Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 21

Common Thread

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The knitting Punk Girl God says she knitted her top... but it looks crocheted, not knitted. Wouldn't God know the difference?

    • Joan tells old lady God that a mistake she made was dropping a stitch and purling when she should have knitted, but she's not purling at all. Her scarf is being made in garter stitch, which is only knit stitches.

    • The Sims II was released in September 2004, at least in the "real" world. The fact that Luke is buying it as a new release makes no sense since it's (presumably) Spring 2005 or thereabouts on the show - this season started in September 2004. It's possible they're referring to Sims 2 University, which was released on March 1, 2005, but Luke and Friedman certainly talk to and refer to the game as if it's the original, not the expansion.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: You okay? Your eyes look like tomatoes.
      Luke: My head feels like it got hit with a shovel and my mouth feels like it ate dirt--which presumably I did--but, yeah, I'm okay.

    • Luke: (spaced-out, stoned on marijuana) We could be mass-broadcasting all over the Internet!
      Friedman: Dude, would you please stop saying "We could be mass-broadcasting all over the Internet?"

    • (Luke is stoned. He panics and rushes toward the window, hitting it and falling backward onto the floor. Friedman leans over him. He looks very concerned for his friend.)
      Luke: What do you like about this (marijuana), Friedman?
      Friedman: Nothing any more.

    • Joan: I'm gonna look like a total dork knitting, no offense.
      God: You have important work ahead of you. It requires work and understanding.
      Joan: What work? (bus pulls up) It was a simple question.
      God: Finish the scarf, Joan.
      Joan: But I don't even know where it is any more. Ugh!

    • God: I know how hard this was for you. But now you know how much more you're capable of.
      Joan: Why does that scare me?
      God: 'Cause you know that every day you'll face things that you can't foresee. You know you can't avoid 'em. You just have to adapt, keep going.

    • Joan: (sigh) So the fourth dimension is...
      Grace: Is time.
      Joan: Right. I knew that. You explain it a lot.
      Grace: So do you get it now?
      Joan: No.

    • Will: You should take a break every now and then - unwind.
      Luke: No, I actually like the winding better.

    • Old Lady God: The Persians make the most beautiful rugs in the world – not that I play favorites.

    • Kevin: Do you want some brotherly advice?
      Joan: No thank you, Sir Dumped-A-Lot.

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the final appearance of Old Lady God (Kathryn Joosten) on the series.

    • Michael Badalucco and Wentworth Miller are listed as Special Guest Stars.

    • Music featured in this episode included:
      "Get By" by Mike Corrado
      "Alexander" by Sekiden
      "Reputation" by Derek Webb
      "All Used Up" by Crud
      "To Myself" by SIANspheric
      "Overated" by Pilate
      "Let It Shine" by Jeremy Fisher
      "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones

    • New Gods: Punk Girl God and Park Ranger God.

  • Allusions

    • Joan: But I do have a few suggestions, like: give Sean Penn a sense of humor.

      Referencing Sean Penn's comment at the 2005 Oscars when he griped about host Chris Rock's joke about Jude Law appearing in several movies in 2004.

    • Grace: Well, you bet the wrong hand, Cheech.

      Referencing Cheech Marin, born Richard Marin, long-time partner of Tommy Chong, and the two did several getting-high type movies. Started as a comedian but has more or less switched over to (relatively) straight actor these days.

    • Friedman: Sun Chips. They're the best kept secret in the chip aisle.

      Sun Chips, a product of Frito Lay. A multigrain snack that comes in three delicious flavors.

    • Luke: The Sims II is coming out this afternoon.

      Referencing the popular computer game, a sequel to The Sims. in it you basically play "God," manipulating the lives of individuals, families, and whole neighborhoods. You juggle a whole lot of factors and can set it so that the people run automatically and do pretty well as long as you put everything in that they need (or the computer thinks they need).