Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Judith's Headstone reads:

      Judith Montgomery
      Beloved Daughter
      March 9, 1988 November 12, 2004

    • In HDTV you can see a crewhand just off to the side as Helen and Kevin finish talking during the ice cream scene.

    • Apparently Helen goes to bed with full make-up on. Look at her face when she and Will argue before they go to bed.

  • Quotes

    • Joan: (to Judith's headstone) I didn't think to bring anything, cuz... well, what are you gonna do with flowers? So, um... things are pretty much the same, which is weird, um... although Luke did this, uh, this awesome dive off the high board, which wasn't really a dive dive, it was more like Will Ferrell falling out of a plane. You'd've peed yourself. Can I say that in a cemetery? Anyway, Luke--Luke did it. Oh, and he and, uh, Grace are a public item. Ah, it's a freak show. And you're, um... you're, um... dead and I didn't come before because, um... I was so scared that if I had to say goodbye, you know, the real one where I have to admit that I'm never gonna see you again... it would hurt so much... to let go like that and it may never... stop, but... but I have to. Goodbye. I love you.

    • Joan: Who bathed in Drakkar?
      Kevin: It said, "apply liberally." Pardon me for following directions.

    • Coach Keady: Sibling rivalry. Healthy motivator. The Williams Sisters. The Carpenters. Donny and Marie – not so much.

    • Joan: God mocking humans? That's nice.
      Female Custodian God: Belly flop. Eternally funny. Nothin' I can do about it.

    • Joan: Luke in a Speedo. They don't make enough blindfolds.

    • Tommy: (patting his abdomen) Hardest substance on earth, ladies! You can touch it if you want.
      Coach Keady: You'd better be wearing a bathing suit, Mr. Belkin.

    • Luke: I couldn't dive because I was afraid I'd look stupid.
      Joan: Hey, if I let that stop me, I'd never do anything.

    • Joan: If I did a belly flop from the high board, I could have exploded! I take physics! I know these things!

    • Joan: (to Cute Guy God) Do girls always hit on you with that look? Oh, they do. Hitting on God. That's gross!

    • Kevin: Girls really do think about all that?
      Helen: We can spend two hours thinking about shoes.

    • Joan: Would you care to be a little more specific?
      Cute Boy God: For me, that is specific.

    • Grace: I was in the neighborhood.
      Luke: Really?
      Grace: No. But it makes this whole thing go easier.

    • Joan: You really are omnipresent, aren't you?
      Cute Boy God: I get around.

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