Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? - Season 2

WE - Women's Entertainment (ended 2014)


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    Joan invites the whole gang to Vegas. Sabrina renews her wedding vows, and the girls have a wild bachelorette party. Melissa is set up on a blind date, and surprises Joan when they discuss the future.
  • Birthday Blues
    Episode 9
    It's Joan's 78th birthday and she's got the blues, especially when Jimmy Fallon bumps her for a younger comic. Her loved ones try everything to get her out of her funk, even getting her a tattoo.
  • Crossing the Line
    Episode 8
    Joan gets too familiar with an employee and must take a sexual harassment class. Tony cleans up his act when he opens for Joan. Joan pushes boundaries when she pitches a new reality show, My Fat Pet.
  • East Side Story
    Episode 7
    Joan returns to her plush Manhattan pad with Melissa and Cooper to be honored at an Off Broadway theater. When Joan sneaks Cooper to an audition and acts like a stage mom from hell, Melissa freaks out.
  • 2/28/12
    After Melissa's break-up, Joan tries to help and over-promises that Carol Burnett will host a school fundraiser. Melissa finally explodes when she learns that Joan has set her up for online dating.
  • 2/21/12
    Joan plans a Bar Mitzvah for Conrad, and Melissa discovers a shocking secret about Jason. While Melissa's relationship crumbles, Joan struggles to keep it all together, with the help of Jason Alexander.
  • Joan On the Range
    Episode 4
    Melissa takes the family to a Wyoming ranch for a week of roughing it, teasing that Joan can't handle it. Joan takes the dare and tags along, but she may have bitten off more than she can chew.
  • Picture Imperfect
    Episode 3
    Melissa's excited when Jason is included in a Rivers family photo shoot. But when Jason doesn't show up, Joan gets caught in the middle and the ordeal puts Melissa's future in jeopardy.
  • High Times
    Episode 2
    When Jason's parents come to visit, Joan gives them a VIP tour of Hollywood. As the conversation runs dry, Joan needs a break. She calls Lynne, who has a scheme to get medical marijuana.
  • Skintervention
    Episode 1
    When Joan wants more plastic surgery, Melissa protests. An intervention with Joan's friends fails miserably, leaving Melissa playing nursemaid when Joan becomes the recovery patient from hell.