Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 6

Bringeth It On

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2003 on CBS
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Bringeth It On
Joan gets a lesson in popularity when God tells her to try out for the cheerleading squad, and her efforts to impress two pom-pom girls pay off with an invite to hang out together outside of school. Meanwhile, Will's first case working with Det. Toni Williams involves an abandoned newborn left in a trash bin, presumably by a student from Arcadia High. Another story line has a classmate sensing a gay vibe in Luke.moreless

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  • Best episode so far!

    Ok every episode God asks Joan to do something without Joan knowing why. This episode God asks Joan to try out for cheer leading and as usual Joan doesn't know why. There has been a baby found in the trash and the main suspect is that the baby came from Arcadia High. There has been controversy in searching the students but in the end they find out it is no other than the cheer leading captain herself. Luke asks Grace to be his partner in the science fair. Adam continues to call Joan, Jane. And he show smore and more his affection for Joanmoreless
Keri Lynn Pratt

Keri Lynn Pratt

Brianna Matthews

Guest Star

Ivonne Coll

Ivonne Coll


Guest Star

Ashleigh Ann Wood

Ashleigh Ann Wood


Guest Star

April Grace

April Grace

Lt. Det. Toni Williams

Recurring Role

Christopher Marquette

Christopher Marquette

Adam Rove

Recurring Role

Morocco Omari

Morocco Omari

Principal Chadwick

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Joan walks past the cheerleader captains outside the school, the brunette is holding a compact and fixing her lip gloss. When Joan comes over, she hands the compact and gloss brush to Joan for no particular reason. Eventually, she leaves, with Joan holding the gloss and making no effort to return it to her, nor does she visibly notice she is carrying it for no reason, as though it wasn't hers -- she apparently just puts it in her pocketbook.

    • Friedman invites Luke to come play Diablo. At the time of the release of this episode, Diablo would have been ancient. The popular game would have been Diablo II, along with its utterly essential add-on Lord of Destruction -- and you would refer to it as either "Diablo 2" or, more simply, as "D2."

    • In the second breakfast scene, watch the contents of the fridge. Luke gets the empty milk jug out of the fridge and you can see the 48 oz can of V8 juice at the back, but can't see the logo. When Helen goes to the fridge to get the full jug of milk, the can is rotated to make the logo prominent. Further, if you look close, you can see that there is unquestionably more milk in the container in the second shot. Also... watch Kevin reach twice for the Raisin Bran... once from the front, and once from the rear shot. In this case, too, note the extreme visibility of the Raisin Bran product logo throughout the shot.

    • Study scene in the kitchen at the opening of the episode. Luke hands Joan an empty plastic soda bottle. The bottle is missing the cap just before Luke hands it to Joan. (Luke doesn't even have the cap in his hand! It sounds like he puts it on the counter when he grabs the glass.) The camera angle changes to Joan's back and we see Luke handing the bottle to Joan with the cap on. When the view changes back to the original camera angle, Joan is holding the bottle and the cap is missing again.

    • Joan's playing loud music in her room as she practices cheerleading, but she's also wearing headphones.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Gavin: (walking up) Excuse me!? May I see your visitor pass?
      Substitute Teacher God: Happily, if I had one.
      Gavin: Then I'm going to need to escort you off the premises.
      Substitute Teacher God: I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.
      Gavin: Vice-Principal Gavin Price. I didn't get your name.
      Substitute Teacher God: I'm substituting for Miss Fowler's music class today, as well as Mr. Wyatt's general science and Miss Schmidt in the library. Which, by the way, exceeds union maximums. A violation I was willing to overlook, until you took that tone with me.
      (Joan looks on, amused at seeing Mr. Price getting smacked down so skillfully)
      Gavin: (smiles, embarrassed and mildly scared, and a long pause ensues) Then I hope you will excuse me. (starts to turn and walk away)
      Substitute Teacher God: As the union representative of the Local 340, I don't think I can do that… (he turns back, a forced smile on his face) ...Gavin.
      Gavin: (noticing Joan and her grin, as the bell rings) Don't you have a class to go to?

    • Joan: Dad, it's called high school. Everyone's hiding something.

    • Helen: Brianna's boyfriend is Rex Doherty.
      Will: So?
      Helen: Son of Councilman Max Doherty.
      Will: And you never found that worth mentioning?
      Helen: Nobody ever asked about the father.

    • Luke: You think they (the cheerleaders) know?
      Joan: What, that Mom turned in their alpha dog? Probably. They're going to eat me alive.
      Luke: I wouldn't worry. Probably anorexic, or at least vegetarian.

