Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 10

Drive, He Said

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2003 on CBS

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  • Very good overall

    Beginning with a pregnancy test, the episode leaps around from an argument between Kevin and Will to a contest for Luke (that could win him $30,000 at a scholarship) to a driving test for Joan, and finally taking a nearly heart-stopping twist when putting Will in mortal danger due to a crazed gunman.

    The humor in the episode was light yet felt all the way through, as Luke both interpreted a message the wrong way and later used a funny instance of Joan\'s\' to win his contest. He mistook the pregnancy test as his sister\'s and immediately concluded Adam was the father, which led him to chase the \"father\" down in school. Adam, of course, thought he was there on account of Joan, who had no idea of what Luke was doing, and blew the whole thing off as another piece of his and Joan\'s ruined friendship.

    Taking a completely different genre of a storyline, the show comes to focus on Will, who is trying to prove a point to Kevin. Will stows his gun in the glove compartment of his car on his way to work, only to pull over the car of a judge. Expecting it to be the judge inside, Will is apologizing when the driver pulls out a gun. Will\'s taken hostage, but only two of the family members find out: Helen and Kevin, and they\'re only told later on.

    While focusing on the side of the story with the kids at school and the worry of the paternal member of the family, the show does an exceptionally good job keeping up with both (as expected). We see the kids going through there daily life, since Joan and Luke know nothing of their father\'s ordeal, and we see Will\'s life being threatened while his eldest son and wife wait for the worst. The episode shows the hectic life one family can lead together, but pulls it all back by the end, proving just how good of a show it is.

    By the last few minutes of the episode, we know Will is safe. He crashed the car he was driving into a tree, killing his abductor. When he takes the gunman\'s wallet, we do see a child in the pictures, leading us to wonder. So, the man wasn\'t lying about having a kid. Yet, is this supposed to make us feel sorry for the man, since his kid\'s fatherless now, or was he a neglectful father who was bad enough to put an innocent man\'s life at risk to prove a point? Hmmm. Anyway, when Joan and Luke are driving back, they see a man on the road, walking slowly and uncertainly. As they pull up closer, they see it\'s their father and rush out to help him.

    The family is reunited at last, and we see another aspect of everything. See, it turned out that the argument between Kevin and his father in the beginning only inspired Kevin to tell his mom that when he first woke up, after his accident, in the hospital, Will was the first person he saw. Meaning, one argument should never be enough to break two people. In the last scene, we see that after Will was rescued, he was brought to the hospital. As he opens his eyes, he sees Kevin. Awww.
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