Jing: King of Bandits

(ended 2002)


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  • Jing, the boy who can steal stars out of the sky.

    Jing:King of Bandits is one of the underrated animes/mangas out there. I don't know why since it is a great anime. Short Summery:It's about a boy named Jing and his sidekick Kir who go around stealing certain things that necessarily can't really be stolen. The show also has a philosophical point of view which Jing shows though his character since he is extremely intelligent for his age. This is probably one of my favorite features of the anime. It makes you think. The anime is only 13 episodes long and the anime itself is somewhat random, but it's still very enjoyable. There is also an OVA that helps you understand the characters backgrounds. Pros of the show:
    ~Jing is awesome and kicks butt
    ~nice animation
    ~good voice actors
    ~interesting concepts to the anime

    Cons of the show:
    ~Kir is a perv
    ~Very short anime
    ~can be confusing about what the show is about.
  • Jing king of bandits

    Alright when I very first watched this show, I didn't know what to expect. I love this show though. So, the show is about a young boy named jing we don't know much about him, and he has a sidekick kier. There is not much known about these two. They go town to town getting items. What I didn't realy like about the show is that it is way to short, The manga runs longer then this. I found out that there is a movie though titled 7th heaven. It talks more about jing and kier and how they met. I should watch this so at least it gives a more understanding of these people are. Oh, and every episode is refered to as a shot. And all the jing girls are also refered to as a type of drink.
  • An episode of this gets better every time you watch it.

    This show is about a young man named Jing and his companion, Kir. Jing is a legendary theif, known as the bandit king. This show is great because it mixes action and comedy at the same time. Kir always is trying to win the heart of a girl, and Jing always is in the know about the things he tries to steal, while Kir usually doesn\'t understand. The animation for this show is good, but could use a little work. Another small problem I have is the Jing seems to always be on top of things and does things easily, which isn\'t very realistic in my opinion. So, if you like great action and like to get some laughs along the way, this show is perfect for you.
  • I love the manga, and the anime wasn't that big of a lettdown. but it's too short.

    Intresting. We have demon fox thief (yu yu hashiko), but no regular human thiefs? This series really proves that a reagular human can become one of the top thieves, or bandtis to be accurate.

    Jing is basically, at first glance, a reagular kid who looks to be around 15 or 16 years old. No one really suspects him as a 'king of bandits' until he pulls off one of his great escapes. Then again, he not only steals the treasure, but the hearts of almost all the girls he comes across, before running away with them as well XDDD

    The thing about this story i liked the best was, well, there's nothing special about Jing, besides his skill with almost any weapond he comes across with and his reflexes. If it wasn't for Kir, then he would just be any ordinary thief. Kir is the one that gives him the power to use the ultimant 'Kir Royal' move, named after a cocktail.

    An intresting series, I highly recommend this classic-but little-known anime.
  • King of Bandits Jing huh? Sounds cool!

    I haven't really seen it. Unfortunately i heard about after it was done on tv. When i saw it one of my graphic novels it looked really cool! Because of that I started looking for it on the internet. I hoping that the next graphic novel I get is King of Bandits Jing. I read the previews of the graphic novels on the internet and I can't wait to it read them. Even though I didn't see it yet I already have a favorite character. Jing looks so cool! I hope eventually I can find the dvds of King of Bandits Jing. I want it back on tv right now! I never got the chance to see it!
  • They say he could steal the stars out of the sky if he wanted to.

    Jing: King of Bandits is about a boy named Jing, who, as the title suggests, just so happens to be the Bandit King. However, by the time most of his victims figure out his identity, he's already stolen what he wants. Don't be fooled by his child-like appearance, he's the best thief around. With his partner Kir, a black bird that shoots energy blasts out of his mouth when he connects to Jing's arm, the two steal only the most valuable and rare of treasures, not wasting time on anything minor. While Kir swoons over women, Jing comes up with cunning plans. A guy on a motorcycle, Postino, occasionally offer Jing some important advice at random times.

    My biggest complaint about this series is that it is too short, only 13 episodes. They leave many things unanswered, try to cram many things into each episode, and sometimes is a bit complicated. Still, the series is awesome, and deserves the attention of any anime fan!