Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 19

Do the Math

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2004 on CBS

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  • Another fine episode of Joan of Arcadia in which God asks Joan to take piano lessons, leading to Will dealing with his half-brother and Joan's relationship with Adam reaching a point of revelation.

    "Why is she doing this?" - Kevin
    "I've learned with your sister that it's best not to ask. She might try to explain." - Helen

    God tells Joan to take piano lessons from a miserly old lady in return for house work as payment. During the course of learning and cleaning, Joan discovers an old LP by the lady performing a rendition of a classical piece by Bach. It turns out that even though the woman performed well on the album, she had trouble transferring the piece into a live setting, giving up on performing altogether. The discovery, however, seems to be the right sort of encouragement for the woman, since at the end of the episode, she is shown playing the piece on the piano. There is no more resolution to this main storyline besides Joan walking away with a smile, so I was left wanting just one more quick conversation with the woman.

    While Joan is looking for old piano lesson books in the closet, she and Grace find old photos and a letter referencing a Will Gerardi. Will turns out to be Joan's fathers half-brother, who is father had after leaving him and his mother. Joe Montanya is a wonderful and powerful actor, and it is a shame he isn't currently on a regular show. His dramatic presence in this episode, between the contained feelings about his half-brother to his explosion at the kitchen table, he really made me sad. His side story here was amazingly acted.

    As for Joan and Adam, it seems like they are ready to give each other a chance again. I am happy with this outcome because they are right for each other, but I can see why Joan is hesitant due to being influenced by God. It will be interesting to see the next episode and how this works out with Iris.

    All in all, this was a very good episode, carried by the commanding acting of Montanya. While the main plot was bit unresolved in my eyes, I still think it served its purpose of producing the "good ripples" for Joan, Adam, and Will.