Jing: King of Bandits

Season 1 Episode 2

The Ghost Ship of Blue Hawaii

Aired Unknown May 22, 2002 on
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The Ghost Ship of Blue Hawaii
This is a strange episode but what episode of Jing isn't? We start by seeing an older man fishing and waiting for a ghost ship. It comes and puts him into a shock/coma or something. We find Jing entering Blue Hawaii and meeting Rose, (Rose has an ay ending sound to it so its Rosay!) She's the stand in sheriff and Kir takes and immediate liking to her seeing as how she's beautiful,... her father was the sheriff but he's also the old man from earlier. She thinks Jing looks suspicious so she starts to write up and report on him,...He tells her his name and the fact that he's a bandit very bluntly. He wants to know about the ghost ship,...and she tells him and shows what happened to her father. They go off together so she can keep an eye on Jing for suspicious behavior. They have a short couple of battles, one with an impossibly large monster made of coins, and the other with a living anchor (don't ask). They get in and Jing's acting weird,...(he's seems like a jerk to me, what do you guys think??) almost as if he doesn't like Rose at all. They find out that the ghost ship isn't actually a ghost ship but a gambling ring that steals people's souls. They gamble for a while, Jing winning EVERYTHING!! Suddenly the facade stops as Jing realizes the full extent of the ship, the money was actually playing with the people instead of vice versa!! Jing battles with a greed and desire manipulating monster,...this monster is even able to take over Kir and Rose some how. Jing himself is nearly taken over by his own greed but he finds away to finish the monster off and having all the people it had preyed upon,...prey upon HIM (the monster) instead! The episode ends with Jing giving Rose back her father's greed coin and she ends up kissing him!! awwww how cute!!!moreless

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  • A casino on a ghost ship?

    This episode was pretty good. Jing and Kir come to the city of Blue Hawaii, and hear of rumors of a mysterious ghost ship. But, they meet a fiesty young cop named Rose. The three of them go to investigate the mysterious ship. Along the way, they get attacked(I don't remember what attacked them), but the trio end up on top, and enter the ominous ghost ship. When they arrive, they find that the ship is really a casino! The gang then have a good time gambling and making lots of money. But, the true face of the mysterious place is exposed, and the host of the casino turns into a monster and fights Jing! He attempts to take him out with gold coins, but it doesn't work on him. Jing can resist his desire for money, and the money takes out the monster. In the end, Jing was rewarded with a huge coin, and a kiss from Rose! Overall, this was exactly why I watch the series.moreless

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