Jing: King of Bandits

Season 1 Episode 3

The Adonis Capital of Time (part 1)

Aired Unknown May 29, 2002 on

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  • This episode was action packed well.. towards the end and I would never live in that town of time its strict.

    So the episode starts with jing in a spa like place with keir and an old man and the man talks about the deamon of time. Wow I thought time was a demon to begin with but hey beggers cant be choosers lol. So Jing sets out at the town but the gate is locked and they tell him that he is an hour and some minutes and seconds late. So what he does to go in the town ... well he goes jump roping which is like um uh ok.. I thought they shoulds have just beat up the stupid gaurds but hey Jing is smart. Well there is a guy who hates jing and instead of a crow he has a silver fox. She can tell where people are at with their heart beats and I bet that\\\'s pretty trickey to run away. And the reason this guy dosnt like Jing is because Jing helps out a girl. Who is in an trial and just because she was late which I thought that was dumb just because she was late that is arrgh. So Jing and the girl go in the sewers and they find the coffins of time and they meet some commander. Jing tells the people that they have to face up the challenge well that is what I think. So he goes up from the sewer and he is ready i geuss to fight the man with the fox.