won't stop trying to trick her and get her to reveal whether or not she has any feet. So Lucius and Heloise both decide to team up, and concoct a plan that will convince Jimmy and Beezy that the Hooded Chicken is for real. Make No Allowances: Lucius is sick and tired of his son Beezy taking his daily income for granted. So Lucius threatens Beezy by withholding his allowance until he can go without spending money. Jimmy is determined not to let Beezy fail, but old habits are hard to break. Can Jimmy stop Beezy from spending all his cash before Beezy runs out of cash forever?moreless
    • 4/16/11
      Six Over Seven: When Jimmy and Beezy decide to unfreeze Beezy's Grandpa, they find out that Lucius Heinous VI is good at fixing things. Beezy's Grandpa, not wanting to be frozen again, convinces Jimmy and Beezy that hanging out with him will be all kinds of fun. The duo takes Lucius VI up on his offer, but Lucius is furious that Beezy considers his Grandpa to be more fun than his own father! So Lucius decides to seek Jimmy's help in trying to have fun. The Outsiders: When a strange alien egg crash-lands in Miseryville, Jimmy thinks that it is friendly and decides to take care of it. However, Lucius wants to extract the alien powers out of the egg, Beezy wants to eat it, Heloise wants to experiment on it and the townsfolk want to destroy it. Now, Jimmy is going to have a hard time protecting his egg.moreless
    • Samy's New Gig: When Lucius has his short hair cut, it is unintentionally messed up by Samy who decided to join in on Jimmy's antics for once. Lucius is furious with Samy's carelessness and he fires Samy. To help make up for his part in the accident, Jimmy decides to help Samy land another job that will hopefully capitalize more on Samy's star potential. Meanwhile, Lucius searches desperately to find anyone who can do half as good a job as Samy used to do. The Clean Sneak: Beezy is the type of guy who doesn't mind having his house a mess or living a messy life; as a matter of fact, he loves it! But one day, when Beezy wakes up to find that his entire place has been cleaned, he knows that something is wrong. Enter Jimmy, who decides to play detective, as he goes through Miseryville in order to find out who is behind the mysterious cleaning spree. Will Jimmy be able to crack this puzzling case?moreless
    • Funny Face-Off: Jimmy and Beezy are challenged by rodeo clowns to see if they are funny enough to win a year's supply of free cream pies. But the challenge proves to be more dangerous than it sounds when the loser of the 'funny face-off' gets their face frozen. When Jimmy gets his face frozen, he ends up looking sad and depressed. Now, Lucius wants to make sure that Jimmy ends up looking sad and depressed forever. A Present For Jez: Lucius has found the perfect birthday present for his girlfriend, an adorable talking doll named Yoko! But when Jimmy decides to tamper with the toy, he accidentally reverses the toy's wiring, changing the doll from being kind and sweet to being insulting and mean! Can Jimmy and his friends find a way to fix this problem before it gets out of hand?moreless
    • Lucius Lost: Lucius builds a gigantic pool and ends up stranded on an island in the middle of it. Something About Herman: Heloise poses as a boy so she can infiltrate Jimmy and Beezy's secret guys-only club.
    • Heloise's Secret Admirer: Heloise learns she has a secret admirer. Miseryville Marathon: Lucius and Beezy enter a father-son piggyback-riding marathon.
    • 3/12/11
      Bird Brained: When Lucius' precious bird pet named Lovey gets loose, he begs for Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise to help Lucius get the bird back. Lucius bargains with the trio and tells them if they are successful, they will get to have Lucius' 40' inch wide-screen TV as a reward! Will Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise be able to come up with a successful plan that will get Lovey back as Lucius' secret advisor? Mysterious Mr. Ten: Jimmy's greatest talent is being able to make anyone and everyone in Miseryville, no matter how sullen they are, laugh out loud at his hilarious antics. Lucius doesn't like this, so he gives Jimmy his hardest challenge yet: make the creepy Mr. Ten, who lives on top of a creepy hill in a hotel, laugh. Jimmy and Beezy try their best to get Mr. Ten to chuckle, but nothing they try works. Will the guys be able to make Mr. Ten laugh?moreless
    • She Loves Me: Jimmy and Beezy fight for the attention of a beautiful girl trapped in a tower. Heinous vs. Clowns: Lucius plays pranks on rodeo clowns.
    • Everyone Can Whistle: Jimmy tries to learn how to whistle. Heads Will Roll: A cold causes Heloise to literally lose her head.
    • Jimmy New Shoes: Jimmy trades his old sneakers for fancy new ones, then regrets it and tries to get his old ones back. What's Up With Heloise?: Heloise tries to act like a lady while her genteel aunt visits.
    • High School Mule-sical: Jimmy tries to help Beezy turn a mule into a star for the annual Heinous Gala. Heloise Schmeloise: Jimmy falls in love with Heloise's clone.
    • 1/8/11
      Bad Luck Jimmy: Jimmy swallows Heloise's bad-luck accelerometer and chaos ensues around him. Misery Hearts: Heloise tries to find the author of her favorite book to find out the ending, and is shocked to find that it is Beezy.
    • 11/27/10
      Spring Broke: Jimmy and Beezy go on Spring Break, but to the wrong side of Misery Island. Zombie Pickle: Baked pickle treats turn everyone in Miseryville, except Jimmy, into pickle zombies.
    • You Can't Keep a Heinous Down: Lucius has to rebuild his entire fortune after Beezy gives it all away in return for lemonade. The Terrific Trio: Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy team with a new superhero, Trouble Bubble Girl, to stop a giant green monster from terrorizing Lucius.
    • 11/13/10
      Air Force None: Jimmy stows away on Lucius' brand new plane and winds up taking the controls. Panda-Monium: Heloise accidentally becomes revered by Pandas, which Jimmy and Beezy use for their own financial gain.
    • My Best Friend's a Weavil: Beezy becomes friends with an obsessive weavil, Max, so he can stick it to Lucius. Beezy J. Genius: Beezy gets hit with a special genius bolt, making him smarter than everyone else in Miseryville, including Heloise.
    • Dance, Jimmy Dance: Jimmy catches Beezy and Heloise entering a dance contest. After they tell him he can't dance in the contest, Jimmy decides to secretly enter. Jimmy and Beezy on the Run: Jimmy and Beezy run away from home when they think that they broke something valuable.
  • Season 1