Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 10

Drive, He Said

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2003 on CBS
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Drive, He Said
Each of the Girardis deal with crises of varying seriousness, the worst of which puts Will at the mercy of a crazed gunman. The day also finds Helen reacting with mixed emotions after getting a positive result on a home-pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Joan dreads having to take her driver's exam, and Luke is presented with a major distraction just before he's supposed to compete in a high-stakes competition.moreless

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  • Very good overall

    Beginning with a pregnancy test, the episode leaps around from an argument between Kevin and Will to a contest for Luke (that could win him $30,000 at a scholarship) to a driving test for Joan, and finally taking a nearly heart-stopping twist when putting Will in mortal danger due to a crazed gunman.

    The humor in the episode was light yet felt all the way through, as Luke both interpreted a message the wrong way and later used a funny instance of Joan\'s\' to win his contest. He mistook the pregnancy test as his sister\'s and immediately concluded Adam was the father, which led him to chase the \"father\" down in school. Adam, of course, thought he was there on account of Joan, who had no idea of what Luke was doing, and blew the whole thing off as another piece of his and Joan\'s ruined friendship.

    Taking a completely different genre of a storyline, the show comes to focus on Will, who is trying to prove a point to Kevin. Will stows his gun in the glove compartment of his car on his way to work, only to pull over the car of a judge. Expecting it to be the judge inside, Will is apologizing when the driver pulls out a gun. Will\'s taken hostage, but only two of the family members find out: Helen and Kevin, and they\'re only told later on.

    While focusing on the side of the story with the kids at school and the worry of the paternal member of the family, the show does an exceptionally good job keeping up with both (as expected). We see the kids going through there daily life, since Joan and Luke know nothing of their father\'s ordeal, and we see Will\'s life being threatened while his eldest son and wife wait for the worst. The episode shows the hectic life one family can lead together, but pulls it all back by the end, proving just how good of a show it is.

    By the last few minutes of the episode, we know Will is safe. He crashed the car he was driving into a tree, killing his abductor. When he takes the gunman\'s wallet, we do see a child in the pictures, leading us to wonder. So, the man wasn\'t lying about having a kid. Yet, is this supposed to make us feel sorry for the man, since his kid\'s fatherless now, or was he a neglectful father who was bad enough to put an innocent man\'s life at risk to prove a point? Hmmm. Anyway, when Joan and Luke are driving back, they see a man on the road, walking slowly and uncertainly. As they pull up closer, they see it\'s their father and rush out to help him.

    The family is reunited at last, and we see another aspect of everything. See, it turned out that the argument between Kevin and his father in the beginning only inspired Kevin to tell his mom that when he first woke up, after his accident, in the hospital, Will was the first person he saw. Meaning, one argument should never be enough to break two people. In the last scene, we see that after Will was rescued, he was brought to the hospital. As he opens his eyes, he sees Kevin. Awww.moreless
Evan Jones

Evan Jones

Robert Morrison

Guest Star

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd

DMV Clerk God

Guest Star

Steven Cragg (II)

Steven Cragg (II)

Plumber God

Guest Star

April Grace

April Grace

Lt. Det. Toni Williams

Recurring Role

Becky Wahlstrom

Becky Wahlstrom

Grace Polk

Recurring Role

Christopher Marquette

Christopher Marquette

Adam Rove

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • It seems odd that Will, a 20-year veteran, approaches the judge's car without a gun, and assuming that the judge is the driver. The car ran a stop sign at high-speed but Will doesn't seem to think it could possibly be stolen.

    • The license shown has minor technical problems on a couple of levels:
      1) The license number displayed is
      In actuality, her license number should be:
      G663-421-034-nnn with 898 as the most probable value for "nnn". Clearly the entire format for the number is wrong, as is key data for the soundex and first name codes (the G663-421)
      2) Maryland laws allow for the obtainment of a first-level learners' permit at 15 yrs 9 months. The second stage LP requires six months time, and cannot be obtained prior to 16 yrs 1 month of age (even if the driver had an LP in another state, which might be true for Joan, since they moved to Arcadia). The Provisional license cannot be obtained at all prior to 16 yrs 3 months. Hence, Joan could not qualify for anything other than the first-level learner's permit on the date shown with the birthday shown. The license in question appears to be a full operators's license, however. An L1 LP would allow time for the four cancellations mentioned in her discussion with Plumber God earlier, but the first level restrictions on driving are quite severe.

    • Why don't Luke and Joan wonder where their mother is? How do they think she got wherever they think she was going (because she left her car and the keys at the school for Joan)? Helen says she doesn't want them knowing about Will's being kidnapped. But wouldn't she give some kind of story to explain where she was going and how she got there without a car? Joan and Luke don't seem puzzled by this though.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (Luke sees Friedman hitting on Joan in the corridor and comes over to them)
      Luke: What are you doing?! Are you hitting on my sister?
      Friedman: It's just a conversation between a man and a woman.
      Luke: More like between a woman and a boy with aspirations to manhood. Aspirations which sprung from a very private and extremely sensitive conversation. Is he hitting on you?
      Joan: Luke, why are you talking so fast?

