Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2004 on CBS

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  • Joan joins yearbook to find her calling while Luke and Freedman dealing with their friendship and Kevin seeks further understanding of his chances to walk again.

    "Don't tell anyone about this" - Kevin
    "(sticking a dart in Kevin's behind) Yeah, like I would want this to get out" - Luke

    Joan's plot of this episode was one of the comical ones with only tinges of drama. While Adam and Joan are now together after Adam broke up with Iris, Joan feels disconnected since she doesn't have a "thing". This is understandable, since Adam has his art, Iris has her photograph, Grace has her brooding nature, Luke has science, etc. When God tells her to join yearbook, she thinks He will lead her to her calling. She believes this to be photography, which the yearbook editor gives her by default, but finds out she has very, very, very limited skills. After being **** out about her amatuerness, she quits but God tells her she shouldn't. She returns to the yearbook to perform menial tasks such as garbage collecting and, in the process, tosses the yearbooks' poetry submissions. She confesses to her mother, the adviser for the yearbook, who says she will cover for Joan but is overheard by the editor. Helen ends up defending Joan and quiting, but Joan does not join her walkout, since she still hasn't found her "thing". Joan then has to rifle through the garbage to find the poems, leading to the discovery of an anonymous one that is far better then the rest. In her search to find the author, she reads the poem to Adam who tells her it was written by Grace. Grace reveals it is hers, but she wrote it for personal use and through it out at lunch. She doesn't want the poem published. However, it is only at the end of the episode when Joan and Adam through flyer's of the poem into the air for other students to read that Grace seems to realize that perhaps her work is good.

    I could almost feel the same amount of frustration that Joan was going through. I really did want Joan to find her "thing", but it turns out that just her doing stuff, thanks to God, is what she is good at. This does fit her personality and I think it is a nice touch at making her feel better about herself. Joan and Adam already seem strained after getting together, but it is most likely from the latent tension with Iris. I hope that the relationship will become more relaxed soon.

    Luke and Glynis seem to be at the breaking point, since Luke is getting frustrated at his lack of independence. This is compounded by the fact that he is spending less time hanging out with his (only) friend, Friedman. It turns out that Friedman had come up with a girlfriend to hide his pain of missing his friendship with Luke and I think this was a good little plot; it was very in-character for Friedman to do. It seems more and more like Luke and Glynis are going to call it quits soon, leaving a way for Grace and Luke to finally get together, since I believe Luke was the object of her poem.

    The final little plot line in the episode comes when Kevin, in a highly amusing scene, has Luke stick a dart in his behind to gage his perception of pain. After feeling a bit, Kevin becomes frustrated when his neurologist basically tells him the feeling does not mean much. In a huff, Kevin demands a second opinion, gives up on physio, and disses The Bear. It seems like he finally comes to the conclusion that he is in the wrong and stops his tantrum before long.

    Overall, this was a above average episode, slightly better than the last one dealing with the piano lessons because I felt there was a better resolution of God's task. Also, I enjoyed Luke's storyline almost as much as the main one, mostly due to the character of Friedman. I think paved the way for some future plots and that they will lead to a good area.
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