Jing: King of Bandits

Season 1 Episode 14

King of Bandit Jing in Seven Heaven: Lost in Heaven (1)

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  • ...wow...just wow...

    This episode was pretty 'unique' comparied to all the other episodes. Unlike the previous ones, this one actually gives you a glimps on how Jing's childhood was. It takes you back to when Jing was ten, and when he gets his mother's final present: a gun.

    Then, he meets up with a mysterious egg, who has the words 'Kir' on them. Even as an egg, Kir still has the 'thing' for the ladies. It shows how he gets the 'Kir Royal' ablity.

    Besides that, there's the 'Seven Heven' plotline, where Jing and Kir are trying to chace down this special candy of dreams. It gets pretty chaotic, but you got to love the part where Jing rides the Dodo bird (you can fly!)