    • Luke: Wait, Adam's not the father?
      Joan: (yelling) I'm not pregnant!

    • Helen: (talking to a student on the phone trying to get out of going to school) First of all Eminem's birthday does not count as a religious holiday.

    • Friedman: I'll rule Trig the way Britney rules Justin.

    • Joan: I'm never going to get a boyfriend.
      Helen: Yeah, I'm okay with that.

    • Plumber God: Well, I'm God. My needs come first.

    • Kevin: And then I woke up in the hospital, I saw Dad's face, and I wondered... "Why does Mom think this man is so good-looking?"

    • Joan: I'm not… pregnant.
      Luke: Then why was there a pregnancy kit in the bathroom? Because I'm not pregnant and I'm pretty sure Kevin's not pregnant, which leaves…
      Joan: Mom.
      Luke: Okay, I'm an expert on probability, and given factors such as Mom's and Dad's ages, birth control, and the average frequency of sex after twenty-three…
      Joan: (covering ears) Ewwww!

    • Rebecca: How was breakfast this morning?
      Kevin: Tasty.
      Rebecca: I meant with your father.
      Kevin: Testy.

    • Helen: Are you sexually active?
      Joan: Why would you think that?
      Helen: Well, Luke thinks that, and evidently he's a genius…
      Joan: Not at everything.

    • Joan: What are you, some kind of Peeping Tom?
      Luke: It's not my fault I have a... naturally quiet tread.

    • Joan: When... when do you plan on having sex?
      Luke: Oh, at my first opportunity.

    • Joan: He's (Adam) never going to forgive me.
      Grace: The dude has a photographic memory. Every time he thinks he might forgive you, the image of you smashing his artwork just pops into his head. (walking off) Not that I've discussed it with him.

    • DMV Clerk God: You're apprehensive, just like you were when you got a training bra. (Joan looks around, nervously) And that's good.

    • Friedman: (hitting on Joan) If you give me your digits and I'll reduce them to an imaginary number.

    • Joan: Does my hair look funny?
      Grace: Your hair always looks funny. (laughs) Sometimes it just pops into my head and I just laugh.

    • Kevin: Okay, Joan, here's the thing: it's the face you were born with. There's only so much you can do!

    • Friedman: Why are you talking so fast?
      Luke: (caffeine buzzed) Why are you listening so fast?!?

    • Luke: (talking to Friedman) And you should hear what I'm not telling you, OK, so shut up!

    • Friedman: (hitting on Joan) Trig is, uh..., "triple-x" extreme math.
      Joan: I guess that makes you Tony Hawk, then.

  • NOTES (4)

    • According to Joan's license, her middle name is Agnes and, from the issue date, we can see that this episode takes place on December 8, 2003, and her birthday is November 24, 1987. It also indicates that she is 5'7" and weighs 112 pounds. It also affirms her address as 2320 Euclid Avenue in Arcadia.

    • From her driver's license we see that Joan's middle name is "Agnes", which means she's named after two virgin female martyrs.

    • New Gods: DMV Clerk God, Plumber God, and Proctor God.

    • Music featured in the episode included:
      "Moments of You" by Gran Torino
      "Whoopi-Doo" by Paul Palgens
      "Anxiety" by Tangiers
      "Restless Sea" by Richard Julian
      "Realativity" by Jonathan Grossman
      "All Alone Tonight" by Jonathan Grossman
      "Starlight" by Jonathan Grossman
      "Waiting For The Buzz" by Cadence Grace
      "Dangerous" by Hed
      "Got It Going On" by Jonathan Grossman
      "In My Time of Need" by Ryan Adams


    • Luke: Don't stop! Go around him! He's got a chainsaw!
      This is referring to the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre where the antagonist wields a massive chainsaw to injure and murder his victims.

    • Morrison: Can you hear me now?

      After Morrison throws Will's cell phone out the window, he says this quote, referring to the slogan in Verizon Wireless commercials.

    • Helen: First of all, Eminem's birthday does not count as a religious holiday.
      Eminem is a major star in rap music.

    • Joan: Mom, I look like Coolio.

      Joan, who is having a bad hair day, is referring to her picture on her driver's license. Coolio is famous rap star who is know for his sometimes wild looking hair.

    • Friedman: I'll rule Trig the way Britney rules Justin.

      Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are two of the biggest performers in "pop" music. They are also famous for their storied relationship which ended in a very bad breakup, each blaming the other in their music.

    • Joan: I guess that makes you Tony Hawk, then.

      Tony Hawk is considered by many to be the best professional skateboarder ever.