Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 21

Common Thread

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

As Helen learns that the man who raped her twenty-five years ago wants to repent now that he's dying from cancer, Joan is unable to accept Adam's apology for cheating on her. After acting on a suggestion from God that she take up an old knitting project, Joan has little sympathy when Adam comes looking for comfort after he loses his job. And though Grace is inclined to help, she also turns against Adam after learning he was fired because of his affair. Meanwhile, as Luke chastises Friedman for using marijuana, Helen goes to the hospice to see the dying Edmond Dodds. Yet, even though Edmond claims to have found comfort in God, Helen still can't bring herself to forgive him. Though she's angry at his attempt to restore their friendship, Joan worries when Grace tells her that Adam has disappeared after going on a hike alone. At the trailhead where his truck has been found, a park ranger tells Will, Joan, Grace, and his dad, Carl Rove, that darkness and bad weather have made it impossible to start a search until morning. As they wait for some news, Grace says that Joan's secrecy was partly responsible for how things have ended up with Adam. Meanwhile, after Luke agrees to experiment with marijuana, his drug-induced paranoia makes it impossible for him to talk to Grace when she tries calling to tell him about Adam. After God asks her to look for parallels between knitting and her life, Joan sees Adam and hiker Ryan Hunter stumbling into the ranger station. As Adam is reunited with his dad, Joan discovers that God sent Ryan to rescue him. And as she and Adam decide to continue looking for some common ground, Joan is left wondering about Ryan's connection with God. Finally, while Luke finds little sympathy when he tells Grace how being stoned made it impossible for him to answer her phone call, Helen takes Will with her to the hospice, only to discover that Edmond has already died.

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