    • Luke: Does anybody ever wonder if I'm having sex?

    • Grace: Interesting how something corrosive can tell you what something's made of. Kind of like using gay as an all-purpose insult.

    • Luke: Would you do me the honor of applying with me, as my partner for the 2004 Arcadia High science fair?
      Adam: Yeah, sure
      Luke: Actually, I, I meant...
      Grace: (taking out earphones) Did you say something?

    • Friedman: Use the force, Luke.
      Luke: Gee. That's... that's a new one.

    • Joan: (to Grace) You're like, my hero.
      Grace: It's the one advantage to being universally despised. You get to say whatever you want.
      Adam: Unchallenged.

    • Grace: (to Joan) Do you have multiple personality disorder? Is that what this is?

    • Helen: There'd be a list of "bad girls" circulating around the school!
      Will: We'd never have let that out.
      Helen: The CIA couldn't keep a list like that from getting out in a high school!

    • Joan: (to Helen) Oh, I don't tell you about cheerleading, therefore I must be pregnant?

    • Grace: (to Luke, about Joan) Is she a pod person now?

    • Joan: (to Adam) I always thought you'd hate me if I was a cheerleader.
      Adam: No way. Why?
      Joan: 'Cause we're sub-defectives and it would be like deserting the army.

    • Grace: (to Luke) Listen, I normally couldn't care less, but I think your sister needs, like, an intervention or something.

    • Joan: Did it ever occur to you that some of us might want to try and succeed?
      Grace: Can you say that with pom-poms?

    • Luke: So I'm definitely a... moose!
      Kevin: Don't ever make me walk you through this again, ok?

    • Friedman: (to Luke) Dude, your sister's, like, HOT.
      Grace: Dude, you're, like, an ass.

    • Joan: Oh, okay okay, like it's really good for me to hear about people butchering each other for 100 years just because they believed in you!
      Hot Dog God: That´s not about faith. That's politics. It's sort of like the difference between friendship and popularity.

    • Helen: (answering phone) Arcadia High School. (pause) Uh-huh. (pause) Yeah. Number one, ah, Andrea, work on your mothers' voice before you try it out on me, and two, don't use a disease you can only get on a pirate ship.

    • Joan: Go Eagles, Go Eagles, Go Go Go Eagles! We live to cheer, we're so sincere, unless you get in trouble then we're outta here. Cause it's such a royal pain when a friend gets arrested. How could I have known? How could I have guessed it? It's not like she's my sister. Whoops! Was that my beeper? And even if she was, am I my sister's keeper? Sorry gotta go, tryouts are today. Tell her we'll think of her everytime we say Go Eagles! Go Eagles! Go Go Go Eagles! My name is Joan, this cheer is my own, so kiss my feathers cuz this bird has flown!

    • Hot Dog God: What is it with you people? I give you very simple instructions and boom, you're right back to false gods.

    • Will: That's it? Cheerleading's over?
      Joan: Yeah. It's a phase, Dad. Keep up.

    • Joan: (rapping, during cheerleader trials) Well I can't do any stunts, no no. And how about the jumps? So so. So why am I here well it's really odd, but I'm here to cheer on a mission from God. So put me in the game or leave me on the bench. So you can go to heaven and I'll get out of French.

    • Homeless Man God: Be not afraid, Joan.
      Joan: Be not afraid? What's with that?
      Homeless Man God: Sometimes I like to sound old timey.

    • Grace and Joan: We're not hanging out!
      Adam: We're not?

    • Adam: I just like hanging out with you 'cause you're Jane.
      (she puts her hand on his arm)
      Joan: "Joan."
      Adam: Uh, what?
      Joan: Never mind. Jane is good. We'll stick with Jane.
      Adam: Unchallenged.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Luke: How to get past level 5 on Diablo, that kind of thing...?
      The computer game Diablo is one of several exceedingly popular games from the computer game company Blizzard. At the time the show was on, the reference probably would have been to its sequel, Diablo II, which allowed multiplayer gaming.

    • Friedman: Use the Force, Luke.
      Famous line from the Star Wars movies.

    • Joan: I my sister's keeper?
      In the Bible, there is a story of two brothers, Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve. Cain kills Abel and when God asks Cain where Abel is, Cain replies "Am I my brother's keeper?" Seeing the similarites between the two quotes and the fact that the cheerleaders figuratively killed their 'sister', it only stands to reason that there was a planned connection, showing however subconsciously, that Joan is connected to God.

    • Episode Title
      Bringeth It On is an allusion to the movie Bring It On. Just like this episode, the movie was about chearleaders.